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Mental Health Podcast: Our Top Ten Guide to the Best Mental Health Podcasts 2021

Is this you? You’ve settled down for the evening, ready to load up the next episode of your favorite mental health podcast… only to find you’ve listened to all the episodes and the next one isn’t due out for a while.

Or perhaps you’re only just starting to browse all the podcasts about mental health that are out there, only to find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice, and you don’t want to waste time listening to podcasts you don’t enjoy.

Not to worry, we’ve done the research and narrowed down all that’s available on the market to bring you a top ten list of the mental health podcasts we think you’ll enjoy—from Marisa Peer’s own podcast covering a huge variety of topics that draw on her 30+ years as a therapist and features amazing guest speakers to podcasts that cover topics such as anxiety and depression in a realistic, open, and relatable light—we’re sure you’ll find the right podcast you can curl up and listen to.

Read on to find your next perfect listen…

Best Mental Health Podcasts — Top 10

Let’s kick this off with the top spot taken by our very own Marisa Peer.

1 – Master Your Mind With Marisa

Master your mind with Marisa Peer Mental Health Podcast

Creator of her own pioneering therapy method, Marisa Peer uses her three decades’ worth of experience as a therapist to the stars to bring you a popular, insightful podcast focused on mental health and self-development.

Marisa talks with a huge variety of guest speakers about current issues and concerns that affect us in the modern world, from realistic advice on coping with a break up to discussing the techniques and tools you can adopt to build unshakable confidence. Marisa discusses these popular topics with the signature frankness and openness that has enabled her to grow her fanbase exponentially. With thousands around the world regularly tuning in to her podcasts, as well as visiting her must-read blog and incredible YouTube channel with over 554k subscribers, you will find her podcasts are packed to the brim with everything you could possibly want to learn and understand when it comes to your mental health.

Marisa regularly releases new episodes, and, at the time of writing, has unsurprisingly received a five-star rating on Apple Podcasts from other satisfied listeners.

Listen to Master Your Mind With Marisa on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

2 – Mental Illness Happy Hour

Mental Illness Happy Hour

This extraordinarily popular podcast takes our second spot. Racking up more than 550 episodes, host Paul Gilmartin sits down with a huge variety of celebrities and notable figures to break down the walls of taboo that surround mental health on Mental Illness Happy Hour. With frank, honest, and open discussion, you will gain a realistic insight into a huge variety of concerns that others have faced, put into a relatable light. We feel there is a poignant underlying message beneath it all: whatever you are facing, you are not alone, and there are so many people who have experienced whatever you are going through right now. 

Listen to Mental Illness Happy Hour on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

3 – The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani

The Mindvalley Mental Health Podcast

The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani takes spot three, and has over 326 episodes and a very healthy 4.6/5 rating from over a thousand happy listeners at the time of writing. Covering a huge breadth of topics with a host who hails from Mindvalley—an incredible leading hub of personal growth—you can expect fascinating discussions on mental health with some of the world’s best minds.

Listen to The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

4 – Imani State of Mind

Imani state of mind mental health podcast

Join Dr. Imani Walker, a renowned psychiatrist who now also devotes time to running her podcast, Imani State of Mind, where she uses her extensive experience and education to discuss mental health within the context of the modern world and recent events. Dr. Imani seeks to normalize the discussion and consideration of our individual mental health. Her podcast has a very high rating, with a good handful of episodes available at the time of writing, and we’re sure plenty more to come.

Listen to Imani State of Mind on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

5 – The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

The Happiness Lab

The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos is next on the list, with an insightful and honest look into what truly makes us happy. Making the argument that the things we typically chase in our quest for happiness—like money and high-end vacations—actually do the opposite. The host uses her experience as a Yale professor to discuss what it really is that allows us to lead happy, fulfilling lives. 

Listen to The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

6 – The Hilarious World of Depression

The Hilarious World of Depression

John Moe, the host of The Hilarious World of Depression, approaches the serious topic of an isolating disease in a light, accessible, digestible, and even humorous light. Moe and his guest speakers talk frankly and openly about what it is like to live with depression and work together to break the stigma surrounding the illness.

Listen to The Hilarious World of Depression on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

7 – Dear Therapists with Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch

Dear Therapists mental health podcast

Hosts Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch are both mental health authors, TED speakers, advice columnists, and clinical practice therapists who have joined together to bring you the kind of information you can normally only get inside the therapy room. Tune in to listen to them discuss some of their own real-life therapy sessions, and receive advice and actionable techniques that you can use to transform your own life.

Listen to Dear Therapists with Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

8 – Terrible, Thanks For Asking 

Terrible, thanks for asking mental health podcast

Host Nora McInerny makes light of the typical response given when asked, “How are you?” We are all guilty of hiding our true feelings, so McInerny and her guest speakers tackle the taboo of being honest regarding your mental health by sharing stories and discussing complicated feelings with refreshing honesty.

Listen to Terrible, Thanks For Asking on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

9 – The Gratitude Diaries

The Gratitude Diaries mental health podcast

Gratitude: the act of appreciating all you have and being thankful for the small things as well as the big. Host Janice Kaplan explores why it’s important to practice gratitude regularly and how it can improve all aspects of your life, from finances to friendship and everything in between. Tune in for practical advice on how to infuse your life with more gratitude.

Listen to The Gratitude Diaries on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

10 – The Anxiety Podcast

the anxiety podcast

The Anxiety Podcast, hosted by Tim JP Collins, steals the final spot on our top ten mental health podcasts list. This is the perfect listen for anyone suffering from anxiety-related disorders, as well as stress and panic attacks. Join Tim for stories told to support those experiencing these mental illnesses, with raw and relatable content as well as coping strategies you can practice in your own life.

Listen to The Anxiety Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Need More Than a Mental Health Podcast?

Listening to mental health podcasts is a fantastic way of approaching the topics that may interest or concern you to gain insight, knowledge, and understanding about serious issues in a light and helpful way. However, if you think you may need something a little more than a mental health podcast, have you considered attending therapy?

Alongside her popular podcast, Marisa Peer is also an internationally award-winning therapist with three decades of experience, she is a motivational speaker, a best-selling author, and has even created her own school to train hypnotherapists in her pioneering therapy method, Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®), which you can find out more about in the video below.