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Marisa Is a Sought-After Speaker, Captivating Audiences Globally on Multiple Stages With Her Ability to Transfix, Inspire, and Hypnotize Entire Live Audiences On the Spot.
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Marisa has created a stellar reputation for delivering unforgettable talks that leave people feeling inspired, renewed, and shifted at a core level.

With her superpower of hypnotizing entire live audiences on the spot, Marisa has become a sought-after speaker for businesses that want to impact and impress their audiences.

An enigmatic story-teller, her engaging and amusing talks are peppered with anecdotes from an unparalleled career—in which she has helped thousands of people to overcome profound personal issues permanently.

Multi-Award-Winning Therapist and Speaker

Voted Best 

By The Mastermind Group London, the Women in Business Superconference, Awesomeness Fest (twice), and the Royal Society of Medicine.

Awarded a

By the National Council of Psychotherapists in recognition of her contribution to the discipline of hypnotherapy and her transformative approach to therapy teaching.

Voted “britain’s
woman of the year”

Voted  “Woman of the Year,” “Entrepreneur of the Year,” and the “Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Speaking Topics

With her 30+ years of experience treating clients, Marisa can talk fluently on any subject matter related to human behavior. She is often known for her golden nuggets of wisdom and jaw-dropping insights into the human mind. Audiences adore her natural Q&A-style talks where they can have their burning questions answered live.

How to train your mind to excel and break through its upper limits.

The number one habit of successful people.

How to completely heal your body and mind using this one method.

What the major cause of depression is and how to overcome it.

How to tap into your full potential

The truth behind weight loss.

The number one secret to ultimate confidence.

How to find “the one.”

How to be a natural leader.

Marisa is a truly exceptional speaker and writer

"I’ve endlessly analyzed speakers and writers over the last ten years, and Marisa has the best ability I’ve ever seen to hold an audience spellbound as she shifts seamlessly from story to practical tools.”
-John Richardson, Speaker at The Coffee Boys

Marisa's Superpowers

Marisa transforms an entire audience on-the-spot with live hypnotherapy sessions.

Marisa can create tailored talks on any subject matter related to her area of expertise.

Marisa captivates audiences with her on-demand Q&A talks and enchanting story-telling.

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Contact the team to discuss Marisa attending or hosting a virtual event, masterclass, or training on any topic to suit your business requirements.

Corporate Conferences and Events

Marisa will bring your conference to life and inspire your company through her talks on ultimate leadership, unstoppable confidence, peak performance, blasting through goal-setting, and expanding your mind’s potential.

Radio and Podcast Interviews

Marisa will bring her extraordinary wealth of experience, insights, and captivating stories to inspire and fire up your audiences.



Please email the team to discuss a topic to suit your requirements. A team member will get back to you shortly to begin the conversation on speaking topics and booking Marisa for your event.

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