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REVEALED: the powerful ability I discovered as a child that can help propel you into a successful career in therapy.

As a child, I always wanted my dad to praise me, but he really didn’t— so I began to tell myself all the things I wanted him to say – amazingly, it began to sink in.

So began a lifelong passion for understanding how our minds work and how others could benefit from that, just like I did.

There’s nothing like being able to help shape someone so they can change their life for the better, and you can do it too…

Learn why you must stop trying to be so lovable!

If you’re trying to be lovable, you won’t succeed. That’s because no matter how hard you try to show someone you’re lovable, they can sense if you don’t love yourself.

When you lack self-esteem, no amount of love from another person or beauty or accolades will give it to you—if you can’t give it to yourself first.

I have a whole movement about knowing your enough, which will change your life. It’s called “I Am Enough”.

The secret to completely healing your body and mind.

I always love my conversations with Lewis Howes, and this was no exception. Ever the curious host, we discussed how I was told I could never have children–but I did. I was told I would never amount to anything—but here I am.

When you watch our lively conversation you’ll discover how the feeling of “I am not enough” is almost at epidemic levels, and the truth is this is a lie. You’ll see that the words we tell ourselves are the most important words we’ll ever hear because they determine our self-esteem. 

Thoughts Will Either Heal You – or Kill You! Here’s why…

RTT® can be used to help an incredibly wide range of issues…learn how I’ve used the power of the mind to help treat “unexplained” infertility and weight management challenges, why the stories we tell ourselves matter, and the 5-step process to stop bullying. 

But that’s not all! Be prepared to delve deeper into your mind and gain a greater understanding of the power you hold within yourself to shape your life and your future…

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