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Testimonials for Marisa’s Weight Loss Methods

“To date I am now 158lbs less than when I came to your seminar in London last year. I am down from almost 25 stones to  just over 13 stones and down from size 32 clothes with elastic  waistbands to size 14/16 clothes and still dropping a pound or two  each week. I am completely off insulin, off all medication for high  blood pressure and I look and feel so much better , keep those skinny  white jeans ready for me!!!!  I cannot thank you enough for giving me  my life back again…how I wish you had been around to help when my weight problems began 50 years ago!! Thank you again,

Eileen. x

“I bought Marisa’s book from Amazon in February and have not looked back. I have always struggled with my weight and although have never been obese i have never been comfortable with my dress size. Now I am loose size 12 and have shed one & half stones. The amazing thing about this way of life is that it is so easy and no effort is needed once you have read the book and listened to the CD. I went to Marisa’s seminar in March just for more inspiration as I was so thrilled with the book and I was delighted to see Marisa in person. Each step of my life since February has been challenged with new events and things which made me wonder if I could continue to shed the weight and keep it off. I am happy to confirm that parties, holiday, weekends away have all been easily adapted with my new eating style and I can now say that overeating is something that I will never do. I recommend this book to everybody that is amazed at how good I look and cannot thank Marisa enough for showing me a new path which is forever a truly amazing breakthrough.”


“I have been reading your book and I have to say it has totally changed my thinking. I know that this is your aim but I really cannot believe it works!
I have attended the Paul McKenna weight loss hypnotherapy seminar in the past and read his book, with unfortunately little effect. I was dubious when I bought your book but I thought I would give it a go after seeing a piece about you in ELLE magazine.
Since I read the book ( I haven’t listened to the cd yet!) exactly 4 weeks ago, I have lost 29lbs. I have been extra careful with my eating habits but my overall mindset has altered. Usually when I begin a ‘diet’ I torture myself with thoughts of bad food, sabotaging myself and I have always ended up putting every lb back on, this time it just feels so different. I no longer desire junk food and feel like I am finally, at the age of 24, eating like an adult. When I do eat I don’t beat myself up as I feel as though I am nourishing my body rather than flooding it with toxic food.
Everything you said in the book has helped me, I have finally been able to change my thoughts and eating habits; and for this I am eternally grateful to you. Thank you so much! I am so happy because of you!”


I had to write to tell you that your seminar on Saturday has already changed my life.  I am now 60 and have spent 45 years putting on and taking off 2 stone, each day has been a constant battle.  I gave up smoking after 45 years on 1st January this year and was comforting myself even more with food. I have never felt so powerful and in control and I feel this in all areas of my life not just eating.”


“I want to thank you for your amazing seminar last Saturday in Cambridge.  I had read your book and was thus on the path to important changes already. Hearing you speak in person both reinforced your important concepts and also
shed new light on misconceptions and frankly ignorant thinking which I have held for years. Anyway, thank you again.  I look forward to your next book and/or lecture


“I came to see you about 6 weeks ago and I have to say you have changed my life!!! I feel so fantastic and I have dropped about a stone in weight so I am half way to achieving my goal! Thank you so much, you are quite amazing!”

Asiye-Lisa Cetin

“I look and feel so much better, not only with the weight loss of over 60 lbs now, but with absolutely no bloating, belching, wind, nausea, heartburn, indigestion etc. etc. Not only that but as a type 2 insulin dependant diabetic, my insulin usage is down from 40 units a day to 20 units and my blood sugars are staying low, so with continued shedding of this weight it will continue to reduce until I firmly expect to be off insulin very soon. I have never felt so well for a long, long time and friends and work colleagues are commenting and telling me how much better I look and asking me if they can have some of what I am on!! I am spreading the gospel according to Marisa and several people have now got the book and cd on my recommendations. I have been overweight for all of my 56 years and do you know what??? I am getting rid of it once and for all.. thanks to Marisa, I WILL BE THIN!”

E Gartside

“I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your.  It has literally changed my life.  In the last 18 years of my life worried about my weight.  You have changed my whole mindset about how i look and feel about food.  It no longer rules my life.  I choose to eat healthy foods effortlessly and just as important food is not on my mind 24 7.I am an emotional eater (as well as an addictive and destructive) and currently trying to deal with a colleague bullying me at work and my mother u003cbru003ewho suffers from bi-polar disorder –  yet since reading your book  I no longer turn to food as comfort- Words cannot express how grateful I am. I have tried hypnosis sessions before and other cds but your book/cd is truly the only one that has somehow got through to me. I know that the remaining 3- 3 1/2 stone I am letting go of is going to take time but i no longer feel in a rush, I know that eventually I will get there that it will be done in the healthiest way possible. Thank you so much. Yours sincerely,

Radhika (Rudi) Silvapulle

Wonderful book… ‘ You can be thin’.  It has literally changed my life.  I have spent the last 18 years of my life worried about my weight.  You have changed my whole mindset about how i look and feel about food.  It no longer rules my life.  I choose to eat healthy foods effortlessly and just as important food is not on my mind 24 7.”


“Thanks to Marisa this is the first time I’ve felt in control of food and I am 150% confident that I can and will be slim (I’ve already bought jeans in a smaller size!). The book, cd and seminar have changed my life. Just from listening to other people’s stories I know Marisa has worked wonders with many people and I am so looking forward to being another one of her successes.”


“I attended Marisa’s seminar in London this Saturday and it really reinforced everything I have learned from the book and CD. It was also brilliant to meet and listen to Marisa. What I find amazing is that after 20 years of dieting, battling, depriving, giving in, forbidden foods, and constant and sudden hunger lows satiated by something sugary or carb heavy, since starting Marisa’s program something has clicked. I have done it for 2 weeks and it is easy. I am eating like a grown up for the first time in my life. I’m eating more healthily than I have ever eaten, I am choosing to do this so nothing is banned and I don’t feel deprived or resentful. I don’t wake up with a headache anymore – which in hindsight may well have been a sugar hangover from the previous evening. And once I’ve finished eating I don’t think about food for a long long time whereas previously I thought about food and weight several times an hour. I wish I had known about this program years ago. I have dropped 7lb in 2 weeks, and I feel so empowered.
Thank you Marisa, you have changed a very painful relationship with my body and food – I never dreamed that would be possible.”




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