Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Can Help You Lose Weight

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

Kerry Katona has just has hypnotherapy to lose weight.

Hypnotherapy is perfect for someone like Kerry who likes eating junk food and fast food.

The mind is very clear in its need to move us towards pleasure and away from pain, so once you link pleasure to take-outs and junk, your mind will almost wire you to want to eat those anytime you are stressed or unhappy.

Simultaneously, if you link pain to healthy foods, your mind will always try to move you away from them. What will work for Kerry is to make her mind believe that she loves healthy food, that she prefers it, and that she chooses it over other things.

Changing Eating Habits- hypnotherapy weight loss

Hypnotic weight control is wonderful at getting the mind to lock onto new behaviours whilst forgetting old unwanted ones. No other therapy can do this as quickly and effectively as hypnotherapy.*

Once the mind and body gets used to this new way of eating, it will prefer it. Kerry has had a lot of problems with addictions and like most addicts she will get a hit of dopamine when she eats junk so it’s important to get her mind to forget about this.

All creative people are highly suggestible, so with Kerry it is simply a matter of finding out what she wants and then getting her mind to be very clear that she wants this more than she wants the bad eating habits.*

How does Hypnosis Work?

When hypnotised, you are not asleep but your critical factor, the part of your mind that uses reason, is far more able to lock onto new ideas and let go of old ideas as long as the therapist makes it crystal clear using powerful suggestions and very descriptive words that this behaviour is wanted and desired.  hypnosis will also get rid of any old cravings Kerry had. She should listed to a hypnotherapy weight loss cd for around 3 weeks or until the ideas become fixed in her mind.

*Individual results aren’t guaranteed and may vary