I AM ENOUGH Marisa Peer – The message is spreading

I am enough Marisa Peer

I was so thrilled today to see one of my friends and colleagues post a picture on Facebook of a beautiful bouquet of flowers her husband had given her with my simple, yet powerful message: I AM ENOUGH.

Michelle Holmes, a web entrepreneur who interviewed me just a few weeks ago for her Online Rockstars Summit, is one of the growing number of people that have seen my talk: “How to Mastermind Your Life in 4 Easy Steps.” I’m a big fan of simple, easy steps and actions that have huge effects and nothing is more effective or easy than the repetition of this powerful affirmation. In my time as a therapist, I’ve learned that so many people’s problems—overeating, compulsive spending, depression, alcoholism—come from an attempt to fill themselves up with external things to cover up the fact that they don’t feel enough. My life-changing talk explains why you are enough already, and the only person that can reject you is yourself.

Michelle says this simple axiom is now her personal mantra, which makes me so happy. You can make it yours too—quite literally right now. Say it to yourself in the shower, when you’re brushing your teeth, in traffic, in your head when in line. Michelle will tell you—it works! I AM ENOUGH!

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