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The Easy Way to Stop Drinking with Hypnosis

Are you looking for an effective way to stop drinking for good? Perhaps someone you know is suffering from alcohol addiction? Or you just want to be more mindful about your health and cut down on social drinking?

Whatever reason you are here, in this article you discover why it can be difficult to quit alcohol by yourself and the easy way to stop drinking using hypnotherapy.

Why Can it be Difficult to Stop Drinking?

Most adults know the feeling of being tipsy or drunk, and many people can say that some of the best days or nights of their lives have been when they have drunk alcohol. Think engagements, weddings, milestone birthdays and so on.

This is partly what makes it addictive. It can help you free yourself of inhibitions, give you more confidence, and unleash a side of you that can be more fun and carefree.

Pain pleasure associations

Your mind is programmed to move you from pain to pleasure, triggering you to seek out the things it believes brings you pleasure. If you associate drinking alcohol with relaxing, unwinding, having a good time, being sociable and having fun, then anytime you want to feel those things, guess what you reach for…? Alcohol.

Let’s take a look at how does alcohol addiction work on the physiological level.

Did you know that one of the biggest factors of cravings is actually a lack of serotonin? When people drink alcohol to get the feeling of mood elevation, it is actually the serotonin they are craving.  

Serotonin, also known as the happy hormone, is essential for keeping our moods regulated. When people stop drinking or are hungover, they frequently crave sweet fatty carbohydrates, to replace the sugar rush they got from alcohol and increase serotonin levels.  

Research has found that “people whose brains release more natural opioids in response to alcohol may get more pleasure out of drinking and may be more likely to drink too much and become alcoholics.”

Drinking fulfills an emotional need

benefits of quitting drinking

Drinking alcohol is often used as a way to suppress feelings of emptiness and that something is missing in our lives.  

It has been proven that one of the major factors causing alcoholism is the feeling of not belonging. One of the successes of AA is that it allows addicts to feel a sense of connection and belonging to a shared community.

Humans come onto the planet with two powerful emotional needs:

  1. To seek connection.
  2. To avoid rejection.

As Marisa explains in her latest book I am enough, this comes from the mindset of tribal times.

When we lived in tribes, it was imperative that we did not get rejected, as no human could survive in the wilderness out on their own. In that case, rejection really did mean death and connection meant survival. That is why this fear is so deeply rooted and the cause of so many of our modern-day problems, it really was a matter of life or death.

If you dig deep enough into the emotional problems of almost anyone, you can trace their issues back to a lack of fulfillment of those two needs.

Marisa has taught millions of people that the common denominator of nearly all issues is not believing I Am Enough.  When we do not feel good enough, we can try to fill the inner feelings of lack with self-sabotaging, destructive behaviors.  However, once we understand that the void only exists in our own mind, then we have the power to change it forever.

Limiting beliefs

how to stop drinking

So many people long to be free of their issues but have a fixed belief as to why the solution is not available to them, which becomes their biggest blocker to success.

For example: “ I am desperate to stop drinking, but I have the gene just like my Dad”.

Limiting fixed beliefs may have blocked you from achieving the solution you seek, but a solution is always available to you. Awareness is the first step to success.  The minute you begin to question a belief you are holding onto – you begin to doubt it. When you doubt it, you start to dissolve the hold it has over you. Change your beliefs and you can change your life.

When willpower is not enough

Willpower alone is not powerful enough to change behaviors long term, in many cases, you need to get resolve the root cause of your issues. This is possible by using hypnosis to quit drinking and working with the subconscious mind, which is ten times more powerful. In this way, you can make sure you achieve lasting change.

Why Should You Quit Drinking?

The World Health Organization published a study in 2011 that stated the following health concerns about alcohol addiction: “The harmful use of alcohol is one of the world’s leading health risks. It is a causal factor in more than 60 major types of diseases and injuries and results in approximately 2.5 million deaths each year…”It is not just alcoholics that need to manage their drinking.

Anyone who relies on a drink to relax or have a good time is using alcohol to self-medicate. Many people self medicate with alcohol without even realizing it, using it to sedate and tranquilize themselves, or to feel better and elevate their mood.  

What happens to your mind and body when you stop drinking?

There are multiple reasons to cut down on drinking or stop drinking altogether.

  • Save money
  • Lose weight
  • Sleep better
  • Feel healthier
  • Have more energy
  • Improve cognitive function and concentration
  • Avoid the dreaded hangovers

How to Stop Drinking with Hypnosis 

hypnosis to stop drinking

Hypnotherapy becomes an increasingly popular method to fight drinking addiction. It has been proven to work effectively when resolving multiple issues, from improving self-esteem to quitting smoking, and weight loss.

It is not only one of the most effective methods – it is also an easy way to stop drinking. With hypnosis you do not need to rely on your willpower, you are able to access your subconscious mind and resolve the root cause of your addiction.

How does hypnosis to stop drinking work?

The Stop Drinking Expert website states the following about how hypnosis can work: “For men and women battling with alcoholism, hypnosis could enable them to recognize the reason that their habits qualify as abuse and not just standard, social use.

Additionally, it could enable them to find out and realize ways to incorporate better habits in place of existing, harmful drinking patterns. Even more, throughout hypnotherapy, an individual could (with the aid of the hypnotherapist) analyze his/her whole way of life.

This enables the individual to identify the regions and aspects of life that require modification, so as to adapt, change and to see drinking in a different light.”

Remove resistance to change

what happens when you stop drinking

Award-winning hypnotherapist and Founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy, Marisa Peer, has helped thousands of her clients overcome addictions, including alcoholism. She famously worked with top fashion editor Stacey Duguld back in 2009 to curb her heavy drinking habit.

When working on changing habits such as drinking, she advises to take your self-talk under control and in this way remove resistance to the process.

If you decide to cut back on alcohol, your mind will most likely automatically link pain and denial of pleasure to not drinking. You may feel deprived, which leads to you craving something even more as you are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

When you constantly refer to what you ‘cannot’ or ‘must not’ or ‘should not’ do, you literally increase the desire you are trying to deny. The minute you begin to think or say ‘I hate this’ your brain begins to look for a way to stop what you are doing.

By saying ‘I am choosing to do this, I choose to enjoy it’, ‘I want to’ or ‘I have chosen to,’ ‘this is going to help me achieve…’ you help stop any resistance. You do not even need to lie.

When Marisa was working as a personal trainer in LA and was teaching boot camp classes, she would get the class to say, ‘my body loves this, my body is benefiting from it, my body likes it’, and that was true – they may not have liked the fiftieth sit up but their bodies did.  

It is the same with drinking. Just like any other addiction, you have to give up the source of the addiction, to see it as a poison for your body and keep away from it. Choose to link pleasure to the benefits of choosing not to drink instead.

When you change the feelings and associations you have with food and drink, you will not have to ‘resist the urge’ ever again, as the urge will no longer be there. You will not have to fight cravings as they will be gone. You will be more empowered to make conscious choices about how to cut back on alcohol for a healthier life.

You can choose to be in control, rather than being controlled by drink.

By choosing how to communicate with yourself, how to control your thoughts and how to say and think the right things, you realize that you have a choice about how to cut back on alcohol and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

This is just one of the tools Marisa shares with her clients when working with them in the hypnotherapy sessions. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can allow you to uncover and resolve negative habits and become one of the most powerful tools for personal transformation.

Selective and Moderate Drinking and Stop Drinking are programs Marisa developed over three decades of working with clients on multiple issues to help people gain control and freedom from their drinking. Simply listen to these relaxing audios every day for 21 days to motivate your mind on how to cut back on alcohol and create new empowering habits for the life you want.

You can download hypnosis to stop drinking audio programs Selective and Moderate Drinking and Stop Drinking and enjoy the easy way to stop drinking forever – simply click the banner below.

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