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The Risks of Gastric Banding – and Hypnotic Gastric Banding as a Safe Alternative

Having worked hard to perfect my Hypnotic Gastric Banding method after working with so many people who have had gastric banding. I am concerned that people still undergo this risky operation without being aware of the facts. In my experience having your stomach shrunk by surgery, does not always result in a dramatic long term weight loss, so why choose hypnotic gastric banding?

Hypnotic gastric banding addresses food issues!

While there is no doubt that having a smaller stomach volume will prevent you eating large dinners or bulky meals it does not prevent you eating the very food that is the major cause of weight gain: SUGAR.

Sugar is a dense food which means you can eat a huge amount of it. You can consume several packets of biscuits, a bucket of sugary popcorn and large amounts of chocolate even with a smaller stomach but you could never consume a bucket of lamb chops or chicken fillets as you would feel full quite quickly.

That is why after a large dinner you could not eat another large dinner but you can always manage to fit in  a sugary dessert even if you are quite full as sweets, chocolate, cakes and sugary foods go into your bloodstream straight away and take up less space in your stomach – allowing you to eat more even with a medical gatric band.

Sugar Cravings?

Unlike Hypnotic Gastric banding, Gastric banding fails to address cravings. When you eat sugar your body is looking for nutrition, because it is not getting any it will encourage you to go on eating, and eating in the belief that eventually it will get something nutritious, which never happens as sugar is a worthless chemical that has no nutritional value at all.

Even with gastric banding it is possible to go on eating quite large amounts of chocolates and cakes and this is a major problem. With gastric banding it is essential that you eat real and proper food in order to get the essential nutrients you need. It is dangerous when people who have had banding stop eating real food as it so often makes them vomit and instead stick to sugar, starch and confectionery.

When I worked on Celebrity Fit Club USA, three of the celebrities had, had stomach banding and yet they were hugely overweight (one weighed 800lbs/ 55 stone) despite the banding. Spending time with this person I noticed that they ate very slowly but still large amounts as they had learnt that if they ate slowly they could go on eating and thus take in large amounts of calories.

Another celebrity appeared to live on a diet of cream cakes, chocolate and cheese and again she could eat a lot of these foods as they are dense and don’t require a large stomach to eat them in large quantities.

Yet another client seemed to live on full fat milky lattes which she would dip croissants and muffins into and seemed to be constantly eating and drinking these. Despite the banding she was consuming a lot of calories in the form of sugar and starch which train the body to store fat.

Many patients I see who have had banding stop eating real food altogether and live on smoothies, milkshakes and juices. The high sugar content continually raises their insulin levels leaving them more prone to fat storing.

So what else does hypnotic gastric banding consider?

If you want your body to become a fat burning machine you need to avoid refined sugar and avoid starch like bread, pasta and pastry. Starch turns to sugar really quickly. Your body can only store fat if insulin is present and insulin is only present in the body when you have eaten carbohydrates therefore the most effective way to become slimmer and maintain a slim body is to cut out starch and sugar and eat the food that nature meant you to eat. Foods like lean protein: meat, fish, poultry, eggs, fruit, and vegetables. You don’t need to limit quantity as your body cannot and will not store fat if no carbs are present.

Therefore a gastric band simply discourages you from eating the very foods that burn fat and encourages you to eat the very foods that make your body store fat.  Also weight loss almost always plateaus with a gastric band which is very disheartening. Vanessa Feltz has recently reported this issue with her gastric banding.

Here is the Proven Answer

What my Hypnotic gastric band method does is to readjust your stomach size, as well as, become elated and enjoy eating healthier food.

Hypno gastric banding is a safer non evasive long term option. Simply altering your body physicaly may not give long term results but by addressing the main issues that caused the over eating and loving healthier alternatives you can have a permanent solution.

I have made a Hypnotic Gastric Banding audio download that encourages you to believe and to feel that you have a small, tiny, shrunken stomach which in turn encourages you to eat less and to feel full quickly while becoming slimmer. My Hypnotic Gastric Banding download also programmes and conditions you to only want to eat real and nutritious food while becoming indifferent to and disinterested in sugar and junk.

It is a healthier, safer and much better way to become and to stay slimmer with no nasty side effects and it only costs £15.

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