The Self-Critical Thought Loops of Postpartum Depression Can Be Helped

Are you struggling after the birth of your new baby?  You are not alone.

Did you know that 1 in 9 mothers suffers from post-partum depression?  

“Any fluctuation in hormones can make women feel teary, emotional, and unable to cope, and at an extreme level – depressed.” – Marisa Peer.

It doesn’t help when we are bombarded with images of mothers snapping back into their pre-pregnancy clothes before they have even left the hospital room.  Their hair immaculate, their faces radiant and all you can think is, “why can’t that be me?” Well, simply put you don’t have an army of people on hand to help you, but this article is here to help!

Read the full article by Marie Southard Ospina in Romper and learn the tips to banish the self-critical thought-loops which accompany post-partum depression.