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Therapist Stories: Sandra de Gelder

How to Get The “Clarity, Confidence and Courage” For A New Life

As a successful businesswoman, wife, and mother Sandra de Gelder looked like she ‘had it all’ to the outside world. However, she revealed, “I constantly felt this nagging feeling of discontent and pressure to perform and be something that I was not.” Deep down she knew she wasn’t living her purpose and fulfilling her true potential. She says “in reality, I was trapped in a golden cage.”

Sandra explains: “seven years ago I decided to leave my role as a Marketing Director for an international corporation to do more meaningful work. I founded a non-profit organization to inspire and help families live their lives in a more sustainable way. In 2018 I decided to go for a career switch and became an RTT therapist. I founded my own practice to share with others what RTT gave me: freedom and work that I love.”

Sandra de Gelder is now a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist & Hypnotherapist in Amsterdam. Find out how she achieved her biggest life-changing transformation, gaining clarity, confidence and courage, and why she now says “I cannot imagine more rewarding work.”

1. How has Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) changed your life and why?

Before RTT I had a picture-perfect, successful life – externally that is. I was a Director at an international corporation managing various teams across the world. I had a husband, two children, a house in Amsterdam and a little cabin by the sea.

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However, internally, I did not feel aligned with my purpose, with my contribution. I was good at my work, but I didn’t love it. I constantly felt this nagging feeling of discontent and pressure to perform and be something that I was not.

By the time I was 40 years old, I had fully identified myself with the role of a successful businesswoman and the high income that went with it. In reality, I was trapped in a golden cage.

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It was time for rediscovery. I freed myself from the chains of the corporate job and shortly afterward my husband sadly left me. You can’t always get what you need, but I realized (in hindsight) that I got exactly what I needed. I decided to use the pain and struggle that followed as a springboard to my new life, back to my true self. The newfound freedom allowed me to fully reinvent myself and start living my purpose on this planet. It was my midlife expansion.

I did an RTT session with the only RTT therapist in the Netherlands at the time and she helped me get clarity, confidence and courage to go for my new life.

The 30-day RTT trajectory helped me identify the deep-rooted, limiting beliefs that blocked both my vision and my potential. I was able to make contact with my true self, to believe in myself again and to have faith in my gift. I started believing in my mission, my purpose, and my path. I transformed…

“Every setback, every failure, every heartache brings the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill

2. How has RTT impacted your life?

To be where I am now, I had to let go of the old to create space for the new. For me, this meant saying goodbye to the externally successful, highly paid, high-status, world-traveling career and so long to the picture-perfect family with a husband, two children, more than one house and long vacations.

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This required an enormous adjustment and finding a new balance took time. However, it has taught me very important lessons about life, love and how we learn and grow. It also brought me back to my purpose: helping people to get back on their own path towards their true selves and their highest potential through my role as a RTT Therapist. Now I help other parents who get stuck in the middle of their lives. I cannot imagine more rewarding work.

3. How did you discover RTT and why did you decide to do it? How is RTT different from other approaches you have tried?

I have been fascinated by the mind-body connection for as long as I can remember. When I first saw Marisa Peer speaking, it was like everything fell into place. Like she was giving words to what I subconsciously and intuitively knew all those years before. During my corporate career I fought hard with my rational male peers who demanded me to prove, analyze and rationalize all my intuitive strategic decisions. I always made the right call, but could never explain why. Now I can.

My mother has been in therapy her whole life, many different mental health professionals have tried to help her and to this day, not one of them has succeeded. They gave her pills and made her talk and talk. It saddened me and it frustrated me, I knew there must be a different way to help her. Now I know.

4. What was your experience of training in RTT?

I did the online training and started practicing on friends and family straight away. I loved the wealth of information in the video’s and felt that I could master it very quickly, as the method is so beautifully simple and digestible.

After a couple of months, I decided that I wanted to do the 5-day live course too and I am glad that I did. I gained a lot of depth in my training, lots of opportunities to practice and made lifelong friendships.

5. What did you most want to achieve from RTT?

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I wanted to have a new career. A new direction. A new life. I wanted to do work that I love. I wanted to do work that aligns with my talents and gifts. I wanted to be able to combine my work with single motherhood. I wanted to show my children that you can always transform, no matter how old you are, that you can choose a different path than is expected from you. That it is never too late to follow your heart.

6. How has your life changed now as a result of RTT? How does this relate to what you most wanted?

RTT gave me my confidence back after I was thrown back down hard losing all my (external) securities. It set me right back on my purpose path allowing me to use my midlife to grow to new heights, reinvent myself and reach my highest potential (which of course is expanding as I move towards it – as Marisa teaches).

7. What has been your biggest impact with RTT? What are you most proud of? Is there a client story that brings this to life?

Last week my first “RTT baby” was born. The mother sent me a picture of the baby girl just a few hours after she was born. I got goosebumps right there and then. I couldn’t believe I had contributed to bringing life into this world. To make a family so happy after a few very difficult losses and so many years of trying.

I love working with children and it has been a great pleasure to help a young boy see what caused his anxiety and social isolation and teach him how to use the power of his mind to get his young life back on track.

8. Anything else you would like to share?​​​

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I am so grateful and happy that I found Marisa and RTT to help get my life back on its rightful path after I was sidetracked for a while. RTT has enriched my life and that of my children. I have big plans for my RTT practice as I know that when I help parents find their way back as I did, many children will never have to lose their way.

Thank you so much Sandra for sharing your inspiring experience with us, it’s wonderful to hear how RTT has enriched your life and that of your children.

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