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6 Key Benefits of Online Audio Hypnosis

woman lying down on a couch
woman lying down on a couch

Hypnosis is often used to help overcome negative blocks and patterns such as addictions, anxiety, fear of rejection, or feelings of low self-esteem and confidence, which can hold individuals back from experiencing life to the fullest. 

If you decide to give hypnosis a try, you’ll face a choice of two options.

Your first option is to go to a hypnotherapist and work with them in person. The right therapist may help you make profound changes that eliminate beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you.

The second option is to try hypnosis audios to potentially update your subconscious patterns and beliefs alone.

While both of these options can be highly effective in removing the mental blockages necessary to live a happier life, we will focus on online audio hypnosis sessions in this article. 

Continue reading to explore whether online audio hypnosis is right for you and the potential ways in which online audio hypnosis may be a valuable tool for positive change in your life.

1. Engage With Your Audio Course On-Demand

One of the best things about online audio hypnosis is its convenience. These recordings allow you to engage in sessions wherever, whenever, and however often you like. 

You might not be able to see a therapist for several reasons, providing many situations when audio hypnosis can be of great service. Allowing you to potentially experience fantastic positive changes in your life without even leaving your home.

The convenience of listening to hypnosis downloads should also support consistency to help you achieve your personal goals. This is great because everyone responds to hypnosis differently—some people will notice a change after listening to the first session, while others might have to practice for longer.

Choose the time and frequency that suits your lifestyle and needs best. Then, simply put your headphones in and play the audio—making it perfect for those who benefit most effectively from the reinforcement of regular practice. Just remember to be in a safe place where you can relax, so audio hypnosis sessions are not suitable for use while driving.

Let’s now look to Jade for an example of how effective online audio hypnosis sessions can potentially be. Signed off from work for a month by her doctor due to anxiety, Jade felt her mind was constantly racing and became so overwhelmed that it affected her sleep. 

Jade downloaded internationally award-winning and qualified hypnotherapist Marisa Peer’s hypnosis course in search of a solution. After listening to Marisa’s hypnosis audios just four times, Jade noticed major changes in her life. Jade expressed her experience in her own words:

‘I have listened to the audio the past two nights and drifted off to sleep before it’s completely finished. Have also listened each morning. Today I feel lighter, braver, more in control, and enough.’

Jade added online audio hypnosis sessions to her routine and found the timing that worked best for her. She discovered that listening before she went to sleep was great at relaxing and quieting her mind, conducive to getting a good night’s sleep.

Of course, everyone is different, so you should find the time of day when listening to online audio hypnosis sessions is most effective at making positive changes in your life.

2. You Can Use the Audio Course Repeatedly

Consistency is key when it comes to reaping the many potential benefits of online audio hypnosis, and you should aim to use them as many times as necessary to achieve your goals.

Doreen, for example, experienced incredible changes in two months of use. This came at a time when Doreen was at the lowest point in her life and felt as though everything was falling apart. 

Deciding to be proactive about her unhappiness, Doreen had the goal of turning her life around and started with Marisa Peer’s Lovability audio hypnosis, which she listened to twice a day. 

She listened to the recordings and took in its profound messages each morning and evening. By the 10th day, Doreen had expressed how she had experienced marked changes, and after 30 days, she had memorized all the lessons and knew how to apply them.

Here’s what Doreen had to say about it:

‘If two months ago, someone had told me I would be experiencing this level of happiness and filled with so much gratitude, I would never have believed them! I feel so confident in myself, something that has been a major struggle in my life. I love myself; I don’t judge myself, and I don’t judge or criticize others. Life is happening for me rather than to me.’

This is a great example of the potential power of listening to audio hypnosis repeatedly.  

Remember that your mind is a powerful tool that does what it believes you want it to do. Therefore, by continuously feeding the mind with helpful and positive messages, you can help to adopt new messages that replace those that no longer serve you. 

3. More Affordable Than In-Person Therapy

Both in-person and audio hypnotherapy can bring about many positive changes in your life. However, not everyone has the resources to invest in the former right away. Online audio hypnosis can be an excellent option if this is the case.

Alternatively, you may wish to experience high-quality hypnosis audio downloads as a starting point to see if hypnotherapy is for you. If you find the audios to be a positive experience, you may be ready to start seeing a therapist in person to work through your issues with the potential for even greater, more powerful transformative effects.

4. You Can Select Recordings Most Aligned With Your Goals

Many incredible therapists change people’s lives with everything they do. But of course, they’re still only human and can only work with so many people in person. 

To reach and help support the growth of more people, therapists create on-demand audio hypnosis sessions. This gives a valuable opportunity to receive help from the best in the field and is the next best thing if you’re not in a position to work with them in person.

Whether you wish to overcome the challenges of infertility, weight loss, anxiety, or depression, to name a few, there are audio hypnosis recordings that can be very powerful tools in helping you to achieve your goals. 

5. Practice in Private

Many people don’t have a problem discussing their issues. But, on the other hand, others aren’t as comfortable with this vulnerability. 

The truth is that many people suffer from issues that make them feel ashamed. For example, they might fear that others will judge or misunderstand them, or maybe they just don’t want others to know how they truly feel inside.

Of course, you can always rest assured that any good and ethical therapist will always honor patient confidentiality. To begin with, it’s their moral and legal obligation. Therefore, guilt, shame, embarrassment, or any other negative emotion should never discourage you from seeking help.

Whatever the case, the most important thing is that you’re honest with yourself. If you are, you may be able to find help in online audio hypnosis, which could help you work towards your goals without having to talk to anyone about your issues if you’re not comfortable doing so. 

6. They Have a Calming Effect

Some people prefer online audio hypnosis recordings for various reasons. Some are looking to overcome challenges and break patterns that harm their lives. At the same time, others may be looking to improve their mood and emotional state.

As a whole, peace and quiet are what you can always achieve with audio hypnosis.

The main feature is the frequent affirmations that put you in a more helpful, positive frame of mind. In addition, many hypnosis recordings feature relaxing music and sounds that can have a calming effect on the body and mind—who couldn’t benefit from having more peace in their life?

Paired with affirmations, these relaxing sounds can make online audio hypnosis sessions your favorite ritual. Helping to provide you with some incredible alone time that you can use to calm your mind and lower the noise of the outside world. 

It’s not surprising that many people notice great benefits very soon after practicing. To achieve your desired state, you’ll be embarking on a journey that’s enjoyable every step of the way.

In this way, it’s possible to have a relaxing moment or two whenever you feel like it. With time, this can become your mind’s default state.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing audio hypnosis sessions, including its blend of effectiveness and convenience that allows you to practice self-help on your own terms, with the potential to make positive changes to your life. 

Thanks to online audio hypnosis, many people have achieved remarkable results and no longer fall victim to limiting or negative beliefs.

If you decide to try audio hypnosis, the main determining factor of your success will be your consistency. Unlike seeing a therapist in person, you won’t have anyone checking in on your progress, so you’re in charge of creating the results you want to see. 

Lastly, like in-person therapy, audio hypnosis is only as effective and powerful as the person guiding it. For this reason, you should source high-quality recordings by experienced professionals to reap all the possible benefits.



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