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5 Proven Tips on How to Stop Biting Nails

The habit of biting your nails can form from a very young age. Babies tend to suck and chew their fingers as it is comforting and makes them feel secure in-between feeds. However, as an adult, it can turn into a damaging and stomach-churning habit that can be very hard to stop. Here are five simple tips on how to stop biting nails once and for all.

5 Tips on How to Stop Biting Nails

Cebrity Superstar therapist, the world renowned Founder of Rapid Transformation Therapy™ (RTT™),  Marisa Peer over the three decades of practice discovered what are the rules of the mind.

The mind responds to words that make pictures, the more vivid the picture, the more powerful the response. The firtst step in order to change your bad habit of biting nails would be to change the pictures you have in your mind. 

1. Paint a picture in your mind 

Rodents chew their claws whenever they are caged or stressed as it distracts them from their anxiety. Paint a picture of this in your mind and tell yourself that you look like an anxious rat and it is very unattractive for people to see you chewing off bits of your own flesh. This graphic image alone could be enough to be the motivation you need to stop biting your nails.

2. Think of the germs

Nails are full of bacteria from everything you touch, such as door handles, toilet flushers, money, etc. Notes and coins are often coated with faecal matter and mucus. When you touch any of these, you are picking up whatever was on someone else’s hands and putting it straight into your mouth, increasing the risk of infection.

3. Get a manicure

Another tip on how to stop biting your nails is to treat yourself to a manicure so you can focus on making your nails attractive and say to yourself out loud every day, “I am growing strong healthy nails”- this will help it to become a blueprint in your mind.

4. Visualise a beautiful image

Imagine seeing your beautiful healthy nails as you work or go out. Your imagination is the most powerful tool you own, so use it vividly to stop biting your nails. Picture yourself running your grown fingernails down your lover’s back or giving them a scalp massage. Give your mind clear instructions and visualise the outcome you would like to achieve.

5. Nourish your nails

A final tip is to keep a small pot of olive oil by your bed and massage it into your nail beds every night. This helps to strengthen and make them less brittle — it also prevents tempting hangnails from forming.

When it comes to how to stop biting nails, these five tips will help put you back in control so you can quit the habit once and for all. It is good to remember that all habits of action are run by habits of thought and that you can change your thoughts.

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