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Hypnotherapy Training – The Perfect Time to Be a Therapist!

With the increasing number of individuals in the UK seeking help for mental health issues including depression and anxiety, as well as other problems such as marriage counselling addictions and phobia treatment, there couldn’t be a better time to take up hypnotherapy training. With a breadth of knowledge and experience spanning over 30 years, Marisa Peer, renowned author, motivational speaker and hypnotherapist, has created a fully comprehensive hypnotherapy training course. This 300-hour course teaches you all you need to know about hypnotherapy through a range of face-to-face classes with Marisa, live therapy demonstrations and online video tutorials.  

How Hypnotherapy Training Could Change the Life of You and Your Patients

Hypnotherapy is a life-changing skill, not just in the respect that it can transform the life of your clients but also your own lifestyle. Marisa has helped hundreds of people defeat addictions, phobias and weight issues, and you can too by taking the first jump into a new and rewarding career.  As a specialist in personal development, Marisa has written a range of award-winning books and produced effective audios from how to attract the perfect relationship and boost self-esteem to getting younger skin and performing better in exams. Marisa’s hypnotherapy training opens your eyes to similar life enhancing knowledge and gives you the opportunity to help others in the same way.

In order to become a hypnotherapist, Marisa believes that practice is key, rather than months of theory-based learning. Marisa has tailored her course to focus on practical hypnotherapy and this is followed up with coaching on regressing clients and understanding the underlying psychological drivers necessary to treat your clients. This course is taught entirely by Marisa and provides you with the extensive skill set to become a successful hypnotherapist.

Named ‘Best British Therapist’ by Men’s Health Magazine and featured in Tatler’s Guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors, Marisa has travelled the world sharing her expertise. From making television appearances to writing award-winning books to addressing The Royal College of Medicine Marisa’s achievements should not only be recognition of her credibility as a coach, but also a model for the life you could have if you decide to embark on this new career path.

Take the leap into your new career and book a call with Marisa today by visiting our website www.marisapeer.com. Take a look at our blogs and testimonials for more information on hypnotherapy training and graduate successes. Alternatively you can read the previous blog on hypnotherapy courses here.


There are multiple benefits and great aftercare included in the hypnotherapy course with Marisa Peer, both live and online. Included; monthly masterclasses with Marisa (including a live q&a), monthly masterclasses with our marketer (including a live q&a), your own facebook support group, email support from Marisa and her team, your listing on ‘find a therapist’ on Marisa’s website.