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Listen To The 5 Audios From Marisa's New Book: "Tell Yourself A Better Lie"

Chapter 6: Louisa

Theme or technique: I am Enough

In this guided meditation, I will guide you through a process of instilling the belief of “I am enough” into your subconscious, leaving you feeling loved and confident. Repeat this as often as you need, until the mantra of “I am enough” becomes a regular and natural thought that you repeat to yourself daily.

Chapter 7: Jodie

Theme or technique: Healing Vortex

In this powerful visualization, you will be asked to imagine everything you have struggled with — physical or psychological — dissipating and being replaced by optimal health and wellness. The Healing Vortex can be applied to any ailment, and repetition of this audio hypnosis will help implant the beliefs contained within.

Chapter 8: Jasmeen

Theme or technique: Command Cell Therapy

We all have issues and ailments in our bodies that require some instruction. Command Cell Therapy is a way we can do that. The more we listen to and repeat these messages to ourselves, the more we create a new reality. This audio will guide you through using Command Cell Therapy to hardwire changes into your body and command your cells to repair and act in line with their innate wisdom and design.

Chapter 9: Amelia

Theme or technique:  Compassion for inner child

In this audio, I will lead you through an exercise that helps you find compassion for your inner child. You will find this soothing and reassuring, as your inner child may experience for the first time what it’s like to get adequate attention and care.

Chapter 9: Dorian

Theme or technique:  Become Your Own Loving Parent

Guiding you through this meditation, I will ask you to imagine a similar scenario to Dorian: Going to claim the baby that was you, picking up that baby in your arms, and taking that baby home to a safe and loving place. Allow the powerful visualization to help you become a loving parent to yourself, upgrade your inner child, and finally merge it with your present-day self so you don’t have to be so scared and vigilant anymore.


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