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10 Surprising Things To Love About You…

You are enough! You are unique! You are amazing and this inspiring article is going to show you why, as it explores the 10 things to love about you…

You can now benefit from the teachings of Marisa Peer, founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), all brought to you in one place.

1. You are unique. Just like your fingerprints, no one else in the whole world has your unique talents, skills, passions, and experiences. Everything you have been through has brought you here to this moment. Every challenge was an opportunity to learn, to grow, to develop… to become more than you were. To become who you are and all that you are capable of!

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2. You can change the world, one life at a time. Every experience you have been through and every lesson you have learned could help someone else going through the same thing. You have more wisdom than you realize and you can change the world by improving one life at a time, starting with your own. What experiences can you share to benefit other people? What change would you like to see in the world? What would you like to learn to do more of? If these questions get you thinking, even if you are not sure of the answers yet, then – congratulations – you’ve already taken the hardest first step. Once you know you want to make a difference in the world, find the thing that resonates with you and makes your heart sing, then acquire the knowledge, tools, and skills that will help you do that to your best ability. This will lead you to fulfilling your purpose with meaning.

when you love what you do

3. ‘You are not as fat as you imagine’ as Baz Lurman famously spoke of on his hit Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen). So many of us look in the mirror and see only flaws. We see ourselves through a negative lens and it’s not our fault. We are biologically programmed to look for the negatives and be on high alert for dangers, it is a survival instinct.

We are also conditioned, through constant advertising and social expectations, to feel like we are not good enough as we are – not skinny enough, pretty enough, young enough, old enough, clever enough… you name it. Celebrity therapist, Marisa Peer, believes that this feeling of not being enough is the common denominator behind most people’s problems. She says “When you don’t feel enough, you try to fill that void or emptiness.” This is how advertising companies sell products, they want you to feel like you need more, so they can sell more! Of course, they are then offering their expensive face cream or diet plan as the solution to all your problems. Or how about trying to package their product as happiness in a bottle. Do you want to know what is the answer to all your problems? You are! Read on to find out more.

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4. “You are enough – always have been always will be.” I Am Enough is the life-changing statement of truth that Marisa Peer has taught millions of people to use to transform their lives. “When you don’t feel enough, no amount of fame, fortune, achievement or love will change that…The number one way to really love yourself is by truly believing that you are enough. I have seen over and over how a simple, profound, and life-changing mantra of ‘I Am Enough‘ can build self-love and eliminate limiting beliefs and behaviors forever. What’s more, it’s free, easy and anyone can do it. The strength of ‘I Am Enough’ as a statement of truth is in its simplicity. Even though it is simple, it is also immensely powerful and life-changing.” Read more in this article: How To Reach Your Full Potential.

IAE is the most powerful statement

5. Love is ALWAYS available to you. So many people think that what they most want in life is not available to them. Having the wealth, body, or relationship they desire is simply not available to them. That is not true. Love is always available to you, but you must first know that you are lovable.

As Marisa Peer said in her recent webinar, “You don’t find love because you have thin thighs and big hair! You find love when you know that you are lovable. If you want to find love you must believe that you are lovable…. love is amazing. It’s all around you. There’s plenty of it. There’s enough for everyone in every shape, size, color, and job description. There’s love for all of you. If you just let it in, it will change your life, and you let it in by knowing you are worth it. But how do you do that….? Learn to love yourself to transform your life.

find love by loving yourself

6. You are the best lover in the world! What are the words that you would love your perfect partner to say to you? If you had the best lover in the whole world, would they say things like: “I love you – you are amazing. I love everything about you. I love you just the way you are.”


You can give yourself the praise you would most love to hear. When you say the words to yourself, your mind doesn’t know or care where the words came from it just takes them in. This is Marisa Peer’s expert advice from over thirty years of transforming lives, from royalty to rockstars, Olympians to overeaters.

Marisa explains:

“The longest relationship you’ll ever have in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Fall in love with you. Tell yourself “I accept myself as lovable. I believe in myself as lovable. I easily give and receive love. I am filled and nourished by the love that others have for me and I feel loved and nourished.” Think of the words you most want to hear. Say them to yourself. Let them in. Give what you want to get.”

7. You can change your thoughts to change your life. As Marisa shares in this article on self-love, “I want everyone to know that it’s not only possible to get over your problems, issues, and hang-ups to live a full and happy life—it’s yours for the taking once you learn to love yourself and get your mind on side, working for and not against you.

change your beliefs

If you would like to experience the power of knowing you are lovable just as you are, listen to this relaxing and uplifting audio and notice the difference it makes in your life:

This recording helps you not just to know you’re loveable, but to feel, believe and exude it to such an extent that other people will sense your lovability too.

When we know we are loveable we give and receive love more easily and our lives are happier.

8. You are the expert on you. You are more powerful than you realize. Don’t give your power away to others – wanting or expecting them to make you happy or to feel loved. This is something that comes from within. You are in charge of you and you are the expert on your health and well-being. This article on How To Be Healthy – You are What You Eat Think and Do has some valuable suggestions for small changes that can make a massive difference to your life.

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9. You have the most powerful potential on the planet. Marisa Peer’s Rules Of The Mind states: “The most powerful potential on the planet comes from your mind. Your words and thoughts are powerful and your mind is always listening. Every word you say and thought you think becomes a blueprint that your mind and body work to turn into reality. The strongest force in you is that you must act in a way that consistently matches your thinking.

Your mind does not know, and indeed it does not care if what you tell it is right or wrong, good or bad, true or false, helpful or very unhelpful – it just lets it in. Your mind’s job is to act on the words you tell it. Your job is to give your mind much more powerful, descriptive and positive words.”

missing piece

10. You can do what you love and love what you do. The wonderful thing about love is that the more you love yourself, the more others will love you too. The more love you feel, the more love there will be. As Marisa said in her insightful webinar “Just as you find love – love will find you.”

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