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RTT Comes to Life – Hunter Moore: Transformation For ‘Life-Altering Results’

Hunter Moore was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, and emigrated to the USA in 1994. She has been happily married for 38 years and has three adult children in their 30s.

Hunter is an advocate for the role that Rapid Transformational Therapy plays in our ability to be free of guilt, trauma, functionality concerns and shame, especially around sex and intimacy. She is passionate about helping people find freedom and ease in their lives.

Hunter is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and RTT Practitioner, with a specialist focus on the vast and complex issues surrounding sex, sensuality, intimacy and relationships.

Please can you tell us a little about your life before RTT?

I migrated from Melbourne, Australia in 1994 and moved to California. I established a successful practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and was getting really good results with clients. Even so, I didn’t have a clearly defined, systematic approach. At times, I felt as though I wasn’t operating from as solid a foundation as I was wanting.

Intuitively, I knew that there was a way of me having an even bigger impact with my clients. Sometimes I felt unsure about how best to help people isolate their beliefs, reframe and change them. I was searching for something that would significantly elevate my confidence as a Hypnotherapist and, in turn, impact my ability to cause major shifts in my client’s thinking and behavior.

How did you discover RTT? Why did you decide to try it?

I found Marisa Peer on-line and watched many of her YouTube videos. Instinctively, I knew that I wanted to be trained by her. I took my time in making the decision to enroll in the RTT training, not because I wasn’t impressed with Marisa, but rather, that I had spent a great deal of money in the past on an array of training programs covering varying modalities. My initial Clinical Hypnotherapy training was great, but it still lacked the type of structured methodology I was hoping for.

The question I needed to answer for myself was whether RTT would be worth the investment of both my time as well as the financial expense. Now, having completed the training and successfully practicing RTT over the last two years, I can see – every single day – how Marisa’s training was worth every dollar and far beyond! It was, hands down, the single-most outstanding training that I have ever done. My skills and effectiveness as an RTT practitioner have exponentially grown as a result. I hit the ground running, and felt that I had an entirely new perspective on how to conduct far more successful client sessions.

The increase in my belief in myself, as a result of the RTT training, has been a powerful and remarkable outcome.

What did you most want to achieve from RTT?

I wanted a systematic approach to Hypnotherapy. I wanted to know that I could help my clients in a more profound way and help them get “unstuck”.

I wanted more certainty and confidence with regard to how I conducted my sessions. I wanted to embrace my own capability and make a bigger contribution to others.

How has RTT helped you professionally achieve what you most wanted?

As an RTT practitioner, and having now worked with hundreds of RTT clients, I feel good about the improvement in my ability. I am so proud of my work, and I am blown away by the impact that RTT is having in my client’s lives. The RTT method itself keeps evolving and being finely tuned. As a result, I continue to deepen my grasp of RTT and become more clear and concise in how to best deliver the method. This profoundly impacts my effectiveness in my ability to help clients. The RTT ‘toolbox’ is extensive, and its methodology is thorough and rich.

What do you think makes RTT so effective?

Central to the efficacy of RTT is the bespoke audio-recording that the practitioner creates for each client in every session. Our clients listen to these recordings every day for a 21-day period. My clients tell me over and over again, that they love the recordings that I make for them. RTT practitioners incorporate our client’s specific language into their recordings – we use their words and their phrases – and these are woven throughout the recording. As a result, their thinking shifts, the way they talk to themselves alters, and the way that they react and respond to the world is different, far less reactionary. They find a new power for themselves.

Listening to a positive recording every day, one that is tailor-made for them, where they hear great things about themselves every day, supports them in creating a future that they more freely choose to step into. It brings potency to their ability to become the person they want to be, and are capable of becoming…  everyone needs that on a daily basis.

What makes RTT different from other approaches and how does that impact clients?

What I find to be powerful about RTT is the quality of the collaborative approach that is central to the client/practitioner professional relationship.

RTT uses a unique approach in guiding the client to locate the origins and root causes of their issues. More rapidly than ever before, my clients are able to see that their beliefs don’t need to stay fixed, they can be changed.

What’s key here, is that in essence, my clients transform themselves. Witnessing this organic unfolding is quite beautiful and moving to be a part of. I have done many courses and numerous trainings, and have often been left questioning whether I could effectively replicate what I learned. This was not my experience with the RTT training. I completed the training and immediately began implementing what I had learned. Sessions with my clients were delivered with new-found confidence and certainty.

I am absolutely clear that I have never seen a more comprehensive approach, where client after client experiences life-altering results.

Marisa Peer says that transformation can be immediate, cumulative, or retrospective – when you look back now, what would you say was your experience?

My transformation as a practitioner was both cumulative and retrospective. Throughout the training, I was learning and absorbing the skills and these kept building layer by layer. Now, as an experienced practitioner, I look back and can appreciate how much I have developed and grown and continue to grow. My practice is transforming, I am transforming, my clients are transforming. I love the fact that I keep growing in my capacity as a practitioner. RTT is so deeply gratifying.

Thank you so much for sharing your RTT experiences
Hunter Moore B.A., Dip.Ed, C.Ht, RTTP.

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