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Staying Slim means cutting out the Sugar

Staying slim may not happen with the current advice given!

Obesity levels across the western world including the UK are soaring and current dietary advice is failing to make any impact because the advice is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

Diets fail to sustain and maintain weight loss as cutting calories and restricting the amount you eat not only fails to work long term, it actually encourages binging and cravings too, not contributing to staying slim.

A low fat high carb diet will make and keep you fat, that’s why the western world has so many obese people whereas other parts of the world have people who stay a normal weight without ever dieting. If you want to beat the staying slim battle you have to make your body a super efficient fat burning machine and the way to do this is to eat the foods nature put on the planet for us. Start by cutting out sugar and carbs.

Nature did not make pasta, cakes, biscuits, margarine and colas. When we eat refined processed foods we end up gaining weight and storing more fat even if these foods are low calorie. Which is why some of us struggle with staying slim because we eat processed foods that are full of chemicals the body produces more internal fat to keep the chemicals away from our vital organs.

When we eat sugar and starch our blood sugar levels and insulin levels shoot up and we store more of the very fat that we want to get rid of.

Sugar, not fat, stops you from staying slim

It is a fact that the body simply cannot store fat unless insulin is present in the body and insulin is only present in the body when you eat carbohydrates. The body cannot store fat without insulin.

Overeating carbs can make and keep you fat because it’s impossible to sustain weight loss with a high carb diet and it’s almost impossible to gain the weight back if you are not eating very many carbs. Instead of living on cereals, pasta, sandwiches, crackers and snacks we need to go back to eating real and proper food.

This becomes easier to do as you realise that our ancestors didn’t eat the carbs we eat today simply because they did not have the mills, ovens or refineries we have now.

Carbs literally train your body to store fat and to resist losing it which is why a modern diet makes people fat and a Thai or Japanese diet where they only have one carb: rice,  have no problem with staying slim. (Thai or Japanese people who choose to eat a western diet have the same weight problems as us.) Your diet should be primarily: eggs, fish, meat, chicken, any other proteins like lentils and chick peas with vegetables, salads, fruits, oats, nuts and seeds. If you eat these foods you don’t even need to count calories.

Unless you are running a marathon…….

Athletes carb load for the very reason that the body stores carbs for energy and of course they use up the energy in running but if you are not doing marathons this is pointless. We have all heard of runners pasta loading before they compete because they will need that energy later. This leads many people to then eat carbs to get the energy to exercise, but if an overweight person does this all they do at the gym is burn off those carbs and not the stored fat.

We don’t need carbs to give us energy to exercise, after all, what do you think the Masai and Zulus did before running, hunting or going into battle? They did not pasta load as they didn’t have pasta or rice or even bread as we know it, because they also didn’t have mills, ovens or refineries.

Staying Slim. What to Eat and How to Eat

It is really simple.

Eat from the 4 Rs…

Ask yourself these questions before you decide what to eat:

  1. Does this food Roam or grow on the planet?
  2. Can I Recognise it as a food?
  3. Can I eat it Raw? (even if I would prefer not to)
  4. Does it Rot?

Fish, pears, peas and eggs either roam or grow, you can eat them raw, you can recognise them and they rot.

Donuts, pringles, twiglets, margarine and colas do not grow or roam, you could never recognise the ingredients in them or eat them raw and far from rotting they will still be intact in 20 years.

So ask yourself those questions before you eat and you will make the right choices

Also ask yourself:

  • Where is the protein?
  • Is this food fat burning or fat storing?

If you eat eggs for breakfast – you will burn fat.

If you eat cereal or toast and jam – you will store fat.

Read up on Hypnotic Gastric Banding for further ways to lose weight.

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