We Have Moved!

Have you been enjoying access to The Abundant Life and feel you have benefited from the meditations, audio library, and community of like-minded individuals?

You may have noticed we have experienced some technical problems with this site. So we can provide a more reliable and engaging experience for you and all our members, we have migrated to a new platform, Mighty Networks, in the best interest of everyone.

But don’t worry—you still have time to rejoin our flourishing community and connect with Marisa on our live monthly calls.

Our customer service team has created a step-by-step guide to show you how to gain entrance to the community once again.

If you’re ready to continue your abundant life journey, read our article on how to create your membership in 7 easy steps. Ignore step 1 and start from step 2 via the link below.

You can sign up to our Mighty Network community via this link. There you will find all of the courses, videos, and files that you had on this platform—just easier to navigate, faster, and friendlier.

If you feel you need more help with the signing up process, please reach out to our customer service team [email protected].

We look forward to welcoming you to our new home.

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