Weight Loss Hypnosis — A Safe and Simple Solution To Long-Lasting Weight Loss

For most people that struggle with their weight, the cookie-cutter advice that seems to go around is to go on a diet and start exercising. 

However, sometimes your health requires you to tap into something deeper than just the food you eat to lose weight. That’s where weight loss hypnosis comes in.

To maximize your success with your health and weight loss goals, it’s important to work with specialized hypnotherapists for weight loss, and no one knows this better than Marisa Peer herself.

A world-renowned speaker with more than three decades in the field of hypnotherapy, Marisa Peer has been named Best British Therapist by Men’s Health magazine and featured in Tatler’s Guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors. 

Marisa’s work can be seen with clients all over the world including rock stars, CEOs, elite Olympic athletes, royalty and Oscar-winning actors to inform her life-changing speeches and lectures. 

When it comes to weight loss hypnosis, Marisa Peer is one of the most notable people in the field.

In this article, we’ll be talking about, what hypnosis for weight loss is, how it works, and how you can use it to tackle your own weight loss goals using Marisa Peer’s techniques and advice.

Let’s get started…

How Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work?

hypnosis for weight loss

Ok so you are curious and you would like to give it a shot. But the question remains in reality, does hypnosis work for weight loss and how effective is it? Some people think that hypnosis for weight loss method sounds too good to be true but think again!

All hypnotherapy comes down to is using the power of your mind when telling yourself how you want you to be. Whether it’s to sleep better, to lose weight, stop smoking, or get the motivation to skydive and break free from your fear.

An example of how weight loss hypnosis works:

First off, let’s get one thing straight here, weight loss hypnosis is not a magic pill that you go in the therapist’s office, and come out a new person with no work or effort from your end.

You need to want to take control of your health and life and that’s where hypnosis can help give you the power and control you need over your bad habits and self-discipline.

Weight loss hypnosis works best when it’s combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

When you are under hypnosis, you and hypnotherapist would typically have a conversation about what your goals are, what triggers you, you might even talk about diet’s that have worked for you in the past.

You then are guided with the help of a hypnotherapist using verbal repetition and mental images to help you enter a deep state of inner concentration. It is almost like being in a trance state.

In that state, your attention becomes highly focused and you slowly become more responsive to suggestions including tapping into unwanted behaviors and habits and willingly change it with the power of your own mind.

What you are changing here is your subconscious. It is that inner voice part of your mind that guides your everyday decisions without your awareness.

All the hypnotherapist is really doing here is allowing you to notice and pay attention to that inner voice that guides you and allows you to speak to it and reprogram your own mind.

In case you are wondering, no you are not asleep or unaware of everything. Someone under hypnosis can hear everything and they are still in full control. 

To relate to it yourself, it’s almost like when you are starting to fall asleep while the TV is on. You are not completely knocked out and you can still hear the TV. In that state, when someone talks to you you may wake up later and somewhat vaguely recall hearing them and answering back. You are not sure what you said, but you are sure you said something.

How effective is hypnosis for weight loss?

hypnotherapy for weight loss

Studies exploring weight loss hypnosis found that people who used hypnosis lost more than twice as much weight as those who dieted without it.

Another study in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis found women who underwent Hypno-behavioral therapy lost weight, improved their eating habits, and improved their body image.

Meanwhile, a meta-analysis by British researchers found hypnosis can actually help regulate the release of peptides that control how hungry and full you feel.

We can go on and on and cite study after study, and the truth is it can also vary from person to person, but the point here is weight loss hypnosis does work.

Prime candidates for weight loss hypnosis are emotional and/or unconscious eaters. Also, patients that seek hypnosis usually know what they should and shouldn’t eat and know that they just lack willpower, so they want to do the work necessary to tap into their subconscious mind.

How Marisa Peer’s Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Programs Can Work For You

If you are tired of the failure rate that comes with extreme dieting, and unreasonable exercise regimes, the Marisa Peer weight loss programs is the solution you’re looking for.

Award-winning hypnotherapist Marisa Peer weight loss programs are designed to target your approach to weight loss and to change your mindset in relation to food and exercise.

Marisa Peer has developed two programs; hypnotic gastric band and hypnotic weight control. These two audio downloads allow you to enter the hypnotic state from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you. Marisa Peer’s expert weight loss hypnotherapy program allows you to change your relationship with food easily, powerfully and permanently.

Marisa’s weight loss programs: No unrealistic exercises, no surgery recommendations, no catch

Hypnotic gastric band audio program

Hypnotic Gastric Band audio Marisa Peer

Unlike surgical gastric banding, which involves the risks of any invasive surgery, the hypnotic gastric band changes on the inside how you feel about food while programming you to eat less and to only want to eat healthy food. Even with a surgical gastric band, it is easy to still eat cakes and sugary food whereas Marisa Peer’s weight loss hypnotherapy program alters your food choices and re-programs you to prioritize proteins and vegetables and healthy foods in moderation.

Hypnotic weight control audio program

Hypnotic Weight Control audio Marisa Peer

Hypnotic weight control audio program identifies and resolves the reasons behind your overeating issues by targeting your subconscious mind. Marisa’s download enables you to identify the problems you have with food and then tackle these problems specifically. No weight loss pill, drastic diet or surgery can do this! With Marisa Peer weight loss programs you will develop a healthy, respectful relationship with food and exercise.

Marisa Peers weight loss hypnosis success stories

Marisa loves hearing back from people she has helped and how she managed to change their life to the better using her techniques.

Tina’s Success using hypnotherapy for weight loss:

Tina contacted Marisa on Facebook to tell her how her book You Can Be Thin, which focuses on hypnotherapy to lose weight, helped her on her weight loss journey of shedding an impressive 70lbs. She has now reached her goal weight and she wrote about how different her attitude towards food is and how dramatically her lifestyle has changed.

“Before Marisa (and Cambridge weight loss plan) my life was miserable. I had no self-esteem, every social event was a trauma of panic, what to wear (will fit?). I was missing out on holidays as I was too unfit for all but gentle activity.

I lived on processed junk food, coffee and biscuits, I didn’t know fuel could be bought without chocolate and ate several bars daily—what on earth was I thinking? Indiscriminate eating all day every day. I have had to face the fact that I was self-harming with food.

No more, life is too short NOT to be able to take part, have the figure you want, wear the clothes you like, feel good about who you are and like yourself more.

I read You Can Be Thin and what a revelation! I cannot thank you enough, Marisa. I’m now using the Hypno download daily. Since Feb this year, I have lost 70lbs using a combination of the Cambridge weight loss plan (which I love) but I have also been reading a lot of therapy books and putting time into addressing the issues in my head so I don’t go back you what I used to do. Your book has helped me more than anything.

How weight loss hypnosis for Anna Richardson was a hit:

Hypnosis for weight loss success rate

Hypnosis weight loss – Hypnosis is the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off forever and unlike other methods, the right hypnosis makes it all so easy. In this interview with The Telegraph, the lovely Anna Richardson talks about how she lost over 35lbs and kept it off for four years after just one session with Marisa Peer.

Anna is studying hypnosis weight loss as a way of helping people with their relationship with food. Her interest was sparked during the filming of Supersize in 2008. Anna had undergone regression through hypnotherapy with well-known therapist Marisa Peer and discovered that her own eating habits were built during early childhood. Her father had tried to comfort Anna – in her mother’s absence – by feeding her treats like fish and chips (washed down with Soda Pops.

Yet, after one weight loss hypnotherapy session, Anna lost 35lbs – to settle at 133lbs – the exact weight she had told the therapist she considered her ideal. ”I found myself making better food choices, without realizing it – it was weird,’’ she admits.

Anna became fascinated with the way our subconscious works – especially in regard to eating. ”I began to want to help effect the transformation – not just report on it,’’ she explains. ”I wanted to arm myself with knowledge.’’ Her new book aims to help readers explore their relationship with food – ”it is not just another diet book’’ she says firmly.

To begin your successful journey to lasting weight loss, and a healthier happier lifestyle – visit Marisa’s website where you can purchase either of the Hypnotic gastric band audio program or Hypnotic weight control audio program Marisa Peer weight loss audio downloads.

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