How to Stop Craving Sugar

How to Stop Craving Sugar with Marisa Peer

How to stop craving sugar is a question many people ask….

How to stop craving sugar is a question I get asked many times, this article may help understand how and why we crave sugars and what we can do to combat these cravings.

Sugar is a chemical, it is bleached, processed and manufactured in a refinery and has no resemblance to sugar cane.

Sugar rots tooth enamel, disrupts digestion, feeds anxiety and depression and attaches to collagen causing our skin to age, line and wrinkle prematurely.

The more sugar you eat, the more your body has to make internal fat to wrap the corrosive sugar in and keep it away from your vital organs. It will usually store this around your bottom and thighs.

Sugar is highly addictive and like all addictions, finding out how to stop craving sugar is to stop eating it, once you stop eating it, the craving goes away, but you have to avoid it for about three months in order to cure the addiction and initiate weight loss.

My tips to stop craving sugar are:

  1. During the first few days/weeks without sugar, if you crave something sweet, break a 500mg capsule of L-glutamine onto your tongue and it will end the craving immediately.
  2. Sugar cravings are often a sign of being very low in zinc, magnesium and chromium. Take a combined chromium, magnesium and calcium supplement as this will balance your blood sugar levels. As your blood sugar levels balance, the craving for sugar decreases. Always take it on a full stomach. Foods rich in magnesium are apples, avocados, brazil nuts, celery, parsley and fish. Chocolate is high in magnesium so if you crave chocolate you are probably lacking magnesium.
  3. Take one B complex vitamin every day. B vitamins are effective in curbing cravings for sugar because they provide a boost to the adrenal system. When the adrenal system is not functioning well, cravings for sugar increase.
  4. Take a daily zinc supplement. Zinc can reduce sugar cravings. Prawns, pumpkin seeds and almonds are rich in zinc and B vitamins.
  5. Low serotonin levels can trigger food cravings and bingeing. Increase serotonin by taking either 5htp or L-tryptophan as it increases serotonin production. A boost in serotonin lifts the mood and reduces cravings for sugar. Foods rich in serotonin are eggs, coriander, bananas, avocadoes, poultry, pears and celery.
  6. Your body will crave sugar if it lacks essential nutrients and vitamins. Many vitamins cannot be absorbed without fat so don’t make the classic mistake of taking supplements while eating a low fat diet as you will miss out on the benefits as the vitamins won’t be properly absorbed. Oily fish, olives, avocados and raw nuts and seeds have the essential oils you need that you must include in your diet. A little every day is perfect. Fat does not make you fat but sugar does.
  7. Allow yourself to enjoy naturally sweet foods like grapes and berries. If you feel you must have something sweet sprinkle Zsweet which is a natural (not artificial) calorie free sweetener onto berries or into tea or herb tea. Make air popped popcorn in the microwave and sprinkle Zsweet onto it or make the delicious sugar free cake that is amongst many sugar alternative recipes at
  8. If you particularly crave sugar around the time of your period, take agnus castus for ten days every month as it balances out hormones and stops PMT cravings and mood swings.

I hope this helps you. I used to be a terrible sugar addict, I couldnt even keep it in the house, but now I can and you will be able to as well. More tips will be coming your way next week. If you’d like to find out about weight loss, please see my website for details, or alternatively, you can read my previous blog on Food Pyramid is a Big Fat Lie.

Very Best,
Marisa x