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What To Do When You’re Trying To Conceive?

Disclaimer: Get Pregnant Now is a brand new medically endorsed programme that can increase your ability to have a baby naturally or with IVF.

If you are trying to conceive but suffering from infertility or secondary infertility it is worth considering that your mind can disrupt your fertility.

Science has proven that our subconscious thoughts and beliefs about conception, pregnancy, birth and raising children can block our ability to conceive because of both conscious and unconscious fears.

With a 25% infertility rate in the Western world for women ages 35 to 39, we are beginning to recognise that infertility can be more mental than physical. Spending too long trying not to get pregnant or worrying about a second pregnancy can block the brain when you finally decide to get pregnant.

One in three couples in the Western world will be infertile within 10 years, yet one in three animals and couples in other parts of the world don’t share this statistic. Trying not to get pregnant for years or worrying about how you will raise children can be the greatest handicap to becoming pregnant.

Your Mind Influences Your Ability To Conceive

Unexplained infertility is just that – unexplained it means there is no medical reason for infertility, you have perfectly good eggs, clear tubes, a healthy womb and the right hormones, yet you are not conceiving. I am convinced that you don’t get pregnant when you relax; you actually get pregnant when you are expecting a baby, not wishing or hoping, but expecting, knowing, believing, and seeing that baby on its way to you – get pregnant now.

This explains why couples in the process of adoption often conceive and why many couples conceive naturally after a successful IVF baby. They fully accept themselves as parents and see themselves as parents in every way. They are buying things for the baby they know is on its way, rather than the baby they wish would be on its way or hope for. It’s a little known fact that couples who are undergoing adoption are asked to use birth control, even if they have been diagnosed as infertile because as they progress to the adoption stage, because the statistics of adoptive parents becoming pregnant, even before the adoption has completed, are quite high.

Our Body Responds To And Matches Our Mind

Our bodies literally respond to our thoughts and to our beliefs, so if you think ‘I’m too old to get pregnant’ or ‘I’m too stressed to get pregnant’ or even if you worry that you can’t afford another baby when you’re trying to conceive, your mind and body will accept this literally.

Changing our thinking causes changes both mentally and physically because the hormones needed to make pregnancy possible are released into the brain and are influenced by the way we think and the way we feel, so negative emotions can disrupt them. Worrying about IVF and focusing on low statistics is very detrimental. 60% of the women I work with have success at the first IVF procedure because my technique can improve your body’s ability to respond to IVF.

The strongest force in every human being is that the body has to match what is going on in the mind, it literally has to act in a way that is consistent with our thinking – it has no choice. Every thought you think has a physical reaction in the body. Thoughts are things and they have consequences; good thoughts have good consequences in the body, and negative thoughts eventually have negative consequences.

Pain Or Pleasure?

Another very strong force in the human psyche is that nothing in our lives will influence us more than the things we link to pain and pleasure. When we experience pain, the brain searches very hard for the cause of it, then it stores that information and does everything to ensure we don’t go through that experience again.

Many women experience secondary infertility if their first birth experience was bad. During the birth, they may have thought ‘I can never go through this again or said ‘this is unbearable, unendurable’ or words to that effect. They may have told their friends afterwards that giving birth was a nightmare or they may describe postnatal depression.

These powerful and descriptive words make the mind link only pain to having a baby and may still be influencing you many years later, even though you actually want another baby, by making sure you don’t have one.

how to get pregnant fast

The good news is you can very quickly get your mind to link absolute pleasure to being pregnant and to having a baby, rather than pain to the thought of giving birth or losing your figure or being exhausted and weepy after having a baby.

The mind holds on to outdated information if it has been repeated often enough. Every time you used birth control you send a powerful message to your mind: I don’t want to be pregnant, I don’t want a baby. Every time you took your pill, inserted the cap or used a condom your brain got the message loud and clear.

If you ever used words like ‘this is hell’ when you got up for the night feeds or had a screaming new-born you will know that at that moment you linked absolute pain to having a baby. How many times do you think you have said to your partner ‘Use a condom I don’t want to get pregnant’ or ‘be careful- I don’t want a baby’.

Your mind will have taken that literally, not just at that moment but always.

These words are subconsciously letting your body know you don’t want a baby and your body is responding by not creating one. But your body does not know when you have changed your mind and the old words are no longer applicable. This thought process is not automatically reversed.

Replace Negative Thoughts To Positive Thoughts

Hypnosis is amazing at reversing the automatic negative thought process. I have created some powerful CDs and downloads and written a book called “Get Pregnant Now” that has given fantastic results to all women trying to conceive.

The book and CDs use specific, detailed language and programming to reverse outdated thinking and bring about Conception, Successful IVF Conception, Perfect Pregnancy and an Easy Happy Birth.

The British Medical Journal published a study where women who had difficulty in conceiving were taught to replace their negative thoughts about their chances of getting pregnant with a positive belief that they would get pregnant. Half of them became pregnant.

This was in sharp contrast to a control group who were given standard advice. In that group only 1 out of 5 conceived. So the likelihood of pregnancy increased from 20% to 50% simply by replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

In another study at Harvard Medical School a group of women were taught to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. 55% of that group went on to have a baby compared to only 20% of the control group.

Train Your Subconscious Mind

Your unconscious mind is responsible for the functioning of all your organs. If your subconscious believes that your reproductive system is functioning successfully then it will be a peak performer. However, if it has accepted a suggestion that it is not in your interest to have a baby, then notwithstanding the fact that you are ovulating, your tubes are clear and your reproductive system is functioning normally – you might not have a baby.

Your thoughts are enormously powerful and enormously effective. You cannot have any thoughts and feelings without them being expressed in the body.

I work with women who have been told they are too old to conceive or have been told their eggs are not viable or their partner does not have enough sperm yet they have all gone on to have babies. I have found with my patients that what is needed most of all to have a baby is grade A eggs and my programme trains your mind to select the most perfect robust, resilient grade A eggs for ovulation and conception.

Your ovarian age can be younger than your actual age and my programme taps into this. You only need one sperm to conceive your baby and one perfect egg.

You have the power to influence that one perfect sperm to swim to and fertilise your egg. Your egg gives off a powerful chemical to draw the correct sperm to it. You can imagine this chemical as super-powerful and the sperm like a scud missile directed by the chemical to break the outer barrier of the egg.

Once the sperms are in your body you can influence them as they are now yours, so imagine the sperm like a heat-seeking missile being pulled towards the egg and doing its job like an elite special forces operative.

Use Visualisation Techniques When You’re Trying To Conceive

trying to conceive visualization

Scientists in both America and Europe have proved that visualisation techniques dramatically impact on our bodies.

If you see yourself as pregnant when you’re trying to conceive, you send a clear message to your brain that affects your energy levels, your hormones and your motivation. These changes cause physical sensations, which in turn affect your thoughts and feelings and reinforce the mental programming.

Thinking positively about conception and pregnancy can activate particular neurons in the brain, which secrete hormones such as endogenous opiates, which make us feel good about ourselves.

Negative thoughts have the opposite effect and they produce negative hormones such as cortisol, a stress hormone which leads to feelings of anxiety, one of nature’s forms of birth control.

Focus On What You Want

At the same time as forming different pictures in your mind you must tell yourself different things. Eliminate every possible negative word and focus only on what you wish to achieve and move towards it – a beautiful healthy baby.

The downloads can train your mind to stay on what you want, and off what you don’t want. Whatever you focus on you will move towards, so focusing on not conceiving or not miscarrying simply puts negative words and images back into your mind.

Trying To Conceive Has To Do With The Mind More Than The Body

Even the words “trying to conceive” implies failure. You don’t need to try; you can. Get Pregnant Now hypnotic audio is designed to help you conceive, carry, and deliver a healthy baby.

You need one egg, one sperm, one womb, and the conditioning in my programme to have a baby. I have had huge success with the Get Pregnant Now programme with clients all over the world which is why I have made it available to all women.



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