Shopping Makes me Happier than Dating

Given the choice would you rather have a sexy, attractive man, or a gorgeous new designer handbag? According to recent scientific research, spotting a must-have pair of wedges sets women’s pulses racing more than experiencing love at first sight – especially if the shoes in question are at a bargain price. A number of results confounded expectations, […]

broken friendship

A Guide to Rebuilding Broken Friendships

Learn how to rebuild broken friendships with advice from a world-renown therapist Marisa Peer. On “The Only Way is Essex” Lauren and Jess have had huge row over Mark, with Lauren blaming Jess and her family for their break up. When friends fall out and things become heated, often things get said that would be […]

Curb Overeating – Take the first steps

Curb overeating with Marisa Peer Many people who overeat do so because they don’t feel enough; they don’t feel good enough, smart enough, pretty enough or successful enough and they feel empty inside. They try to curb that feeling by eating more so that they can feel full but it never lasts for long enough, […]

Diets That Work by Marisa Peer

Diets That Work and Those That Don’t I can’t tell you about “Diets that work”  because the fact is – diets don’t work! They deprive you of food so that you think about it all the time – and actually end up eating more. FACT! People who diet tend to PUT ON MORE WEIGHT than those […]

Staying Slim means cutting out the Sugar

Staying slim may not happen with the current advice given! Obesity levels across the western world including the UK are soaring and current dietary advice is failing to make any impact because the advice is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Diets fail to sustain and maintain weight loss as cutting calories and restricting the amount you eat not […]