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How Can I Make My Face Look Younger?

Perhaps you have asked yourself, “How can I make my face look younger?” while looking at the mirror.

Believe it or not, the key to a younger face and skin is not expensive creams but it’s your mind.

It has been proven that people who have certain ailments such as skin conditions, migraines, or joint pains can become free of symptoms when they are in the initial state of falling in love.  Our skin blooms and seems to glow, plus our immune system is boosted. We look and feel happier, healthier, and younger.

This is because when we are happy or relaxed we make different chemicals in our bodies to the ones we make when we are unhappy or anxious. These chemicals can either age us or rejuvenate us, depending on our thinking.

Your skin is a gland that responds to your thinking. 

Falling In Love Creates A Younger Face

How  can I make my face look younger? Falling in love

Falling in love feels the same at any age, whether we are 17 or 70. When we fall in love we feel young, carefree and happy. The wonderful feeling of being in love sends positive messages throughout our bodies and we feel and act younger. We may find ourselves singing out loud, dancing around the kitchen, helping people, smiling at strangers and generally feeling benevolent, which all helps promote health, vitality and younger skin.

On the other hand, being depressed or grieving sends different messages to our organs and we feel and act older; our skin looks drawn, pinched, grey and our immune system suffers – our immune system is also depressed. It is no coincidence that happy optimistic people, on the whole, get sick less, whereas depressed or pessimistic people get sick more frequently.

Every Thought Creates A Physical Biochemical Reaction In Your Body

How can I make my face look younger? Negative thoughts.

Even remembering being in love or remembering trauma can release the same positive or destructive hormones and chemicals that were released during the event. This is because our bodies respond more to our thoughts than to actual events. In fact, events themselves may not actually affect us, but the way we interpret an event and the meaning we choose to attach to it affects us totally.

Once we understand how our thoughts affect everything in our lives, you’ll no longer ask the question, “how can I make my face look younger?” but instead you’ll start asking, “how to think better thoughts?”

This is a very empowering and liberating truth that can transform our lives, as well as our skin.

How Can I Make My Face Look Younger?

If love boosts your skin, the empowering truth is that love is always available, when you love yourself.

When you fall in love with yourself, you have a lifelong romance that never fades, tires or disappoints you. Once you take the focus off others and prioritise self-love, you might just find that all your relationships instantly improve as a result. This is because people can only love you as much as you love yourself. When you know your self-worth, everyone else will know it too. Give yourself (and others) the love and kindness you most desire.

How can I make my face look younger? I am enough

Praise Yourself

Nothing makes your face look younger and boosts your self-esteem as much as praise does. Most people think that praise has to come from external forces, but that’s where they are wrong. Praising yourself holds tremendous power, which is why the world’s most successful people often employ this tool.

Praise yourself for who you are as much as for what you do, as this is the fastest way to increase your self-esteem. The most important words you will ever hear are the ones you say to yourself and believe.

You Are More Powerful Than You Realise

In my Rules Of The Mind article, I share how your words and thoughts are incredibly powerful and your mind is always listening. Every word you say and thought you think becomes a blueprint that your mind and body work to turn into reality. The strongest force in you is that you must act in a way that consistently matches your thinking.

How can I make my face look younger? Power of words

Our Thoughts Influence Our Body And Our Skin Responds To Our Thoughts

When people say “This job is killing me” or “I can’t cope… I hate having to…. this will be the death of me” our mind and body are listening and respond accordingly.

Don’t get me wrong, nobody willingly decides to make themselves ill or have bad skin. Your mind’s job is to keep you alive, so it listens to your internal dialogue and does what it thinks will ultimately protect you.

Some Real-Life Examples Of How Thoughts Influence Our Body

Let me give an example of how this works.

During a hypnotherapy session, I had a client that said, “I’ve got this terrible skin condition. I literally burn. I can’t go out in normal daylight. I have to wear a turtle neck jumper and a hat and gloves, otherwise I burn, even in normal light. I have to go out late at night, covered from head to foot. Summer is agony for me.”When I started to talk to her, she said, “When I was a kid, my mom was a single mom, I never had a dad. I went to school and was bullied really badly. When I said to my mom, I don’t want to go to school she said, you have to go to school. I can’t stay home and look after you, because I’m the only breadwinner.” She said, “I kept thinking, I just want to be at home. I wish I could stay at home. I want to be at home all the time.” I thought, isn’t that amazing? She got this burning skin, which meant she had to be at home all the time.

Somebody else wrote to me and said, “I’ve had foot pain for 15 years. I’ve realised that every time I fight with my husband, I say, I just can’t stand it. I just can’t stand dishes. I’ve had terrible pain with balance. I’ve had vertigo, I’ve had collapsed arches. After listening to you, I stopped saying “I just can’t stand it. Amazingly, or maybe not amazingly, I’ve had no foot pain ever since, I’ve had no vertigo. Everything is great.”

I worked with someone else who was very overweight and was trying to lose weight. She told me that her father and brother were so derogatory about women. When they’d do that she’d think, “I never want to look like that. I never want to look like that because then people will talk about me like that.” She made herself sexually unattractive because of a thought.

A Therapeutic Exercise To Make Your Face Look Younger

If you’re thinking to yourself, “How can I make my face look younger?” and want to understand the root cause of an issue, ask yourself these questions:

  • If this skin condition had a role, function, purpose and intention – what would it be?
  • If this skin condition was trying to do a job for you, if it was trying to help you, what would it be doing?
  • If it was trying to speak to you, what would it be saying? What is the message?

The reason that Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is so effective is that it quickly gets to the root cause of an issue.

With RTT, we are not just looking at treating the symptoms superficially on the surface level, we are looking to uncover why you have it in the first place and provide transformation through the deeply liberating power of understanding.

We can then work with your subconscious to command the cells in your body to activate your own natural healing, boost your immune system and activate your own natural youth code.

Your Thoughts Are Powerful

So think about the thoughts you’ve thought. When you work out what they are, just change them. You can change them easily. Turn any negative thoughts into positive ones. Say things like, “I’ve got great coping skills. I love my job. I’m good at my job. I can cope with my job, I can have a family and a career. I can cope with everything because I have great coping skills. I can do all of that, and I can do it with radiant health.” If you say that enough, it’ll become true to you. Let me know how you get on. I’d love to know and I wish you every success.

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