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Reclaim Your Power and Tap Into Your Ultimate Self

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Discover Marisa Peer’s feel-good, most downloaded meditation and experience a tremendous sense of self-esteem, self-belief, and self-confidence. When you feel you are enough, you embody ultimate confidence—attracting more happiness, love, and wealth, better relationships, a better career—anything you desire.

Not feeling “enough” underpins all our decisions and actions, as well as what we attract in life. It is a block we have on a subconscious level that we can’t simply access. As you listen to your free I Am Enough guided meditation, you tap into a different part of your mind—breaking free from limiting beliefs that hold you back and unleashing a vibrant, more powerful you.

How Your Meditation Works

Meditation has taken the world by storm in recent years with scientific research supporting that it reduces stress, pain, depression, and anxiety, and also builds positive neurological pathways that increase our overall happiness. Marisa Peer harnesses this power in her I Am Enough meditation—taking you through a profound mindset shift to blast through your subconscious blocks and become your ultimate, confident self.
Play While You Relax or Sleep
Allow Marisa to safely guide you into a calm state.
Rewire Your Mind
Eliminate limiting beliefs and break free from old habits.
Become Unstoppable
Program in new, powerful beliefs and step into your best self.

    “Within a week of thinking kinder thoughts to myself, I was absolutely shocked at how different I felt. It felt like my brain had been cracked open, and I was free for the first time, and once it had, it could not go back to the way it was before.”
    — Savilla. B

    “Thank you for this gift. I have tried searching for a way to learn how to love myself, and I almost gave up. There is hope and a way to reprogram my brain, and I’ve realized that love can not come from the outside. I now know how lovable I am, thank you.”
    Irina. A
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