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8 Time Management Strategies For Superwoman Syndrome

Are you suffering from superwoman syndrome? If so, you will need these 8 time management strategies to help you juggle your work, life, and family better.

Victoria Beckham has said she’s knackered after being a new mum and working as a fashion designer, because she is always either working or being a mum and is constantly tired…..she suffers from superwoman syndrome.

It’s never good being superwoman as you are always trying to make everything perfect and to be perfect.

People who try to be perfect are generally unhappy because they are in a race with no finishing line. Every time they get near, it moves out of their reach. Being perfect will never make you happy. Whereas finding a balance between your work, family and social life can bring untold happiness.

8 Time Management Strategies To Manage Your Life


Time Management Strategies - Optimize Daily Actions

1. Set Priorities And Assess Your Schedule

When you look at how you spend your time you may notice you waste hours on Facebook or spend too long ironing or trying to find lost items.

2. Optimize Your Daily Actions

The trick of using time management strategies is always to work smarter not harder so get into the habit of always putting things away so you don’t waste time looking for keys, glasses etc. If you only ever put your stuff in 3 different places you will always be able to find it. It’s the same with passwords, if you only have 3 you don’t waste time trying to remember them.

Pay all your bills by direct debit as this saves time. Buy more ready to wear clothes especially for the kids and only iron essentials, not things like sheets and towels. Have your shopping delivered once a week and if you don’t feel like you see your children enough take them with you to go food shopping and make it fun for both of you, beat that superwoman syndrome.

Dictate letters on the commute to work and buy a machine that lets you dictate emails as it saves so much time.

3. Get Used To Saying No

No one can do everything so get used to saying no. People who try to be perfect don’t know when or how to say no because they feel that no one can do the job as well as them or their company can’t function without them.

You are not superwoman and when you say no your company will find another way to get the job done and it won’t make you dispensable.

4. Prioritise work and social

Prioritise at work and even socially. Quickly decide whether a task or invite is a MUST do, a COULD do or a NICE to do. Then accept the MUST’s and let the rest go, unless you have free time. It will mean you’re not overloaded with low priority tasks and thus avoid becoming burnt out both at work and at home.

When you’re at work cut back on anything social, discourage social visits, calls or social lunches so you can commit 100% to work without any distractions. When you are at home don’t check your phone or emails unless it’s essential, then you can 100% switch off and commit to your family. By eliminating distractions you will get more done and set boundaries so you can finish work on time, as rushing everywhere late just adds to stress.

5. Give Yourself Realistic Deadlines

Don’t give yourself impossible or tight deadlines as they will make you work in a panic and under pressure. Make your deadlines reasonable and do-able and if it feels too much slow down. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, slowing down you will actually be more productive. Working faster doesn’t mean you’ll be more productive or accomplish more but doing it slowly and getting it right the first time you will actually accomplish more and save time.

6. Get Help

Time Management Strategies - Get Help

You don’t have to do everything! Recruit help from colleagues and get your kids involved in emptying the washing machine, putting clothes and groceries away etc, banish that superwoman syndrome tendency!

7. Do The Jobs You Hate First

Successful people always do the jobs they hate first so don’t procrastinate on any jobs as this is a major time waster and stress inducer.

8. De-clutter & Streamline

De-clutter. Streamlining your workspace and your home helps you focus. Throw away papers, magazines and mail once you have looked through them. Also delete emails once they are done and then you won’t be overwhelmed as a clear space helps you to have a clear mind.



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