What it really means to win a Stevie | Marisa Peer

What it really means to win a Stevie

I am so thrilled to have won 3 International Business Awards to add to the 5 American Business Awards I won in May. This is not just a win for me, it is a win for every RTT therapist because it proves RTT and ’I am Enough’ are getting the international recognition they deserve. It is wonderful to see people recognising the tremendous work we do with Rapid Transformational Therapy. We teach people how to believe in themselves and how to feel good about themselves every day because our lives are so much happier when we have high self esteem.

When I trained as a therapist, I was told “The mind is complicated and complex and takes a lifetime to understand and to master.” I believed the opposite to be true and I worked hard to show people that even when a client has a very complex problem like an eating disorder or depression that does not mean the treatment must be complex and extensive. It is hard to stand against the norm and strive for what you believe in but I did and RTT is now fast becoming a household name.

This year is exciting and busy. I am holding 3 more live RTT training courses in 2018, teaching others to do what I do so they can help to change people lives. I am also hosting several ‘I Am Enough’ Discovery Days where people can see how these three words enable them to fulfil their unlimited potential and my brand new book ‘I Am Enough’ is published this month.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing the difference ‘I Am Enough’ makes to people’s lives. Everyday I get messages and photos from all over the world all detailing the difference ‘I Am Enough’ is making to adults and children. We are putting into schools and mental health facilities and getting profund feedback which is so rewarding.

I tell myself, “I am enough” and absorb the message daily. It is written on my mirrors and on the bracelet I wear. Do the same, there are so many ways to see and absorb these life changing words. Write them on your mirror, make them into fridge magnets, print them onto cushions, pillowcases and t-shirts It is so important to remind yourself of this truth every day