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5 Ways To Overcome Negative Thinking

Have you ever had a negative thought spiral out of control, filling your mind with doubts, fears, and worries? It can be such a frustrating experience, and it’s easy to feel like you can’t do anything about it.

Sometimes, these thoughts get stuck in your head in an endless loop that just won’t go away, no matter how much you try to push them away.

Thoughts like, “I’m not good enough,” or, “I can’t do this,” can be really tough to shake. These negative loops can impact everything, making it hard to focus on anything else, keeping you feeling down and unmotivated. 

However, the good news is that you can take steps to break free from those negative thoughts and start fresh.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most effective techniques for getting rid of negative loops—for good. So keep reading to learn more…

1. Create Awareness First

It might sound strange, but have you ever truly “listened to yourself”?

We often go about our day-to-day lives critically talking to ourselves with thoughts such as, “I’m rubbish at this, why did I do that?” or, “What was I thinking? I’m no good at this.”

This is known as our critical inner voice. But unfortunately, these thoughts often have a heaviness that makes us feel lethargic.

Psychology Today explains this further in one of their articles: 

“The critical inner voice is not an actual voice that speaks to us, rather it is experienced as those self-limiting thoughts and attitudes that exist in all of us and keep us from achieving our goals.”

To create awareness of our thoughts, we need to “catch” our inner critical voices by listening to the language we are using and discovering what we are truly saying to ourselves. 

A great exercise to try is to imagine your thoughts are being recorded on an imaginary recorder that only you can hear. As you go about your daily tasks, take stock of how you are talking to yourself.

Are you being kind? Are you using pessimistic language? Are you berating yourself? Have you noticed any attitudes or beliefs that aren’t true or that you could challenge?

It helps to write down your thoughts as these are often subconscious, but when we write them down, it brings them to our awareness, and they often surprise us.  

Multi-award-winning therapist Marisa Peer teaches us, “What you speak of internally creates an outer dialogue. Every thought we have forms a belief that forms an attitude, and we begin to behave in a certain way that matches that, which determines the outcome.”

More interestingly, while these negative words are harmful to us, Marisa also explains, “The mind doesn’t listen to negative words; your mind picks up the words that make a picture.” 

So, it’s not just the destructive words we are saying to ourselves but also the images we create that send a strong neural pathway to our minds that signals us to act on it.   

2. Replace Negativity in Your Environment

We absorb a lot of what is in our environments without realizing it—from the people we surround ourselves with to what we consume.

Make it your mission to do a positive revamp of your environment through: 

  • Your home and day-to-day surroundings—if we spend a lot of time in one place, why not make it our sanctuary? You can start by having a clear-out of old, unwanted items and doing a spring clean. You could even have a yard sale and make some extra cash on the side. Next, fill your home with things that spark joy in you or hang some positive quotes—you could even save these affirmations as screensavers on your cell phone as good reminders. 
  • The people in your life—if you have negative or toxic people in your life, make a conscious effort to spend less time with them and start to surround yourself with people that lift your spirits. For example, you could call a friend that makes you laugh or join a new online or offline community that helps you feel good and grow.  
  • Becoming aware of what you listen to, watch, and read, and how much time you spend doing it—many news channels can be negative, so you might choose to watch only the headlines but not get sucked in further to sad stories. It might be that your social media feed is full of mindless content and you end up scrolling for hours and feel flat afterward. It’s also good to not engage in unnecessary battles online that will zap your energy. Instead, put on a funny comedy, a feel-good show, or an inspiring podcast. Start to notice how much better you feel when you replace your time and energy with these simple swaps.

3. Try Physical Exercise

We all have good intentions to go for a morning run at six am, but how many of us actually do this? We know that exercise creates feel-good endorphins in our bodies but making this a consistent habit can be tough.

Research by the American Psychological Association suggests that physical exercise can have a huge impact on decreasing stress and improving our mood.

If you find exercising overwhelming or feel low, start by simply moving your body more than you would normally. A good way to do this is to put on some upbeat music and have a dance while no one is watching. Then, create an exercise playlist and listen to this while you are going for a walk, doing some house chores, or, if you can, take a few extra laps up and down some stairs. 

Challenge yourself by taking an extra ten minutes a day to try out a new move or keep-fit video on YouTube. You could also involve an accountability buddy, maybe a friend, and try out a new class or sports club in your local area.

Once you get your heart pumping, you will begin to feel the benefits and find your spirits start to lift!    

4. Talk to Someone

If you are struggling with a problem or issue that keeps showing up in your life, talk to someone—this could be a friend, family member, someone you trust, or even a Samaritan, coach, or therapist.

The proverbial saying, “A problem shared is a problem halved,” expresses the idea that when having difficulties, it is useful to talk to someone about them.

We are born to be social creatures, and part of our survival instinct is to connect with others. 

Marisa Peer explains: “It is our innate human instinct to find connection and avoid rejection. Numerous studies in the United States have shown that solitary confinement is one of the most damaging and irreversible punishments to bestow on someone. Symptoms that are known to be caused by solitary confinement include hallucinations, panic attacks, depression, loss of memory, and mood swings.” 

We often can’t see our own blind spots and need the help of others to work through issues to find solutions and different perspectives to help us navigate trickier times. Sometimes, simply knowing someone is there or has been through a similar experience connects us and makes us feel better. 

5. Use Hypnosis to Reprogram Your Mind

There’s nothing worse than your mind going into overdrive and having those three am thoughts that keep you awake at night. If you find yourself looping over the same things and you just can’t seem to shake off these negative thoughts, then you may hugely benefit from Marisa Peer’s powerful Getting Rid of Negative Looping Thoughts self-hypnosis audio.   

Hypnosis works by getting to the root cause—by digging deeper and specifically rewiring your subconscious mind to change your habits for good.

Our subconscious minds are so powerful that they create core beliefs that they believe will protect us. We tend to create 90% of these beliefs as children, but these beliefs don’t appear to be logical or make any sense as adults. This means that we continue to go over the same thoughts, behaviors, and habits that don’t get us anywhere, which can be incredibly frustrating and confusing.

However, it is not our fault. 

It’s our subconscious mind’s job is to keep us safe, and we always return to familiar behavior—even if it is bad for us—so these subconscious patterns will continue to run us unless we change them at the very core. 

Marisa Peer’s Getting Rid of Negative Looping Thoughts self-hypnosis audio works by uncovering those old, unwanted beliefs by accessing and tapping into this part of your mind and then re-installing new powerful and positive beliefs—all while you are in deep relaxation.   

Marisa Peer says, “Most people go through their lives not knowing what controls them and they wonder why they have hang-ups and bad habits. You simply can’t control your mind unless you know what to do with it. Hypnotherapy works by investigating the scenes and interpreting how they affect you. Fortunately, changing how you feel on the inside will change how you feel about external events more than you can ever imagine.” 

Self-hypnosis reaches the levels that our conscious mind can simply not access. Therefore, it brings about a change at a core level that you get to control.

Marisa Peer also uses a special, unique technique of combining powerful, dynamic, and compelling language to create a stronger imprint. Like a computer, when you use your hypnotic audio, you install new software to create the best version of yourself. 

If you have tried everything and want to finally let go of these looping thoughts that don’t serve you anymore, try Getting Rid of Negative Looping Thoughts today.



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