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Reverse Anxiety- the symptoms of an anxiety attack

Reverse Anxiety

I get a lot of mail and requests about how to reverse anxiety attacks. For one thing, many people don’t know if the symptoms they’re actually experiencing —such as dry mouth, elevated heart rate, sweating, and shakiness— are the symptoms of an anxiety attack or something else entirely. They want to know both how they can combat those symptoms in the moment and how they can prevent them from cropping up again in the future.

Experiencing anxiety attacks can be a self perpetuating cycle: once you’ve had one, you’re always on edge in fear that you’ll have another one. While some people might recommend a quick fix like an anti-anxiety pill, I recommend a combination of mental and physical changes that can take you out of the cycle of waiting for your next anxiety attack.

To tackle the deep-seated mental habits that can cause anxiety, my download called Perfect Relaxation is a good place to start. Because it reaches the listener on a hypnotic and subconscious level, it has helped thousands of people change the part of their brain that is convincing them that they must live with crippling anxiety. Listening to the short audio track every day will retrain your mind from thinking it’s in a constant state of fright, to thinking it’s in an even-keeled state of contentment and relaxation.

The other thing you can do to prevent anxiety attacks from happening is look at what you’re eating. Eat lots of proteins and natural fats, and add spices like anise, dill, marjoram, peppermint, nutmeg, saffron, spearmint and turmeric to your dishes including stews or casseroles. It’s important also to keep your magnesium levels high too so eat magnesium rich foods including apples, parsley, fish, dates, avocados, brazil nuts and almonds. Also include spices that increase dopamine level such as basil, cayenne pepper, chillies, black pepper, garlic and ginger. Flaxseeds, rosemary and sesame seeds also increase your dopamine levels. Foods that push up serotonin levels include coriander, eggs, poultry, bananas, avocados, pears, celery, dates and very dark 85% chocolate.

You must also avoid sugar and caffeine if you’re suffering from anxiety. Sugar is a toxin and petro-chemical and our constant intake of it has a detrimental effect on brain chemistry and is linked to a whole host of health problems, most notably anxiety and depression. Alcohol is also linked to depression and anxiety. Both sugar and coffee increase your heart rate which is something that is already elevated when you are anxious, so you must avoid these so as not to make this worse. Replace sugar and sweeteners with Z Sweet which is a natural calorie free sweetener or Xylitol.

Lastly, if you’re in the moment of a panic attack, there are certain physical things you can do to reverse anxiety and your what your brain is telling your body. When we’re in moments of fear, our mouths get dry, our shoulders tense up, and our breath is shortened, which further gives our brain the signal that we should feel anxious. When we’re relaxed, however, our body is limp and we drool a bit (think of what happens when you’re napping). So in a moment of stress, if you mimic the physical conditions associated with being relaxed your mind can’t help but follow suit. Filling up your mouth with saliva always causes relaxation to follow as a wet mouth signals to the mind we are calm and a dry mouth signals tension—which is why those who have to speak in public sip water. It may sound counter intuitive that you can control your mind by reversing your body’s physical reactions, but it is the best way to prevent your mind from controlling you.

Nobody wants to live life with crippling anxiety and people are always looking to reverse anxiety. For much of human history, anxiety only came in times of extreme danger—it was an evolutionary response to help us survive. But in modern times, it’s rare that our lives are under direct threat where we need to be that anxious. By training your mind to know that fact, you can end the cycle of anxiety attacks that is affecting your quality of life.

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