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Another amazing story! I saw Marisa on my 16th round of IVF and I totally subscribed to what she asked me to do. I fell pregnant on that cycle and now have 2 boys. Always grateful! X
- @humpot1
Hey everyone!! Today is a Teacher Appreciation Day!!

And I would love to say Thank you to my teacher Marisa Peer.

She is an amazing woman and inspiring role model! Marisa is a fun and phenomenal teacher and I couldn’t have asked for a better one! It was an honour to be trained by her and I’m forever grateful!

When I first learned about Marisa, I knew right away that I want to do what she does and I knew that I will be able to help a lot of people and first of all myself! And I did, big time!! My life will never be the same and I have Marisa Peer to thank for it.

Celebrate your teachers today! What teacher changed your life? Who would you like to say Thank you to?? #thankteacher #teacherappreciation
- Anna Uvarova
Hi Anna, in response to my recent RTT™ therapy.

Before having RTT™ therapy my mood was very low and my problems with my relationship with food were consuming me. I was not aware that I was eating to please other people and was using food as a tool to pleasure others. My diet consisted of processed foods which were easily accessible and only included fresh fruit and vegetables when I could be bothered to cook. This behaviour was largely due to my constant yoyo mood and unhappy state of mind at that time.

After having the RTT™ therapy I was very emotional and found myself exhausted for the first 2 days. It, however, has helped me to establish the “whys” and “how” I see food and the damage that it was having on my health and wellbeing. The following weeks I learnt, with the help of the recording I am listening to every night, to put into perspective how I can correct this. I have stripped everything back to basics and am finding my relationship with food much healthier. It has given me the power to enable me to make better choices, allowing me to understand that food is a fuel and is not taken to please others. I also have only been eating when I am hungry. Due to this new healthier relationship I have with food, I have not felt hungry or have missed anything and have gone on to have lost 6lbs in weight. My skin looks and feels better, and my energy levels have increased.

I found the delivery of the RTT™ therapy very good, delivered in a calm and tranquil surrounding. Your conduct was impeccable and allowed me as the receiver of the RTT™ to feel safe, cared for and at ease. Your tone of voice and pitch was therapeutic which allowed me to relax enabling the therapy to be successful.

I would highly recommend you to other people and have spoken to close family and friends of the benefits of this therapy. This has changed my way of living and is a tool that I can use and keep referring to each day. It unlocked many buried memories which at the time was very emotional, but through this, I have become a better person. My happiness has increased, my understanding of food has greatened and the benefits of RTT™ for me is that my weight is steadily decreasing while still allowing me to eat and enjoy food.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for helping me to become this better person who now can live with food as a fuel and not as a comforter.

A gazillion thank yous! I had zero friends. Just an angry, lonely (denied btw), person who wanted death to come soon. Something unblocked and I no longer feel closed off! People are opening up as a result of going through the rejection session twice! I'm 58 this month. Worked on me for decades. You come along and boom! Life changes! I purchased the Uncompromised Life course through Mindvalley. I just can't thank you enough! I hope that life gives back to you in the most incredible ways!
- ks1961ks

I have struggled with mental health issues just about my entire life. I spent years in the mental health system going to counselors and programs and taking medications that didn't work. When I stumbled upon Ted Talks and Marisa's message about strategies for standing up against rejection and ways to have connection instead, I felt like I had finally found the answer to a question I had been searching for. It is easy to know what to do to protect yourself from getting physically hurt. I just didn't know what to do about being psychologically hurt. So when we had to move, or when my sister got a divorce, or when someone for some reason didn't like me I just let it all in. When Marisa said that you know you don't have to let other people's opinions in so that they hurt you it just changed my entire way of looking at the world. Everyone should hear her message. I tell everyone I know about it but people hear what they want to hear. Just tell her that she's made a difference in my life and I will always be thankful that she shared her wisdom and insights through Ted Talks
- Amy
WOW. I’ve just watched your webinar. I’m 27 and have struggled with stress and anxiety, confidence and fear for many years. Watching your webinar this morning has sparked something inside of me so much so it has actually made me cry as I type this. For years I’ve read books/blogs/meditation/tapping solution etc and nothing seems to click. The way you have articulated the webinar made me feel a sense of who I used to be and who I want to be again ..but better. I can’t wait to start your I am Enough programme. Thank you Marisa. Thank you. - Mariel Jones
- Mariel Jones
I listened to Marisa's perfect pregnancy audio almost every night before my son was born. I am so happy to report that I didn't have any nausea and my pregnancy was indeed a dream. I felt strong and happy and grounded throughout. What was crazy was when I would go to the doctor for checkups and they would say verbatim the phrases Marisa had been whispering in my ear each night. Things like, "Your baby looks perfect!" "Your baby is so strong". Listening to this audio made me feel like I was subtly guiding my body and the baby to develop in the perfect way that they both knew how to do. Thank you, Marisa
- Emily Fletcher
My family's life, as well as my own of course, have changed for only the better thanks to you. Your coaching paid off in so many ways. I lost 15 lbs so far, received a healthy raise at work, and our business is growing. God bless you. Happy New Year.
- Francesca Galea Ford
The return on investment in this course is invaluable! The benefits are priceless. I am regaining my health and salvaging my relationship with my husband. I can say that what Marisa does is a labor of love. The course price is nothing in comparison to the benefits gained from following what she says.
- Lorna
On 9th May a family friend was involved in a motorbike accident – he avoided having his leg amputated but was given a terrible prognosis following his operation. He’s a young man – my ‘adopted son’ and he and my own son are just breaking through on the music scene so not only devastating news personally but also business-wise as they were about the start the tour that would secure their position and bring in the money at last. A couple of days later I did Command Cell Therapy – I used the model of his good leg and I also upgraded the child to offer the blueprint of his young leg as a template. His recovery has been incredible – he did the first concert to 25,000 fans last weekend and stood up all the way through – just 2 weeks after the accident – and they fly off today for more dates around Europe, returning for Glastonbury Festival! Thanks RTT™!!!
- Bryony Whiteley
Fantastic customer service and Sarah Jane was a delight to speak to. I almost feel like I know her. 20 out of 10! For her. Great advice, helpful and quick to reply 🙂

To date I am now 158lbs less than when I came to your seminar in London last year. I am down from almost 25 stones to just over 13 stones and down from size 32 clothes with elastic waistbands to size 14/16 clothes and still dropping a pound or two each week. I am completely off insulin, off all medication for high blood pressure and I look and feel so much better , keep those skinny white jeans ready for me!!!! I cannot thank you enough for giving me my life back again…how I wish you had been around to help when my weight problems began 50 years ago!! Thank you again,
- Eileen
I bought Marisa’s book from Amazon in February and have not looked back. I have always struggled with my weight and although have never been obese i have never been comfortable with my dress size. Now I am loose size 12 and have shed one & half stones. The amazing thing about this way of life is that it is so easy and no effort is needed once you have read the book and listened to the CD. I went to Marisa’s seminar in March just for more inspiration as I was so thrilled with the book and I was delighted to see Marisa in person. Each step of my life since February has been challenged with new events and things which made me wonder if I could continue to shed the weight and keep it off. I am happy to confirm that parties, holiday, weekends away have all been easily adapted with my new eating style and I can now say that overeating is something that I will never do. I recommend this book to everybody that is amazed at how good I look and cannot thank Marisa enough for showing me a new path which is forever a truly amazing breakthrough.
- Josy
I had to write to tell you that your seminar on Saturday has already changed my life. I am now 60 and have spent 45 years putting on and taking off 2 stone, each day has been a constant battle. I gave up smoking after 45 years on 1st January this year and was comforting myself even more with food. I have never felt so powerful and in control and I feel this in all areas of my life not just eating.
- Moira
I want to thank you for your amazing seminar last Saturday in Cambridge. I had read your book and was thus on the path to important changes already. Hearing you speak in person both reinforced your important concepts and also shed new light on misconceptions and frankly ignorant thinking which I have held for years. Anyway, thank you again. I look forward to your next book and/or lecture
- Juliette
I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your. It has literally changed my life. In the last 18 years of my life worried about my weight. You have changed my whole mindset about how i look and feel about food. It no longer rules my life. I choose to eat healthy foods effortlessly and just as important food is not on my mind 24 7.I am an emotional eater (as well as an addictive and destructive) and currently trying to deal with a colleague bullying me at work and my mother u003cbru003ewho suffers from bi-polar disorder – yet since reading your book I no longer turn to food as comfort- Words cannot express how grateful I am.I have tried hypnosis sessions before and other cds but your book/cd is truly the only one that has somehow got through to me.I know that the remaining 3- 3 1/2 stone i nam letting go of is going to take time but i no longer feel in a rush, I know that eventually I will get there that it will be done in the healthiest way possible. Thank you so much.
- Radhika (Rudi) Silvapulle
Thanks to Marisa this is the first time I’ve felt in control of food and I am 150% confident that I can and will be slim (I’ve already bought jeans in a smaller size!). The book, cd and seminar have changed my life. Just from listening to other people’s stories I know Marisa has worked wonders with many people and I am so looking forward to being another one of her successes.
- Clare
I had to write to tell you that your seminar on Saturday has already changed my life. I am now 60 and have spent 45 years putting on and taking off 2 stone, each day has been a constant battle. I gave up smoking after 45 years on 1st January this year and was comforting myself even more with food. I have never felt so powerful and in control and I feel this in all areas of my life not just eating. thank you!
- @humpot1
After being 15 stone for years I now weigh 12 stone 9lbs I am bl**dy amazed and all I can say is it must be wonderful to be able to motivate people like you can. A BIG THANK YOU, to you for your undoubted skills and I am achieving my target weight of 12stone 4 lbs.
- Alex Lancashire
You covered some of the most important and relevant nutritional issues facing our society and you presented it in such a relaxed and enthusiastic style that I found completely absorbing. This is very important work and relevant to everyone regardless of age, gender etc (I was really impressed by the 12 year old boy who told you he was going to “change the way he eats” after what he’d learned that day.) I’ll continue to recommend you as the ‘Best in the Business’ for anyone who not only wants to get thin but more importantly, to stay thin. Thanks again Marisa, you’re really helping people to reclaim control of their lives and health.
- Jessica Richards
“Finding Marisa Peer has changed my life. Since training to be an RTT therapist in 2017 my income has doubled which is amazing but better than that, by helping others, my life has so much more meaning and purpose now. I cannot recommend this process and this training enough.'
- Sally
Having attended one of Marisa’s latest seminars on weight reduction, I was amazed at the results. The visualization techniques were extremely emotive and the demonstrations certainly put food into perspective. I have seen a major improvement in myself immediately my energy levels are up, and I now approach food in a totally different way. The strategic tools Marisa lays out are absolutely crucial to daily living. I cannot believe I did not have them in place before.
- Barbara Brown
For anybody unsure if RTT works? I'm an english ex-pat living in Cyprus where state benefits/welfare are very limited. 18 months ago I was flat broke, in debt and facing 5 months of winter with very little work until the next holiday season started. Totally alone, without any family support, my lowest point came when after 2 days of hardly eating, I took my last egg and had to boil it in the electric kettle as I did not even have gas for the cooker! Fast forward to today - most of my debt is cleared, I have decorated and re-furnished my home, and for the first time in many, many years I feel very optimistic about my future. ALL of the credit for this goes to Marisa Peer. So, how was this possible without even money for food? I followed her work and participated in every free mini course this lady so graciously puts out there

💛 thank you so much for that. Now obviously things are still by no means perfect, but the free courses got me moving in the right direction and soon I will be in a position to enroll on a full course, which I know will rapidly transform my life. If you have any doubts about RTT and are sitting on the fence, or like me don't yet have the available finances, do the free courses, it costs nothing but your time to "try before you buy" 😘
- Linda Browell
I set “I am Enough” cell phone alarms for myself twice daily. About one month later I had got rid of 80% of the suicidal ideation that I had daily for 16 years. I would be lying to say that depression doesn't creep up once in a while, however, since my thought processes have changed, I bounce back nearly immediately.
Just to add, the night I found Peer's video, I was about to commit suicide. I am now suicidal ideation free.
- Carol Yuen
I went to Miami 2019 in April, and I’ve already made back my fees (in THIS week alone). Yay, I get to pay off my loan I took out for it! Thanks to all you amazing trainers and the love you all poured into us!!! And thank you, Marisa Peer for this amazing, LIFE CHANGING work.

🙏 I have found myself even more grateful because I get to be a part of watching someone’s life change. What a huge blessing! 💗 My life helps others live their best life. 💗 I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 💗 Prayers that I’ll be at Train the Trainer soon! 🙏 💗 🙏
- Beka Marie
Thank you so much for creating your free mini course. I've listened to the audio hypnosis 4 times and already feel such a difference. The doctor has signed me off work for the past month due to Anxiety. Everything felt too much to manage and my brain wouldn't stop. Getting to sleep seemed impossible. I have listened to the audio the past two nights and drifted off to sleep before it's completely finished. Have also listened each morning. Today I feel lighter, braver, more in control & enough

- Jade Rebecca
Would I recommend Lena...I'll put it this way...I have never been more satisfied with any service ever in my whole entire life!! Mind you, I NEVER write reviews for anything but this was more than I ever needed to convince me to write one. In fact, I feel as if this isn't enough to do her work justice but I will give it a try. To begin with, I will blatantly and openly say I was the biggest skeptic walking into this but my desperation for answers lead me to her office. I was extremely anxious walking in because I didn't know what to expect and the doubts were running wild in the back of my head. From the get go, she calmed my nerves and made me feel safe. The first impression I got from Lena was that this woman is a master at her craft. I like to keep my personal life private and I had a feeling that part of this process would involve having to open up which I had mentally prepared myself not to do. Before I knew it, I was spilling my deepest secrets (things that only my family know) to her because she made me feel so comfortable and secure. The process itself was extremely relaxing, pleasant and was around 2 hours. After the session, she made me a customized voice recording to make sure I kept my progress up throughout the month. Aside from this, she went the extra mile by checking in with me periodically to see how I was doing which she didn't have to do. Fast forward to today, a month later, and everything that I asked for AND MORE has come true! As I mentioned before, I like to keep my personal life private which is why I won't get into detail about what my struggles were but what I will reveal are my results. In that short month I finally began to fall in love with myself and find my inner peace. I didn't realize that unresolved issues of my past were haunting and affecting my present day to the point where I was beginning to lose sight of who I was as a person. I am now thankful to say that I am living life for myself and nobody else. I have never felt the sense of freedom and confidence that I walk around with today. I can tell that other people notice it as well because I have had numerous doors open up for me since I have felt this change. I want to share my experience with anybody that will listen because I feel that everyone deserves to feel this way about themselves because we are all worthy (direct quote from Lena). I will be forever grateful to Lena for what she has done for my life and coming from a once skeptic soul trust me when I say...this does work but only if you go with it and not against it. You also have to be ready to make a change and Lena will take care of the rest!

- Jazmin
Super skinny size 10 jeans!!!!

Today is a super special day for me. It marks the day I have been skinniest in almost 20 years! I’m 15kg’s down and feeling healthier and sexier than in a long, long time.

My life has been fraught with weight issues. From going on my first diet at just 10 years old, my life has been a rollercoaster ride of yo-yo dieting and weight gain, reaching a point where I was wearing a size 24 pants.

Every diet I went on buried me further into the pit of desperation as I picked up more and more weight.

You see, food was my crutch, my addiction, my safe space. Living with anxiety my whole life, food ( esp carbs) gave my serotonin a physical ‘pick-me-up’ and behaviours learnt from childhood conjured a belief set that food would help me ‘emotionally’ and fix the fears, stress, and pain. And it would, in that second, but thereafter the self-loathing and guilt would kick off a spiral of me feeling even worse than before, and so the self-perpetuating cycle would continue.

The Truth which no one ever explains is that you can never fix a habit of action without fixing a habit of thought ( beliefs stored in your subconscious mind).

It has been an incredible 5 months undergoing regression for the first time, understanding what my beliefs are that are stored in my subconscious mind and where these came from. Parents who themselves have reinforced a behavior in me that food brings comfort and a father believing that his nickname of me was so endearing aka ‘Porps’ ( short for a Porpoise!!!!) created so many unwarranted beliefs in me that I now have eradicated due to the power of hypnotherapy.

What a blessing #RTT and #hypnotherapy has been to me in achieving my dream!

I promised myself from young that if I ever found the magic potion that would make me lose weight, I’d share it with the world. That is why I am now becoming and RTT therapist and hypnotherapist... so I can share this magic.
- Lauren Daniel
2016 I attended Marisa's course in London I was burnt out searching for a silver bullet to never feeling quite enough or even approaching the cusp of being enough regardless of my achievements relationships and life vision which seemed to dissipate into some fog of unknown darkness. Then I met Marisa, like a female Mick Jagger fused with intellect passion, power and the consummate purpose of healing. More importantly, she is a Sage, a SHI FU a Master of her Craft. Like the proverbial Honky Tonk woman she took me upstairs and blew my mind with a private session and opened my door to helping others harmed by deep traumas and the feeling of incipient lack like a form of PTSD. Marisa is to psychology and behavioral change what Bill Gates is to software and humanity She is that good and I consider her to be an amazing friend. Simply stated she is an exceptional mind of her time and the best in her field, I live in daily gratitude for her impact on my life and so many others
- Peter Antanaitis
If two months ago, someone had told me I would be experiencing this level of happiness and filled with so much gratitude, I would never have believed them! I was at one of the lowest moments in my life, many things were ‘falling apart’. In a moment of inspirational, mixed with desperation for change, I decided to revisit The Uncompromised Life program which I had enrolled into last year but finish all the modules.

I started listening to the Lovability hypnosis audio, twice a day, morning & evening. 10 days into the practice, I started experiencing some changes and 30 days into it, I felt the lessons had been etched into my brain& I switched to module 8 hypnotic audio [praising yourself & not letting criticism in].

Honestly, I have experienced a phenomenal transformation within those 2 months, nothing short of a miracle. I’m getting better at my job each & every day & I love my job now. I feel so confident in myself, something that has been a major struggle in my life. I love myself; I don’t judge myself & I don’t judge or criticize others. Life is happening for me rather than to me. I may not be where I might have envisioned myself to be yet, but, I have learnt to be happy at the moment & to be patient with myself & the universe…that is making all the difference.

I could go on & on…@Marisa Peer, thank you so much for giving me the tools to empower and transform my life! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
- Doreen kithinji
Back in November, I attended Tony Robbins’ UPW Program. It’s a weekend-long full immersion event and the most powerful thing I’ve ever done for myself. It’s a truly life-changing experience I’ll never forget. Today I did an RTT™ session with Tracy. When I saw the power of this hour and a half was tenfold from that of UPW it is no exaggeration. I have never experienced such an eye-opening, conscious-releasing tool. I didn’t have any expectations going into my session. I love Tracy as a person and love her work so I knew whatever it was, it was going to be good. I didn’t know it would be of this magnitude. If you are considering trying out RTT™ with Tracy it is the single best thing you can give yourself. I would pay 3x what I did for UPW for one session with Tracy (and I say that as a huge fan of Tony Robbins’ work, absolutely nothing against UPW was it's awesome and highly recommended that’s just the magnitude of RTT™ with Tracy. Just wanted to share for those looking for a sign if you should check it out. Here’s the sign to do it!
- Rachel 
It is a fantastic course with the added bonus of online material & Masterclasses.

The amount of people I’ve helped & seen transform through what I’ve learnt, for me, goes far beyond what I invested. Yes, it’s a lot of money, but every single penny has been worth it, not only from my clients but my own healing too. The memories I uncovered held such deep routed issues & if I’d never seen a client then that shift alone would have been worth it. To give freedom to a struggling teen or a gorgeous 30 year old who didn’t see her own worth has been life changing. It’s become a passion that has purpose & I feel incredibly proud to say I’m an RTT™ Practitioner
- Sasha Holyoake
I just want to wish Marisa Peer and all the team putting on the Miami training today a wonderful 5 days. It was such a privilege and delight to get to be in the energy you co-create again at the London conference... and then witnessing the crowd’s response to Marisa at the Mindvalley event in LA... you give so much love and care and genuinely transform lives wherever you go. All my long-term clients are following me into RTT training and its opening up a whole new vista for them too.

So much love to you all, have a brilliant week. xo
- Giselle Jenway
I have been reading your book and I have to say it has totally changed my thinking. I know that this is your aim but I really cannot believe it works!
I have attended the Paul McKenna weight loss hypnotherapy seminar in the past and read his book, with unfortunately little effect. I was dubious when I bought your book but I thought I would give it a go after seeing a piece about you in ELLE magazine.
Since I read the book ( I haven’t listened to the cd yet!) exactly 4 weeks ago, I have lost 29lbs. I have been extra careful with my eating habits but my overall mindset has altered. Usually when I begin a ‘diet’ I torture myself with thoughts of bad food, sabotaging myself and I have always ended up putting every lb back on, this time it just feels so different. I no longer desire junk food and feel like I am finally, at the age of 24, eating like an adult. When I do eat I don’t beat myself up as I feel as though I am nourishing my body rather than flooding it with toxic food.
Everything you said in the book has helped me, I have finally been able to change my thoughts and eating habits; and for this I am eternally grateful to you. Thank you so much! I am so happy because of you!
- Suzanne
I came to see you about 6 weeks ago and I have to say you have changed my life!!! I feel so fantastic and I have dropped about a stone in weight so I am half way to achieving my goal! Thank you so much, you are quite amazing!
- Asiye-Lisa Cetin
I look and feel so much better, not only with the weight loss of over 60 lbs now, but with absolutely no bloating, belching, wind, nausea, heartburn, indigestion etc. etc. Not only that but as a type 2 insulin dependant diabetic, my insulin usage is down from 40 units a day to 20 units and my blood sugars are staying low, so with continued shedding of this weight it will continue to reduce until I firmly expect to be off insulin very soon. I have never felt so well for a long, long time and friends and work colleagues are commenting and telling me how much better I look and asking me if they can have some of what I am on!! I am spreading the gospel according to Marisa and several people have now got the book and cd on my recommendations. I have been overweight for all of my 56 years and do you know what??? I am getting rid of it once and for all.. thanks to Marisa, I WILL BE THIN!
- E Gartside
Wonderful book… ‘ You can be thin’. It has literally changed my life. I have spent the last 18 years of my life worried about my weight. You have changed my whole mindset about how i look and feel about food. It no longer rules my life. I choose to eat healthy foods effortlessly and just as important food is not on my mind 24 7.
- R.S.
I attended Marisa’s seminar in London this Saturday and it really re-inforced everything I have learned from the book and CD. It was also brilliant to meet and listen to Marisa. What I find amazing is that after 20 years of dieting, battling, depriving, giving in, forbidden foods, and constant and sudden hunger lows satiated by something sugary or carb heavy, since starting Marisa’s program something has clicked. I have done it for 2 weeks and it is easy. I am eating like a grown up for the first time in my life. I’m eating more healthily than I have ever eaten, I am choosing to do this so nothing is banned and I don’t feel deprived or resentful. I don’t wake up with a headache anymore – which in hindsight may well have been a sugar hangover from the previous evening. And once I’ve finished eating I don’t think about food for a long long time whereas previously I thought about food and weight several times an hour. I wish I had known about this program years ago. I have dropped 7lb in 2 weeks, and I feel so empowered.

Thank you Marisa, you have changed a very painful relationship with my body and food – I never dreamed that would be possible.
- S.G.
I know that without your help and guidance I would never have achieved my weight loss of over 7 stone or been able to maintain it. What you did for me is nothing short of miraculous. I owe you my life thank you.
- Jeff Rudom, Actor
I’ve never felt so good about myself and it doesn’t even feel as though I’m on a diet
- Jacqueline Herbert lost 4½ stones
Dear Marisa,
I write very few letters, often mean to, but life is so busy. I mention this because this letter, by its existence, underlines what a profound effect you have had on me.

You may recall me at your seminar in July, sitting in the corner, intrigued by your deserved reputation but very sceptical. As your seminar progressed I found my attention was 100% and I was impressed by your professionalism, knowledge and skills. I have through my business activities attended many seminars from time management, to self esteem, and from, explosive sales techniques, to N.L.P. Whilst many were interesting subjects, only a few were effective on my modus operandi, but yours is just exceptional. At 14 ½ Stone I did not consider myself fat but it would have been nice to loose a bit as I was only too aware that in my 20’s I had been in the low 12 stone bracket. I have never bothered with my weight, and therefore your seminar and its effect on me is even more profound. A month after your session I had lost around 10 lbs. And after 3 months I had lost 2 STONE. I am so pleased with myself, I am now wearing 32″ waist trousers easily and when I want to feel smug I wear an old pair with 36″ waist which makes me realise what I have achieved thanks entirely to you, and your wonderful skills. Marisa you must spread the word to as many people as possible as we are all living in an increasingly obese world and YOU have the power to turn the tide back, you are an exceptional person. Few are as effective as you and with the modern marketing by big companies of fatty foods and sugar filled, so called, ‘health foods’ you are an exceptional weapon for us poor ‘Joe’s’ out there. This is to say a heart felt THANK YOU for caring about people enough to run your seminars, and I will be inviting you back to hold one for my staff and business suppliers who will also be interested, as many have commented on how well I look. Again thank you, from me, my wife and my 4 children, I will stay healthier, and live longer – thanks to you. Long may you prosper,
My very best wishes
- Alex CEO
Hi lovely tribe, I just wanted to share some wonderful personal RTT news with you… Today was clinic day at Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis clinic with my daughter, no 15yo. You may. Remember that I did a RTT session with her October 2018. Her specialist said that all her joints are fine and she doesn’t need to go back for 6 months! This means that she is pain free, symptom free, no medication, no bloody tests, no 3 monthly appoints. In short it means that she is free to be herself! Thank you Marisa for this wonderful gift! I simply do not have the right words to express my gratitude and love for you
- Rachel Farnsworth
having lived with depression for over 25 years I can honestly say that Marissa Peer has helped me so much xx
- Rachel Peters
Hi, I'm a master practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy. TLT in a nutshell is like imagining a time line that you zoom up and down, going from past lives, the past, the future etc. You then observe the scene from different angles; high up if client too emotional or drop down into the scene (so associating and disassociating), then as a third party if you like for an objective view. I didn't enjoy it (nor NLP if I'm honest), it seemed to elicit very strong emotions/reactions and people would be literally losing it in the room

😬 You're taught to use the script exactly as set out without deviation, as the founder Tad James has trademarked it (and you must use the trademark sign too). It works on the theory that if you get to the root, it is like a gestalt - so once you clear that issue, it will then knock out the rest in that string of thoughts... imagine like breaking a string of pearls. It wasn't for me but maybe some people find it useful. RTT is infinitely more useful, maleable, successful and ultimately beneficial.
- Marina Clement
I hope I am using the right email address for sharing my personal breatkthough.
I am 42 years old and I never had in my life any romantic relationship with any man. I never told anyone I love you and I’ve never been kissed. I have an angel like look, very beautiful, many people saying I am porcelain doll. Imagine the despair and misery I felt. I have looked for answers and solutions in so many people and places, but nothing worked.
One month ago I discovered Marisa and starting to listen to her speaking on youtube and mindvelly. I've stated to listen to her tapes on self esteem, finding a lasting loving relationship and I am enough almost every day. A few days ago I signed up for becoming an RTT Therapist program. And the miracle happened. Although I was not under hypnosis, the answer I have been looking for almost 20 years just revealed itself to me: When my mother found out she was pregnant with me, my father told her to terminate and my mother refused to do so. Then, my father told her that I was not his baby and my mother responded that I was and I will resemble with him very much. And I understood that if my father did not want me, even more, he wanted me terminated, how could I ever believe that any other man will want me? Or love me?
Indeed, understanding is so powerful. So freeing.
Thank you so much Marisa!
Much love and light!
- Nicoleta D
Today is one year and ten days since I graduated the online course. I meant to write on the anniversary but forgot! 🙂 This training has changed my life. I have now given around 200 sessions and reached around 500 through the group sessions I have given. That's a whole lotta life changing going on! I knew as soon as I took the leap and signed up back in January 2018, that RTT was my calling. I had no idea it would lead this far though and it is only growing as I continue to develop my eight week programme (The Red Tent) for women with cyclical emotional / mental health issues (PMDD/PME/severe PMS). To all of you in this beautiful group who have supported me and shared so much wisdom, thank you. And of course THANK YOU to the boss lady herself Marisa Peer. You'd better watch out for the day I eventually meet you - I am going to give you the biggest hug ever!
- Natalie
Good afternoon Marisa Team! Thanks for your quick answer and information. For the moment I will continue with my "Vida sin Limites" course, becouse I prefer to do the RTT Course in live. We are today in Module 6 and it has been extraordinary! Marisa help me to start to recover my self-esteem and acquire these new habits that are making me a new woman! I start my workout and feel with more energy every day. So, the most extraordinary thing I am changing the internal dialogues and mental images, is amazing! I love Marisa and I'm grateful for her in my life😃 ...Have a wonderful week!
- Carmen Judith Ordoñez
I am having wonderful days, more and more, thanx to you!! I first listened to the Abundance masterclass on Mindvalley and when you gave us that 20 mins hypnosis, I released the causes and the actual bulimia that stayed with me for 21 years! I didn't even want to think about vomiting anymore since that day! I'm also going through the 35 program and rewiring, analizing, writing.... THANK YOU!!! I'm forever grateful!! Can't wait for more ((: BIG LOVE
- Elodia Elo
A friend who likes self help told me I should watch this woman named Marisa Peer, I'd love her because shes like a classy and more demure British version of Samantha from Sex and The City. I watched. My life changed.

Marisa has taught me the world of sadness and anxiety I walked in daily was a world, quite frankly, easily changed.

She taught me to fill in all the grey with color again. Life has vibrancy I forgot it had.

We often think of who we'd consider to have a place among the most impactful people to humanity. Saints and Gurus and Kings and Queens and Presidents. Well, I would place Marisa among those who were destined to change everything. I'll always be grateful.
- Sean Priestley
Dear Marisa, Thank you for all your wonderful work. One year ago I found your books and videos and have been studying them constantly. You totally changed my mindset and how I am handling my thoughts and therefore my life. I was deeply stuck in trauma and depression and food-addiction (my only drug of choice for numbing the incessant unexplainable pain of life down) in big parts because of some ongoing health catastrophe of a loved one, unable to get over this for many years. Paralyzed would be the word. And it took away all the joy from my life.

Listening to you and working daily on my thouhts has changed my life in so many ways. Not, finally, 50 years of age, got a day goes by without a situation where I use some of your techniques to bump up my spirits and self-worth and positive outlook on life. I start with this on my short commute to my boring offce job.......and I really started to enjoy it so much more by telling my brain loads of positive things. This just work. I have been slightly depressed for my whole life, mostly without a reason, battling those constant assaults of dark thoughts. I just very very sadly did not know anything about the concept of chosing creating and deciding my own thoughts. I started reading self-help-books age 20 but never really stepped into something THIS SIMPLE that could be of help.

I really felt a powerless victim to the constant stream of slightly melancholic and sad thoughts. And of course life throws curve-balls at you that kick you out of balance more than other people, because you already start at a very very low place. There is a strong genetic component of that in my family - but even that concept makes me laugh now as it can be overriden in a second, if only you KNOW about the possibility of creating your own thought. In the last year I learned that thoughts can be chosen by me and that my brain will respond positively when I flood it with positivity. And it sure works and has made me the serene person I always would have wanted to be. Your no-nonsense approach is what made me wake up from slumber, take action and become alive again. From the outside nothing has changed in my life but in fact everything has changed for me and I am very thankful to you for getting out there and helping so many of us.
- awbirbella
I can not thank you for all the amazing, outstanding work you are all doing.

RTT has not only changed my life and the lifes of my loved ones. The programs ensured that I start to believe again in myself and accept myself as the lovely and amazing person that I am. Have been at the darkest place a human can ever be for the 2nd time in my live. You and all your programs supported me in leading myself out of this place in such a kind manner for ever.

Miracles are starting to pop up everywhere. Everyone around me is gaining confidence just by being me from the inside out.

Little by little, step by step, I am realising and expressing that I - as everyone else on this planet - am born as a miracle coming on this planet to create miracles.

- Barbara
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