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RTT Comes To Life: Robeena shares how to heal the world one mind at a time…

RTT Comes To Life: Robeena shares how to heal the world one mind at a time…

Robeena Ali is the author of the bestselling book Unchained Dove – How to Overcome Your Challenges and Achieve Success. She is a dual registered nurse with 30 years’ experience of working in Healthcare. She is qualified in Adult and Mental Health Nursing and is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the field of Addictions/ Substance Misuse.

Robeena trained as a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, sharing her personal experience in how RTT has transformed her life and the lives of her clients, in this brave and inspiring interview.

Robeena is rightly proud to describe herself as a single parent to two beautiful teenage boys. As a survivor of two domestic violence relationships, involving alcohol and drug abuse on the part of her ex-partners, Robeena has taken the opportunity to turn her personal pain into helping others and has achieved an amazing success rate with addiction clients. She also helps clients with weight, anxiety, depression and many more issues through her RTT therapy practice.

Robeena’s personal story, experiences and tenacity have been a source of inspiration to many others on paths very similar to her own.  She attributes her own personal transformation to coming across RTT. She had a therapy session with Marisa Peer herself, as well as attending the live training. She now uses her experience to empower her clients through this modality and gives them hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Please can you tell us about your life before Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)?

Before RTT I had unhealed abuse issues from my past…

My upbringing had been physically and psychologically violent and abusive and I had developed hearing, weight and skin problems (eczema) as a result. I was later to realise, when I came across Marisa’s work, that my mind had created these physical problems due to the abuse that I had been exposed to.

I was suffering with lack of lovability, depression, low self-esteem, feelings of low self-worth, low self-confidence and not feeling good enough.

It all stemmed from being rejected by my mother from a very young age for being an unplanned child. She got caught pregnant with me unexpectedly and she blamed me for it, saying that she never wanted me in the first place.

For the first 20 years of my life my mother told me that I was ugly, thick, fat, stupid, that I would never amount to anything and no man would ever want me, so I might as well go and kill myself! I hated her for what she did to me and was determined not to kill myself just because she said so.

The abuse that I heard became a self-fulfilling prophecy that I eventually began to believe about myself – she made me feel like I belonged in the gutter and wasn’t worth anything.

This verbal abuse was alongside being physically beaten almost on a daily basis and the only feedback I was ever given was negative and critical. I never heard anything positive from her and to this day she has never told me that she loves me. I have since learned to get over that.

As a result of having such an abusive upbringing, I ended up having not one but two domestic violence relationships. The second time was much worse as I also had two young children to take into consideration. At that time, my ex-husband tried to kill me and my children on two separate occasions.

I had to relocate over 125 miles away from my home town for my children and my own safety. My ex-husband was a narcissist, a pathological liar, and a rage-a-holic. He dragged me through the family courts to try and take my children off me, making me out to be an unfit parent, which could not be more further from the truth.

He also physically and mentally abused my eldest son, who later developed mental health issues and had to go through counselling himself in order to deal with what his father had done to him.

It took me 7 years and two relocations for the court case to finally finish and thankfully I kept my children. However, throughout this time, I became increasingly depressed and felt hopeless and helpless.

I had to take a 3.5 year career break from work (I am a qualified general and mental health nurse by background), because of the trauma that I was going through. I was signed off long term sick from work, prescribed anti-depressants and had 3 lots of counselling, however, it still wasn’t enough.

Despite all of my knowledge and skills in mental health, personal development and my understanding of the mind, I knew that there had to be a solution to my problems out there. I was feeling stuck in life and never had any success in relationships or with money. I was overweight, had skin problems, and hearing difficulties. I ended up being prescribed two hearing aids for hearing loss, much to my dismay, as I did not want to be deaf!

I was sick, fat/overweight and fed up. I hated having a hearing disability and skin condition, I felt ashamed of it, almost like I had done something wrong, but on some level I knew that I hadn’t…

How did you discover RTT? Why did you decide to try it?

Completely fed up, I remember asking out into the Ether one night for a solution to all of my problems and a fast one at that!

Within a matter of days I saw Marisa’s work being advertised online through MindValley. I had been a long time MindValley fan and had seen her work before, but completely ignored it!

I devoured all of the information I could find about Marisa and her work and began thoroughly researching RTT, watching all of her YouTube videos, TED talks and free hypnosis audio recordings…

I began to believe that this was the solution to all of my problems, so I booked myself on a discovery call and ended up attending the London Live training in March 2018.

What did you most want to achieve from RTT?

What I most wanted to achieve from RTT was mental and emotional freedom and to release myself from the subconscious programming of my past, to release the ties that were binding me. I knew that the subconscious mind was the place where the changes had to be made (I had studied personal development, neuroscience and the workings of the mind for years).

 What was your experience of RTT?

I was fortunate enough to have had my first ever RTT session with Marisa herself at the London Live training. I listened to the recording that she made me and it was wonderful to hear my name throughout the audio.

I have since had over half a dozen more RTT sessions on myself, as I consider myself to be a work in progress still. Every time I do it, I have new realisations and breakthroughs and I know that by me doing this work on myself I can further help my clients to do the same.

How do you feel now as a result of RTT?

My hearing has improved to the extent that I only need to use one hearing aid nowadays and that is only in certain circumstances, such as in a seminar room. I dropped over 3 stone in weight almost effortlessly, which was a lovely side effect I was not expecting!

It relates to me resolving the abuse issues of my past and putting them to rest for good, so that I am not ever plagued by them. What I wanted was freedom from emotional pain and to not have my life dictated to by subconscious programming and old patterns of behaviour.

I have developed self-confidence and self-love, stronger personal boundaries and I have exploded my passion for helping people. This was something that I knew was a skill of mine and I had used throughout my nursing career.

I know that I have a gift for helping people and I know what it is like to be abused and in emotional pain, in my RTT practice I now help people to release themselves from this pain

My philosophy nowadays is about empowering others and showing them that they have all the tools inside of them that they need to free themselves of their issues, I help to advise and guide them to find their own inner power and strength – To release their own inner Superheroes

​How is RTT different from other approaches you have tried?

In my opinion, RTT is the only modality that I have seen and experienced that addresses issues at the root and fixes them in record time.

In my experience of RTT – personally and with my clients – it has what I call a “slow burn element.” That is, everyone will notice a positive benefit over time, regardless of how their initial session went.

Marisa Peer says that transformation can be immediate, cumulative, or retrospective – when you look back now, what would you say was your experience?

I think that my transformation had an element of all 3 of the above: my hearing improved almost immediately, my skin condition and mental health issues took a bit longer to address, and the weight dropped off over time.

I describe RTT as the beginning of an unravelling process and this takes time for everyone regardless of their initial response to the therapy.

Anything else you would like to share?

I hate seeing people in emotional pain. I wish everyone knew about the power of RTT and how it can transform your life beyond recognition in such a positive way and on so many different levels. As they say, a rising tide lifts all ships!

I have now specialised in helping women break free from depression and break through to mental freedom utilising my personal story and professional skills, knowledge and experiences.

I have also written a self-help mental health book, which includes part of my story about my upbringing and also some practical tools and tips you can apply in your daily life – titled Unchained Dove (available on Amazon).

My purpose is to heal the world one mind at a time.

Thank you Robeena Ali for sharing your story, insights, and experience with us.

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