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RTT Comes to Life: Esther shares how RTT creates ‘happy lives, without fear, doubts and self-sabotage.’

Esther Zwaal Msc. is a power coach for strong women and corporate leaders. With 30 years of leadership experience in the corporate world, Esther says that she wants to empower her clients to create their own desired happy lives, without fear, doubts and self-sabotage. She also wrote a book about the secrets of Sparkling Women.

Esther is currently based in The Netherlands and says that she loves the opportunity RTT gives her to work online with international clients, who are ready to transform their lives.

We asked Esther to share a little more about her personal experiences with Rapid Transformational Therapy and the impact it has had on her and her client’s lives….

How has Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) changed your life and why?

RTT has changed my life because I now know that something I dreamt about is achievable: rapid transformation is not magic but reality.

It changed my life because I now know how to transform and change people’s lives for the better, which is incredibly exciting. I am able to be a much better powercoach for leaders and sparkling women, because of the acceleration which RTT brings in the transformation.

I experienced the power of RTT myself to overcome my own struggles with destructive habits like nail biting, separation anxiety, and my previous fear of not being good enough. They disappeared in a blink of an eye and because of the phenomenal method of RTT, my ability to be valuable for my clients has grown immensely. I am able to help my clients in a much faster way than I could have ever imagined.

Please can you briefly summarise your life before RTT, what were your biggest challenges?

I worked for 15 years as a corporate leader and for the past 14 years I have had my own successful executive coaching company, in which I help leaders to have the most remarkable results with their team. I also enjoy helping strong women create their own amazing life. I love helping people to get better in what they do and create better habits to realize that.

With my coaching the results were good BUT the results were not fast enough to my liking. I really needed a lot of sessions to get the results my clients wanted. That is no longer the case since I discovered RTT.

My biggest challenge in life was when my children, aged 13 and 14, left me to live 100 kilometers abroad with their father. My role as a mother was done and I did not see my children as often. I was a sparkling successful coach until that moment. When they left I was lost. It took me more than 2 years to get back on my feet again and to slowly start sparkling again. A couple of my much smaller challenges in my life were a burn out, an old habit of being defensive, and nail biting.

During my life I had several coaches, plus a mourning psychologist, and I read all the self-help books about loving the present life and changing habits. I spent thousands of euros trying to create my own fulfilling, peaceful and amazing life. It helped, but RTT is really the most powerful transformational method I know. I now use RTT to create the life I want and the life my clients want!

How did you discover RTT and why did you decide to do it? How is RTT different from other approaches you have tried?

I discovered RTT through a course on Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance, and was instantly convinced. I really felt that Marisa’s method was the method of the future: fast, simple and very effective.

Since I did the RTT live training, I am so excited to see that all my knowledge about the newest discoveries in brain science and quantum physics merge with RTT. For example, I really loved the discovery that we can build an antenna for the neurons in our brain, and that is exactly what we do with RTT. We make very strong and coherent new connections in our mind, which result in the desired behavior of our client. This creates a new reality for our client. This in combination with the use of hypnosis, in which we bring our brainwaves into a deeply relaxed state, is the basis of creating the lives you and I desire!

What was your experience of training in RTT?

My experience of training in RTT was amazing. All my knowledge of scientific discoveries about quantum physics and brain science merged with RTT.

I really had such amazing “AHA” moments during the RTT Live, in which I was able to deeply understand why RTT is so very successful in transforming ourselves and our clients.

I loved the way the training is organized. The dedicated groups which were put together at the start of the Live trainings are priceless. We still have contact and run an informal mastermind group. I also appreciate the online system. It really is a perfect system to help you, step by step, get better and better in the knowledge of RTT. It forms a great reference library after you passed your exam and the ongoing support and continual learning is great.

What did you most want to achieve from RTT? How has your life changed now as a result?

What I most wanted to achieve from RTT was to get more freedom to balance work and life. I wanted to work more from my home-office, instead of driving through the whole country to work in corporations. Since I returned from the RTT® Live In-Person training, the number of clients who come to see me at my home-office or by Zoom is rapidly growing. This means that my dream to work 60% from my home office and 40% in the corporations has come true, which means the world to me. I don’t have to stay nights away from home and still get to do the work I love!

 I also wanted to achieve knowledge, confidence, and have the experience with the method of super fast transformation. My expectations about RTT have been exceeded. It is a very natural method and very easy to undergo. I love the possibility to get better in my competence in being an RTT therapist, due to the practice register, which is a safe place to put our learning into practice with each other and develop our skills even more.

I did change so many people’s lives as a coach. However, with RTT, I am able to change a lot more people than I had ever dreamed of, because of the speed of the transformation. This is an important life changer for me. I love to be of value to as many strong women and strong corporate leaders as I can. With RTT this is my new created reality.

What has been your biggest impact with RTT? What are you most proud of? Is there a client story that brings this to life?

I am most proud of the amazing results my clients easily achieve with RTT. A successful female entrepreneur and mother came to me because of her fear of mice. It was getting in her way more and more. She said that she had tried everything, but nothing helped. She could not run outside as long as she wanted, she could not watch movies when there were mice in it and she could not walk into her garage, due to her fear of mice. When she thought she heard or saw a mouse, she immediately started screaming, jumping and hiding. She had this fear for 32 years.

A week after our session and listening to the recording she was watching an animated movie together with her children. Suddenly her youngest said to her “Mum, don’t you see the mouse?!” “Yes”, she said “I see the mouse, but I am quite alright with it!” Her children could not believe what had happened. Usually she screamed and left the room. Her daughter asked her in wonder “Does it really help then?” It sure did. After two weeks of listening to her audio, she went for a run and finished it exactly how she planned, even though she had heard something that could have been mice! She is so thankful and so amazed that her fear of mice, which previously determined her life in a negative way, is gone in the blink of an eye. She loves her transformation and I am so proud of her AND of RTT.

Another client paid a fortune for their gym subscription and did not go. She wanted to go but did not. We did one session and after 2 weeks, she told me that she went 3 times a week during those last two weeks and she loved going. After 2 months she was still going and did not miss one single session. She also was so amazed by this change and could not express her gratitude enough. I could go on with these amazing examples…. There are too many to mention.

Anything else you would like to share?

I love transforming leaders and strong women into the powerful creators of their own life. I know from my own experience what life is like when you feel powerless in one or more areas of your life, due to fears, anxiety and self-doubt. I know exactly what it takes for you to feel beautiful, confident and to sparkle in your own self-created life!

Thank you Esther for sharing your real-life experience with us and what RTT has empowered you and your clients to do.

If you have a story to share…

We love to hear your real-life stories of how RTT has impacted you or your clients’ lives. If you would like to share your experience with the wider community, so as many people can benefit as possible, please email



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