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Getting Pregnant and Have a Baby….You Can!

Getting Pregnant- You can!

Marisa has achieved outstanding success helping women getting pregnant, have successful pregnancies and peaceful, pain-free delivery.

So many women in the West are struggling with getting pregnant (around 25%), but Marisa has proved that this doesn’t need to be the case. In fact, most of the time, the barriers come from our thinking.

The personal stories below are from just two of the many happy mothers Marisa has helped.

“I always think of Lucy as my little miracle baby”

“Hi Marisa. It’s so hard for me to write to you without gushing… I’ll try not to. A great friend of mine has just been to see you on my recommendation and I know she told you about me and my baby Lucy, she was born in 2001… I thought I’d send you a photo of her for your wall.

She was born about 9 ½ months after I saw you, not for infertility but because I had had a stillborn child and then a miscarriage (after 2 healthy babies) and had been told that I couldn’t have any more live births.. anyway you helped me feel so much happier and more positive about things, and it really worked for me.

So thank you a million times – and even that feels inadequate (told you I would gush). We went on to have another little girl after Lucy and she is also very beautiful and I now have the 4 children I always wanted. I feel so lucky with them all.

I always think of Lucy as my little miracle baby and she certainly has a great spirit about her (that’s a kind way of putting it!)

Congratulations on your great success on the television. It was a great and very pleasant surprise to see you on there. Maybe you can help me shift a few post-baby pounds sometime!! I wish you many more successes in your career, you really deserve them.”

“Within 7 weeks of that diagnosis I was pregnant”

“Hello Marisa, I came to see you back in April/May 2009 as I was having problems conceiving; I wasn’t producing any eggs naturally and was undergoing IVF.

Unfortunately I never produced an egg in the 3 attempts at IVF I had around that time but I continued to listen to your cd of our session and stayed convinced that I could conceive.

The IVF doctors told me there was nothing else they could do and I should give up or use donor eggs… and yet within 7 weeks of that diagnosis I was pregnant, naturally and without any sort of fertility drug.

Bearing in mind it takes 3 months for a healthy egg to grow, ripen and release, that puts my meeting with you right at the beginning of that wonderful cycle that has led to the healthiest, happiest pregnancy I’ve ever heard of.

I’m now nearly 7 months pregnant with our son and can’t wait until the birth (for which I’m intending to use hypnobirthing methods as they seem to so akin to my ‘new’ way of thinking).

I feel so very very lucky to have conceived, and rather stubbornly remain convinced I’ll have another afterwards – thank you for your help in making my brain shift gear, as tearful as some of it was, and for making me think of myself as a mother to be throughout the difficult times of IVF.

I really am very grateful.”Sarah

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