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Master Your Mind With Marisa’s Best-Selling, Cutting-Edge Books, and Discover Her Ground-Breaking Methods That Will Transform You Into Your Ultimate Self.

Tell Yourself a better lie

Use the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy to edit your story and rewrite your life

In her sixth book, Tell Yourself a Better Lie, best-selling author Marisa Peer shares for the first time how Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) creates stunning in-the-room turnarounds for issues as varied as suicidal depression, eating disorders, weight loss, and life-limiting phobias and addictions.


Mark Your Mirror And Change Your Life

Explore the pinnacle principle behind the viral I Am Enough movement and learn how these three simple words could help change your life. Marisa teaches you to retrain your mind to realize your full potential, leading you to a gloriously fulfilling, “enough” life.

You Can Be Thin

The Ultimate Programme to End Dieting... FOR EVER

Learn how to reprogram your feelings and associations related to food to enable you to effortlessly make healthy lifestyle choices and eating habits that last for life. Say goodbye to diets, and hello to a happier, healthier you.
  • I can't recommend this book enough

    Review for I Am Enough

    “Once I started reading I couldn't put it down. Realizing how powerful my thoughts are and the effect they have on my body, energy, relationships, etc. have transformed my life. By telling myself, my husband, and my kids that we are all enough the dynamics have changed in our house. We are all so much happier in ourselves and we find we talk about things much more. This is one of those books that once you have read it you will want to buy a copy for all your friends and family, I did just that. Everyone needs to know they are enough and so do you!”
    - Emily


    Review for You Can Be Thin

    “Well, I certainly never thought simply reading a book could help me to lose weight! A real eye-opener for me, I have struggled to lose weight for years, since reading this book a couple of weeks ago I've lost almost half a stone without even trying. I have lost several centimeters from my waist, arms, hips, and thighs. The best side effect has been an end to hot flushes. I feel so much healthier and the temptation to eat unhealthily is pretty much gone.”

    -A. Redfearn


    Review for Ultimate Confidence

    “This book is truly amazing! Instead of loading you with lots of useless exercises (as many other self-help books do), it gets right into your heart, to the core of the problem. This book is a treasure beyond imagination! For three days in a row now I've been feeling as happy as never. It takes you right from where you are, clearly shows you what is wrong, and heals it - not like a plaster, but rather like a huge divine beam of light piercing you and pouring straight into your soul, healing you from the inside. This book is the best book you can read in your entire life. So please stop reading my review and get it right now!”

    - Amazon Customer

  • I didn't Even Finish and I Fell Pregnant!

    Review for Trying to Get Pregnant and Succeeding 

    “After a quick conception I had a miscarriage, we then continued for about 9 months with no joy and a lot of stress. I am not the kind of person to purchase a self-help book, but I came across this book that had great reviews. Well, I read about 30% and it blew my mind about this book that had great reviews. Well, I read about 30% and it blew my mind about how I was stressing over becoming pregnant (38 years old but very healthy and tests all proved positive). This book made me have a stern word with myself about positive thinking and BAM I then fell pregnant at what felt like the most unlikely time! I am now 38 weeks, so big thanks to this book”



    Review for I Am Enough

    “This book has been my epiphany. I finally know why I am a “Dyson” for guilt and how to rid myself of it. Marisa Peer has done it again. THANK YOU, Marisa. I defy anyone to not love this book and be greatly helped by it. As always, Marisa writes so clearly and funnily, which is always the best way to learn. She also backs up what she's teaching and explaining with simple and really effective exercises. I know I'll be diving into it again and, of course, recommending it, given how much I know it has helped me and will help others.”

    -Ms. Helen J. Mcnalle


    Review for You can be younger

    “As a guy, I am less worried about my looks but as I get older I am concerned (not that old - just 50!) about my memory, my concentration, and my energy and I have to say that reading this book has definitely improved all those things. I highly recommend this book to any male or female. My partner has read it too and loves it and is raving about it to all our friends so it's very much in demand and more are ordered as gifts. It's great to see such big changes and in such a short time. Powerful yet simple.”

    -Mark Stoker

Ultimate Confidence

The Secrets to Feeling Great About Yourself Every Day

Experience ultimate confidence and tap into an extraordinary sense of self-love, self-value, and self-worth so you can live a confident, motivated, happier, and more fulfilled life. Marisa guides you to actively engage your subconscious mind, to instill unshakable, unwavering confidence.

You Can Be Younger

Use the Power of Your Mind to Look & Feel 10 Years Younger in 10 Simple Steps

Learn how to stall the aging process by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind. Discover how to change your core belief system to code in and transform how you look and feel at a cellular level—the essential ingredient and factor in staying young.

Trying to Get Pregnant (& succeeding)

Boost and Prolong Your Fertility With Marisa's Successful Method

Marisa gives you the tools to help you get pregnant, in an entirely natural way. With easy-to-follow methods, learn how important the role of the mind is in the fertility process to have a healthy, happy, full-term pregnancy.
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