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Discover therapist-approved tools and strategies on how to release deep-rooted fears and insecurities. Learn how to adopt a success mindset and build powerful habits to express your full potential and create the life you want to live.
RTT Comes to Life: Marcus Matthews reveals how RTT “saved my life.”

In this incredibly inspiring article, former police officer and military man, Marcus Matthews, shares his moving real life story...

How To Deal With Rejection In Life?

You can overcome critical thinking and rejection when you understand the simple powerful truths in this article. Don’t be diminished, use this to spur you to greatness...

RTT Comes to Life: Kati Paeorg on why it “is an amazing life to live as an RTT therapist.”

In this brief interview, Kati shares more about training in RTT and the difference it has made to her life…

RTT Comes to Life: Melissa Boher Jacobson sings the success of RTT

With a background in transformational singing and performing, Melissa now uses RTT to “help change the future of children, teens, and their parents for the better.”

Nicoleta Draghici on how RTT “changed my life.”

Find out how RTT transformed Nicoleta’s life and her relationships, most importantly the relationship with herself...

The Secrets of Finding Love

We all want love in our lives and this article will explain how we can attract and maintain a lasting loving relationship…

Is Your Scarcity Mindset Blocking You?

Money is an important issue, especially this time of year when people feel so much pressure to spend. Know how your beliefs around money are formed...

RTT Comes To Life: Teagan Fea reveals “The most powerful tool I’ve ever worked with.”

Overcoming 25 years of anxiety and depression, find out how Teagan not only transformed her own life but also thousands of others in this insightful interview...

RTT Comes to Life: Michelle explains the freedom RTT gave her and her family

Michelle was interviewed live on Ask Marisa Anything, sharing her experiences of RTT training in Australia and the real results it has given her, her family, and her clients...

Is Stress Really The Silent Killer? Marisa Peer’s Top Tips To Overcome Stress

Stress is called ‘the silent killer’ because of the dangerously detrimental and damaging effect it has on our health. When you are […]

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