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RTT Comes to Life: Marcus Matthews reveals how RTT “saved my life.”

In this incredibly inspiring article, former police officer and military man, Marcus Matthews, opens up about his personal experiences on how RTT “saved my life.”  Marcus shares his own moving story first, before answering some of our questions…

“My mental health was completely out of control and the chance discovery of a therapy ‘saved my life’ – setting me on the road to becoming a therapist and helping others in a similar situation.

Harbouring constant thoughts of suicide, I had sunk to the point where I was sectioned. But after hitting rock bottom I discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and was able to find a new and inspirational reason for living.

After qualifying in February 2019 as a Rapid Transformational therapist, I decided no one would ever have to go through what I did. My life now has purpose, helping people realise there is another way which works, allowing them to live the life they want through freedom and happiness.

RTT is a doorway to finding your best self – it literally saved my life.

I had always felt different and not enough, with things seeming never available to me and didn’t understand why that was.

Going through this emotional turmoil, with a whole range of emotions, frustration, anger, feeling worthless and restless, it’s easy to become confused, upset, anxious, depressed and as such I even had thoughts of ending my life.

I am now able to bring these experiences into play, by helping others suffering in the same way, because I understand what they are going through.

I used to say it was the worst period of my life, now I know it was the best period of my life, because if I had not gone through that pain I would never have found RTT and I would not now be living a life of purpose.

Not feeling good enough…

I served in the Army for 10 years after leaving school but became disillusioned, feeling I was not good enough and never really being able to connect with people. A career in telecoms and IT followed, where I worked hard but again missed out on promotions and development. This was a cycle which would continue throughout my adult life. I saw counsellors and although it helped it never got rid of the feeling.

I eventually became a police officer, but the cycle of not feeling enough, despite working hard, drove me to having suicidal thoughts. I wasn’t sleeping, I was suffering with panic attacks, I was blaming anyone I could. I was angry, in pain, but every day I would put on a mask of confidence, determined to prove to everyone I was good enough.

Things were on a downward spiral and, although I did not know it at the time, my mental health was out of control.

I just wanted to end my life, the only thing stopping me was my amazing wife and kids – although I believed I was affecting their happiness. I was in so much pain and I believed that I was affecting everyone around me, so I just felt if I wasn’t here anymore then at least everyone would be happy.

Further events took their toll and I finally broke, was sectioned and found myself in the mental health system, being told it would be 18 months to see a psychologist and all my GP could offer was pills.

Once I had broken, my employer put things in place to help, but those systems weren’t what I needed. I felt like an object going through a tick box process, because ‘systems’ are about coping not fixing, and that isn’t anyone’s fault.

I cried a lot, I had never felt this type of pain, my worst fears were now realised – I was a failure.

At my lowest point, I had no choice and I dug deep, from somewhere, and found the courage to tell myself I needed to find a way to fix myself. I was at the lowest point in my life, I had nothing to lose.

By chance I came across Rapid Transformational Therapy, I read Marisa’s books and started to practice the therapy on myself, the results were amazing.

After travelling to London to visit Marisa at an event and speaking to her, she was really gracious on hearing my story and after a number of correspondences she offered to train me.

I was told I would be off work for six to 12 months and in reality no one expected me to be back. However after finding RTT, I was back at work inside a couple of months and that was only because I had to see 2 psychologists who couldn’t believe how chilled I was.

RTT saved my life and the interesting twist is that I spent a long-time blaming others, but due to RTT I now know my breakdown had started its path decades earlier.

My issues started long before the breakdown, I just didn’t know it

Today, we take pills and talk about our issues, but it really doesn’t fix the broken operating system of the mind. It’s not the program that needs fixing but the system which operates it!

I want to tell anyone reading this that you can change your world. Once you understand the root cause of the feelings you feel and change the stories you tell yourself, you can regain control and be in a position to do anything you choose.

To quote Marisa Peer – “Your every thought and word form a blueprint that your mind and body work to make your reality.” I now help people create a blueprint that creates a wonderful life and I love what I do.

I am enough and so are you, I love making dreams come true and I can’t ever imagine RTT not being a part of my life.

How has Rapid Transformational Therapy has changed your life and why?

For as long as I can remember I have always felt different, not necessarily in a good or bad way, but I learnt to stay small, although my heart wanted to play big.

Through my life, this belief and opposing feelings lead to feelings of failure. I experienced panic attacks, anxiety and depression and feelings of suicide, which I kept supressing.

The impact on my family, friends and work colleagues, especially once my mental health nose-dived, was incalculable. The more I seemed to negatively impact on others, the more worthless I felt.

RTT didn’t fix the cause it fixed the feeling. It’s the feelings that affect us not the cause. Once I understood I created everything, and I could change the story and the feeling connected to it, my life changed.

Through that pain came several events which found me training with Marisa and the team. As a result, I now help change people’s lives and allow them to unlock their inner greatness. I now live my purpose and it feels amazing.

RTT changed my life and I now help others to change theirs.

Please can you briefly summarise your life before RTT, what were your biggest challenges? How did this impact your life and what was it costing you?

I didn’t have a bad life, I came from a working-class background, loving parents and family. I love to learn, but didn’t like school, it didn’t feel right. I always felt I needed to prove myself to gain acceptance.

I wanted an abundant life, but was trying to create that by working hard, proving my worth, only to get so far and failing. This led to frustration, anxiety and the downward spiral of my health.

It all started around the age of 6, although at the time I did not know that. These feelings cost me relationships, career progression and my own self worth.

I can’t even imagine what life would look like now if I hadn’t found RTT.

How did you discover RTT and why did you decide to do it? How is RTT different from other approaches you have tried?

I discovered RTT after a complete breakdown, searching the internet and Facebook, posting about how rubbish life was. Thank you, Facebook algorithms, which led me to a free course by Marisa, that masterclass just seemed to talk to me. I then bought Ultimate Confidence, attended a Discovery Day, by which time I was hooked and the rest as they say is history.

RTT is different because it doesn’t fix the problem it fixes the feeling, by finding out when that feeling was first created. Then using RTT, those feelings are removed, and new more powerful feelings are installed.

Imagine trying to run the latest software on an outdated operating system, it’s not going to work – it will crash your system. By upgrading your operating system you can run the programs for an abundant life.

You won’t think twice of upgrading your phone or computer, spending thousands on your technology systems, why wouldn’t you do that with your mind, the thing that runs everything in your world.

I love the work I do as a Rapid Transformational therapist because I am now like a master programmer, who can show people why their programs are not working, then together, we provide the necessary upgrade.

What was your experience of training in RTT?

I love learning, but don’t like the rigid academic dogma we have in school or in our institutions. RTT training is visual and kinaesthetic, you don’t just read and theorise – you watch it, see it and experience it. The training heals you whilst you learn.

If I told you the experiences I have had over the last 12 months, you would never believe me. If anyone was to ask me if I think they should do the training, I would say don’t even hesitate, it is amazing.

What did you most want to achieve from RTT?

Quite simply FREEDOM, PEACE and an understanding of who I am and what my PURPOSE is. That question has been answered and my mind continues to expand – I am limitless.

How has your life changed now as a result of RTT? How does this relate to what you most wanted?

I am still on my journey and I still have lots to achieve, but I now know it is all possible. I always tell my clients there is no wrong, no right, no win, no lose, just lessons which when you notice them will lead you to your purpose.

RTT makes life exciting, not fearing anything. My dreams are huge now and watch this space because I know I am limitless.

What has been your biggest impact with RTT? What are you most proud of? Is there a client story that brings this to life?

It still amazes me how powerful this therapy is and I will be honest, I get more excited than my clients because I know what it feels like on the other side.

My proudest moment though was a lady who has been in and out of therapy and institutions all her life. She was told that she will never get better and to accept her mental health illness.

In 1 session and 21 days listening to her recording she is now off her medication, she ditched her toxic boyfriend, moved to a new house and is now training as a music therapist. Her life literally has flipped and she is so happy.

 I am so proud of her and the best thing is, she doesn’t need to see me again. I love that my clients never need to come to me for help again, but many keep in touch and are part of my Facebook group

Anything else you would like to share?

I am a former soldier, police officer and have always had traditional jobs. Don’t believe what everyone else does is the right thing…

Once upon a time people said it was impossible to run a mile in less than 4 minutes, thousands of people have now done that.

Once upon a time people said it was impossible for man to fly, yet thousands of people now fly every day.

Nothing is impossible when you look at things in a different way. Change the view of ‘impossible’ and you get I’m Possible – you absolutely are.

Thank you so much Marcus for sharing your story and experience, so that many others can benefit and gain inspiration of just what is possible with RTT.

If you have a story to share…

We love to hear your real-life stories of how RTT has impacted you or your clients’ lives. If you would like to share your experience with the wider community, so as many people can benefit as possible, please email



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