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RTT Comes to Life: Tiffani Cappello – Lessons From a Life-Changing Process

Tiffani Cappello, a Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) hypnotherapist and mindset coach, transformed her own life and health conditions and is now helping others do the same. In this revealing interview, Tiffani shares her personal experiences, the most important lessons she’s learned and what she considers to be the “life-changing process” that’s helped the most.

Tiffani had struggled with anxiety, depression, panic attacks and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and says that she first “became interested in researching health and wellness over twenty years ago.” She shares her personal story on her website, saying: “My mind had been riddled with toxic beliefs, self-deprecating thoughts, limitations, repressed emotions and the cumulative effects of trauma. These internal stressors had built up inside me to toxic levels of tension that had damaged my emotional and physical health….

As a result of my research, I discovered the beauty and effectiveness of hypnotherapy. While researching hypnotherapy schools, I learned about Marisa Peer and Rapid Transformational Therapy. Marisa Peer was voted Britain’s #1 therapist and has remained a high-demand therapist due to over 30 years’ experience and the development of what many believe to be the most effective form of therapeutic hypnotherapy available. I have been privileged to travel to London to study with Marisa Peer in her London Live training course and obtain my certification in hypnotherapy and RTT. RTT is a truly amazing, rapid, and highly-effective therapy.  With RTT, I am able to effect lasting and permanent change in my clients – usually in just a single session.”

We interviewed Tiffani to hear her fascinating story in her own words…

1. Please can you tell us a little about your life before RTT, what were your biggest challenges? 

Although I now understand that my parents did the best they could do at the time, my childhood was less than ideal. I suffered many traumatic experiences as a young child and, as a result, I grew up believing many things about myself and the world that were harmful to me.

The beliefs I developed in the past were now haunting my future and preventing me from living a happy and healthy life.

Believing I was unlovable and inherently defective took my life in all sorts of painful directions. I married and then divorced a controlling man. I spent 15 years in a fundamentalist religious cult that taught me I was born a defective sinner and, as a woman, I was inferior and subservient to men. After my divorce I dated men that were addicts and abusers.

After leaving the religious cult, I realized just how impactful our beliefs can be. I began to not only question the oppressive religious dogma I had once embraced, but I began to take a good hard look at all of my beliefs. I began a journey of personal development that began with reading self-help books and ended with RTT.

2. What were you struggling to overcome? What was it costing you, what pain was it causing you? How did this impact your life?

In the early part of my journey, I was trying so hard to change myself. I spent hours every week reading books by the leaders in the personal development and positive psychology movements. I still spent most of my time in a state of depression and struggled with an anxiety disorder that was dominating my life and damaging my health. I was not on the right track. I knew I needed to change my beliefs in order for my life to change, but my mind always defaulted back to old, toxic belief patterns. Despite my best efforts I was making progress – but it was slow. In the meantime, I continued to suffer from the bad choices I was making that were resulting from the beliefs I had about myself and the world that were limiting and disempowering.

3. How did you discover RTT? Why did you decide to try it?

At a weekend spiritual retreat I attended, I learned that my issues were rooted in my subconscious mind. Everything the conference leaders said made sense and I suddenly had a clear picture of why I was struggling so badly to change the thinking patterns that were ruining my life. But when I approached those leaders asking for techniques and practices that would impact my mindset on a subconscious level, I was told to read, meditate, and attend conferences and the slow trickle from those activities would result in change over time. The problem is that I was already exhausted and as a single mom with 6 children attending college full time – how was I going to find 2 hours a day to visualize and meditate? I really believed there had to be a better, more effective method of transforming my subconscious thought processes.

I began doing research on how I could change my mindset subconsciously to achieve permanent, lasting change. It was then that I heard about hypnosis. I devoured books, YouTube videos and webinars on how powerful hypnosis was at helping people overcome issues. It was during the course of this research that I heard about RTT and Marisa Peer. I was honestly highly skeptical at first. How could I achieve such massive results in a single session? But the more I researched hypnosis and RTT, the more it made sense to me. My daughter was struggling with some issues and I decided to find her an RTT therapist. I also began to look into becoming a hypnotherapist myself. I was already a personal trainer and life coach and I wanted to be more effective with my clients. I signed up for a London Live course. It was the best decision of my life!

I was blown away by how rapid and effective Marisa’s techniques were. When I graduated and began to use RTT with clients, I sometimes could not sleep at night I was so excited about being able to transform the lives of my clients so quickly. But now I realized I needed to start taking the time to work on myself. So much had changed in me already from all I was learning from my clients and the reading I was doing, but I had not had an RTT session myself. I began taking a good, hard look at what was holding me back, making me anxious, and limiting my success. As a result of this self-inquiry, I finally took the time for myself and began having RTT sessions myself.

4. What did you most want to achieve from RTT? If you had a magic wand, what did you wish to change?

I had several issues that needed addressing in my life. Despite all my personal development work, I still had anxiety over being alone and I would hang on to relationships that were not ideal in order to avoid these fearful feelings. Although I was no longer dating abusive men, my current partner was not well-suited to my personality and I was very unhappy. But I did not have the courage to move on, because of my anxiety over not being in a relationship.

I was also afraid to take several other necessary steps in my life and career due to issues from my past that remained unhealed.

I began to prioritize my own emotional well-being. My first RTT session was to deal with the fear that was keeping me locked into an unsatisfying relationship. Then I had additional sessions to deal with anxieties and inadequacies that were stopping me from reaching my full potential as an RTT hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach.

5. What was your experience of RTT? How many sessions did you have, did you listen to an audio recording and how did you find it? 

I only required a single session for each separate issue. I always listened faithfully to my audio recordings. For me, I started noticing the most dramatic changes in my mindset after about 5 days of listening. I had massive shifts in my level of confidence. I also noted dramatically less anxiety. As time went on, the changes became even more apparent and the effects of my shift in mindset were causing a resultant change in how I was living my life.

6. How did this help? How do you feel now as a result of RTT? How has your life changed? How does this relate to what you most wanted?

I now found myself having the confidence to do things I never could have done before. There are so many ways in which my life is different…

  • I left my unsatisfying relationship that was draining me of my happiness and energy.
  • I gained confidence to do something I always wanted to do – travel. So far I’ve traveled to the UK, Italy, and Spain. I undertook my last trip to the UK unaccompanied and I remained confident about my abilities to handle any situation that arose.
  • I was able to leave my previous career working at a physical therapy clinic and have the courage to branch full-time into my own RTT and coaching practice. I have my own office and I am transforming the lives of other people who were struggling just like me.
  • I have the courage to be visible.  I have 2 speeches and 2 group classes upcoming.
  • I feel confident I can learn anything, do anything, accomplish anything I set my mind to. And that is the greatest feeling ever!

7. How is RTT different from other approaches you have tried?

I tried about 5 different therapists in the course of my life. The problem I ran into with the traditional psychotherapeutic model was that the more I focused on my problems in therapy, the more those thinking patterns seemed to entrench deeper into my brain. The more I focused on my trauma, endlessly talking about it in each therapy session, the more I felt like a helpless victim who was incapable of change. Out of the 5 therapists I saw, only 1 actually gave me tools to use to help me with my anxiety and lack of confidence, but most of those tools were not effective to produce change in my life.

8. Marisa Peer says that transformation can be immediate, cumulative, or retrospective – when you look back now, what would you say was your experience?

I can definitely attest to the truth of this! Once I began to gain confidence, I was able to accomplish much more in life and expose myself to experiences and situations that I once would have avoided due to my lack of confidence and anxiety. Confidence is built by successfully navigating life and challenges, so the results of these life changes are definitely cumulative.

I am now so much more self-aware on a daily basis of my own thought processes. I am not perfect and have no desire to be. But I now know how to change my thoughts to instantly alter my perspective on a situation. I can apply this same strategy when looking back on situations from my past that may come to the forefront of my mind. I used to be riddled with guilt and shame over mistakes I made in the past, but now I see all of these circumstances in an entirely new perspective. I know I did the best I could with the knowledge I had at the time. I understand these things from my past, not as failures, but as only results of how I thought about myself and the world. And I now know I can change my thinking anytime and anywhere I desire to do so.

9. Anything else you would like to share?

I am convinced there is simply no therapeutic intervention out there that can rival or surpass RTT. RTT has changed my life and now, as an RTT hypnotherapist and mindset coach, I am able to transform the lives of other people the way my life has been changed. I now specialize in helping other people who are being held back in life by anxiety and lack of confidence. I wake up each day excited about the impact I am having on the lives of my clients. I get to watch their lives change. And I know I have not only impacted their lives, but the lives of their family, friends, and future generations. I am changing the world and making it a better place – one life at a time.

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