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Is Your Scarcity Mindset Blocking You?

Money is a huge, important issue, especially this time of year when people feel so much pressure to spend. People worry about money a lot because of the scarcity mindset. However, there is a way to change that.

In this article, we discuss how your scarcity mindset or beliefs around money are formed and how they can block you from living your best life. When you know how to reprogram your beliefs about money you can use your thoughts to make your life truly successful.

“If Only I Could Win The Lottery…”

Is Your Scarcity Mindset Blocking You?

So many people think “I love money. If I won the lottery, it would change my life. If I had money, I would never get rid of it.” However, studies say that 70% of people who win big on the lottery are bankrupt in three years.

Only last week in the British paper, The Sun, was a story on Michael Carroll ‘a skint coalman who works seven days a week, but swears he’s “happier now” after blowing his £9.7million winnings.

I’ve seen that in my own experience. I worked with many lottery winners, they all said the same thing. “You know, when I got that money I was so unused to it. I didn’t really know what to do with it and I got rid of it all.”

The mind is hardwired to return to what is familiar

Scientific studies have proven that we go back to what we are used to. Therefore, people who have never had money actually get rid of it, so that they can get back to what they know. The 30% of lottery winners who keep their money are the ones who already had money. I’m telling you this because your relationship with money before the age of five, what you hear about money, what you learn about money, tends to colour your life.

What Did You Hear About Money Growing Up?

Scarcity Mindset - Your Beliefs From Before The Age of 5

Your scarcity mindset about money before the age of five impact your relationship with money right now. I know that to be true, I have seen this with thousands of people and in my own life too.

For instance, I would ask my parents, “Can I have money to buy something?” I would often hear: “No, that’s too expensive.” “No, I can’t afford that.” “Why do you need that? That’s a waste of money.” My dad always had his expression of “A fool and his money are easily parted,” which he used to justify not giving money away.

For a long time, it was very hard for me to spend money because of the scarcity mindset I heard as a child. It was very hard for me to believe I was worth it. You see, to get more you have to believe you’re worth more. Essentially it comes down to your beliefs, which can be reprogrammed once you know how.

Bananas Or Businesses?

My brother was considered the brains in the family. He went to a private school, and I went to the local state school, because he was considered the smart one. From his private school, he would come home with his homework, which would say something like: You have 12 companies and you sell four. How many companies have you got left?

In comparison, my homework said: You have six bananas, you give three away. How many have you got left? Isn’t that interesting? My equity is bananas and I give three of them. I’ve only got half my equity left, because I’ve given the rest away. However, my brother sells his equity. Even at a very early age, what are you learning? You give half your stuff away and you don’t have any left, versus looking at something as a business opportunity and investment.

All through my life I saw that, in private schools, they would talk about investment and equity, whereas the state schools were all about bananas, apples and pears. That’s what schools were doing without meaning to. Smart schools are now realising the power of their words and teaching children to talk about investments.

Your Words Matter

When parents say “I can’t find the money” that makes the child believe you’ll go through life trying to find money. If they go through life passively trying to find money they won’t find very much.

However, parents can say “If you want that you are going to have to earn the money. So what could you do to earn the money?” You are then teaching a small child, “You have a skill and you can monetize that skill to get the things you want.” They will also likely enjoy the toy so much more, than if you just give it to them.

When you improve your relationship with money you realize that money is just energy, it is a way of exchanging value. It holds less power over us because we see it as a direct result of our own efforts. As I explain in How To Stop Spending Money your deep-rooted scarcity mindset and what you believe you are worth will really affect your relationship with money.

How To Have A Better Relationship With Money?

Look At Your Scarcity Mindset

You have to go back and look at your limiting beliefs about money. Then you have to challenge the scarcity mindset. You have to ask yourself, “Who told me that belief and what did they know? Why do I believe that to be true?” When you’ve challenged that belief, then you’ve got to change it to something more empowering like “I am worth it. I’m worth more. I deserve it.”

To really help you manifest money, think about who will benefit from you having money? If you’re going to keep all your money tightly locked away and not give any away, then you’re having a negative relationship with money. Instead of thinking “I’ve got to hold onto it so tightly because I might never get more.” You can say “Right. When I have more this person is going to benefit, that person is going to benefit.”

The more reasons you can come up with for having more money, the more people who will benefit from you having more money, the more money you will have, as your relationship will be a much more positive one.

Eradicate Conflicting Scarcity Mindset About Money

Let’s imagine, you have a good belief that you want more money and you’re making more money. You have a gift you are going to monetize. You believe that you are going to help humanity by having more money…. That’s your belief and you are going to move towards that like a rocket.

However, if you also have another deeper-rooted belief along the lines of “Yeah, but I don’t really deserve it.” “I don’t have any skills or know how to make that money.” “People won’t like me if I make money. My friends will desert me; they’ll be jealous of me. Nobody liked the rich kids at school …”. You can’t go forward like a rocket when conflicting beliefs are holding you down.

You can’t expand and contract simultaneously. So let’s imagine you want a millionaire mindset that expands towards wealth, towards money, towards deserving more. Knowing that the more you have, the more other people will have. However, you can’t move towards expansion and also be in contraction.

You see, the mind wants to move forward towards positive beliefs. However if you have beliefs that conflict, it becomes more like a tumble dryer. The conflicting beliefs are making you go into a spin. “I want it, but I don’t deserve it.” “I want it, but I don’t know how to get it.” “I want it, but I’m not worthy.” You have to get rid of the negative beliefs and just fill up your mind with positive ones. Only then you can move towards money.

Give And Take

You have to give and receive. Some people just give and give and give. I was recently working with a woman who had four different jobs and never charged anyone. She was struggling, was in pain and had all these illnesses because she pushed herself so much.

Scarcity Mindset - Give and Take

I said to her, “This is not right. You have to charge for what you do. If you don’t charge for what you do, it has no value.” You have to put a value on yourself. If your product is cheap, or if you give stuff away for free, nobody values it.

Many years ago, I was asked by a company to hypnotise their staff to stop smoking and the company paid. I usually have a 94% success rate of stopping people smoking. However, I noticed with these employees the success rate wasn’t 94%. I realised it was because it was free for them. They thought “I’ll go and see Marisa and have a session to stop smoking. It doesn’t matter if it works. I get an afternoon off work and who cares?”

I decided to do things differently. I told them that they must pay for their own session, but that they would be reimbursed a year later if they had still stopped. The success rate went up as they started to see that “If I don’t make this work, I pay. If I make it work, my company pays.”

The more something is worth, the more we value it. People will value you when you are of value. It’s also true that when you know that you are worth it, others will know it too. When you believe in yourself, others believe in you too. Know that you have a gift and by sharing it with the world you are giving value and therefore must receive value in return.

Give Life-Changing Value

When you give life-changing value, you receive life-changing value. I empower all of my graduates to be phenomenal therapists, so that they are not just dramatically transforming their clients’ lives every day, but their own and their loved one’s lives too.

That’s why I love training people how to use Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) to improve lives, because the value is undeniable and often life-changing. My graduates feel good about making good money and helping people at the same time.

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That is why I hope you will enjoy this money mini-course free gift with my compliments.

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