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Is hypnotherapy more effective than pills?

Published: November 8, 2019    

Updated: March 23, 2021

November 8, 2019    

Is hypnotherapy more effective than pills?

Popping pills for all your ills?

Like many people, I grew up believing that you took pills when you were sick. My mother took a lot of pills. She was from another generation, where there were pills for headaches, pills for stomach aches, pills for everything...

I didn't understand then what I understand now. I learned quite early on, you must never give your power to get well to someone else. You have a lot more power than you realize and your mind has the most powerful healing potential on the planet.

In this article I am going to be revealing why the drug companies really don't want you to know that hypnotherapy is more effective than taking pills, demonstrated with real life examples and stories...

Why don't drug companies want you to know?

Unfortunately we live in a world where we are told that everything should be medicated, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Now when we can't sleep we think to take pills. “You can't go to the bathroom? Oh, take pills. You’re nervous or feel anxious, take pills…”

I do believe if you have a terrible headache, of course you should take a pill. If I get a cold, which I don't get very often, there are some cold remedies I love, because they dry out the cold and I can go back to work. If you break your leg or hurt yourself, it's great to see the doctor and get better. However, I also believe that we have been sold the idea that drugs are the answer to everything and they're not. I've met many people who said, "I'm on antidepressants, but I don't even know if I'm depressed as I didn't feel anything. I just feel numb all the time."

“The drugs don’t work, they just make it worse” - The Verve.

Here's another thing that fascinates me. If you have a headache and you take medication over and over again, like strong painkillers, do you know what happens? Your liver becomes so congested with medication, that you actually get a headache from all that stuff!

I would never say never take pills. Sometimes they are very useful, especially if you're in intense pain. However, I do believe that half the time you do not need pills. Of course, drug companies are very keen for you to take drugs for everything. Drug companies are one of the richest companies in the world.

So why is hypnotherapy better than pills?

The truth is that instead of just treating the symptoms, you need to find out why you got that problem. It's about going back and understanding why you got that illness in the first place. With Rapid Transformational Therapy we look for the role, function, purpose and intention. Treating the root cause is what enables us to achieve such dramatic and long-lasting results.

Often when we say things like, "I can't cope with this, the pressure is killing me. My parents/other people expect too much of me." The mind comes out with illnesses as an effective way of getting out of something. Your mind’s job is to try and keep you alive, so it does what it thinks will protect you. Once you understand where the illness came from, it is much easier to treat or even reverse it.

A real life story demonstrating this...

When I teach all over the world, I pull people from the audience with issues they want me to solve. There was a lovely girl who had narcolepsy, which is a horrible thing to have, because she just couldn't stay awake, so it was hard for her. She was on medication. She told me she had been unemployed for 20 years - 20 years on welfare - and had medication costs of $14,000 a month! She was really worried that if they ever pulled Medicare, she could never afford the medication.

She said something very interesting to me, which is, "I got this when I was 16 and my doctor said I've got something missing in my brain and that's why I can't stay awake. My first question was, "Well, where was it for the first 16 years? Clearly it wasn't missing. It must have gone missing."

When I was talking to her, we discovered that her sister died, which was incredibly painful for her. Then she had other events in her life, such as her father turning out to be gay, and her mind just picked up this belief, "This is too painful to cope with. If I just fall asleep, I can escape." So many times when we have illnesses, they actually have a role, a function, a purpose, or an intention to protect us.

Anyway, we did a session and ever since she no longer has narcolepsy. She is going to be saving her Medicare company $14,000 a month and will be able to enjoy her new career as an RTT therapist, helping many other people overcome their biggest issues.

A more gentle yet effective approach

A lot of children will get headaches or anxiety when they can't cope with school. It’s difficult to medicate because although the symptom is absolutely real, it's caused by something going on in their mind.

I work with lots of doctors and they have told me that the majority of people they see have real physical symptoms, (real pain, real headaches, real skin complaints, real irritable bowel, real Crohn's disease…), yet what's causing it is not a diseased organ, it's something going on in the mind. I believe that almost every autoimmune illness is caused by a disconnect between the mind and body, which is incredibly empowering as it means we can do something about it. So many people feel helpless and hopeless when struggling with illness and it’s wonderful to see people gain their power back.

We know the mind can create physical symptoms.

If I'm embarrassed, I blush. My mind has created a physical symptom in my skin, which is an organ. If I'm upset, I cry. My mind has created tears. If I'm nervous, I shake. So we know that the mind is capable of creating all kinds of physical symptoms. But you know what? It's also capable of taking it all away.

We have hundreds of stories of people who have used the power of RTT, which really taps into the power of your own mind. Because the truth is the mind is the most healing force there is. The most powerful healing force in the world is your mind. Your mind can create a symptom and it can get rid of it. It can minimise pain, it can maximise pain, it can make you better.

From wheelchair to walking…

I worked with a lovely girl called Laura, who was in a wheelchair because she had a terrible fracture that could not be fixed. I did one session and she got out of that wheelchair straight away, because she finally understood that what was really causing this illness was something more. There was an underlying need, that once she understood, put her back in control of her body’s health.

Laura recently came back to our RTT school, stood in front of the audience and said, "If I hadn't found Marisa, if I hadn't found RTT, I'd be in a wheelchair forever. I'd be taking toxic painkillers with side effects for ever." Then she said something I love, "No drug, no doctor, no physio could do what you did."

After I finished teaching at my school, I had an ‘Audience With Marisa’. I walked down the aisle and this woman grabbed my arm and said, "I listened to your programme, I have reversed diabetes.” Someone else said, "I had inflammation all over my body. I couldn't even lift my shoulders. I had chronic bursitis. I'm now going swimming."

RTT and physical illness

If you want to see this in action, you can watch this live therapy working with cerebral palsy. Angie was born with the cord around her neck. In her case, there was no need to go back and find out why she got Cerebral Palsy, but I knew that I could command her mind to make her better. Her hand was closed, and one foot was turned in. I knew that she could fix that. You may think, "Well, that's just crazy," but go watch it and see for yourself.

In the video you will see me use cell command therapy with Angie, which is something we use in RTT, which I'm immensely proud of. Cell command therapy is simply commanding your body to fix itself. I have two incredible healing modalities: cell command therapy and the healing vortex. Whatever age you are, whether you're three, which is the youngest age I’ve worked with, or 93 you can change dramatically using RTT because it's immensely powerful and incredibly effective.

The good news is that you can change your beliefs to change your life.

You learn what you live and so many people are totally unaware that they have become an expectation.

I've been doing this since I was in my twenties and I will never retire. I get the honour of making people feel better. People come in and tell me the story of their life and sometimes they are confused as to why they have their illness. I have the honour and the gift of making sure that the rest of their life is better than the beginning. It's the best feeling in the world. Every day I wake up to letters and cards that say, "You changed my life," and "This is the baby I was told I could never have.

Last year RTT won lots of awards including Best Product of the Year, Woman of the Year and even Best Pharmaceutical Product, which is fascinating, because we don't actually have a pharmaceutical product.

They told me "This is for your work with depression, because you seem to have a method that's so effective with bipolar," which we do, so we won the award over the other pharmaceutical products.

Would you like to join me?

Working with RTT is amazing, because you work your own hours, charge your own salary, and can work with clients all over the world. I am now teaching others how to do what I do and achieve the same phenomenal results, through my training programs and schools. All I can tell you is that it's the best job in the entire world. It’s the most rewarding career opportunity for anyone interested in helping others.

If you are interested in training with me, book a call with one of our team, and they'll be able to talk you through what it means to be an RTT therapist and if this could be a good fit for you.

Author: Marisa Peer
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Marisa shares her 30 years of experience as a multi-award-winning therapist to celebrities, top athletes, and even royalty. She is the founder and creator of RTT®, the cutting-edge method and hybrid solution-based treatment that can deliver extraordinary transformations.
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