Marisa Peer Success Story: Meet Dominique

Marisa Peer Success Stories

One of the best parts of my job is hearing feedback from all the people I help. Hardly a week goes by where I don’t get a tweet, email, or Facebook message from a reader, fan, or follower telling me about the amazing progress they’ve made in their life—whether it be weight loss, depression, confidence and self esteem or fertility. Because I’m eager to share their great achievements (with their permission, of course), I’m introducing a weekly series on my blog called “Marisa Peer Success Stories.”

Dominique contacted me via email to share her weight loss success after reading my best-selling book You Can Be Thin. Her story is a perfect case study of why diets falter whereas by book works. You will never find permanent weight loss by simply changing what you eat—you have to change the way you think about food as well.

Marisa, after reading your book I lost over 4 stone. The book made perfect sense to me and I found myself effortlessly refusing the foods that made me very overweight. At 5 foot and almost 15 stone I was extremely overweight but could not stick to any diet until I destroyed my health and relationships and found your book. I quickly lost lots of weight. I recently put weight back on but I’m back on track and sticking with your book and advice. Big thank you! -Marisa Peer Success Story

I’m so thrilled for Dominique and can’t wait to hear your success story. Email [email protected] to share.

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