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Comes to Life: Darragh Finlay’s Insights On Overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

Darragh Finlay is a therapist of Rapid Transformational Therapy™️ (RTT™️),  based in Dublin and Dundalk, Ireland.

After years of “a never-ending cycle of unfulfilling work” in corporate sales, Darragh says “I realised that I had become part of the problem, allowing myself to be consumed by deadlines, pressure and targets while never actually contributing to the greater good.”

Darragh trained in Bio-Energy Therapy and Meditation before specialising in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and Hypnosis. He says “In diagnosing what works with real clients in real sessions, Marisa [Peer] has developed a unique therapy and a range of different techniques and tools that I draw on, dependent on a clients’ presenting challenges. I have been trained to use these tools in a skilful and exploratory way, following extensive training, ongoing support and supervision.”

In this insightful interview, Darragh shares a little more about his experiences and how he  overcame Imposter Syndrome and not feeling good enough, to now loving working with clients individually or in groups, running retreats and staff wellness programs for corporates.

Please, can you tell us a little about your life before RTT?

Before training in RTT, I had worked for over 15 years in corporate sales.

In 2012 I trained in Bio-Energy Therapy and Mediation instruction. In 2016 I packed in my job and set up my wellness business specialising in Bio-Energy Therapy, Meditation and running retreats around the ancient Celtic sites of Ireland.

What were your biggest challenges?

I was procrastinating a lot about my business and becoming overwhelmed. I was suffering from Imposter Syndrome. I didn’t believe that I had the right to be successful. I was struggling with feelings of not feeling good enough.

I found myself procrastinating about aspects of my business, such as social media, developing my website and getting new clients. I was afraid to put myself out there. I was annoyed with myself a lot. Why couldn’t I do these simple tasks? What was stopping me?

I was working with people in the area of self-belief and wellness. I felt like a failure that I couldn’t follow my own advice. My feelings of not feeling good enough were also affecting my personal relationships.

How did you discover RTT? Why did you try it?

I had followed Marisa Peer for years and loved her work; it resonated with me.

As a Bio-Energy therapist, I was acutely aware that we can move issues energetically in the body and mind. However, if we don’t address the underlying thought processes in the subconscious mind, they will re-manifest eventually. RTT works on the beliefs buried deep within the subconscious mind.

In Eastern philosophy, there is a saying, “where the thought goes, the energy flows.”

I knew my thought processes were working against me and I needed to find out why.

What did you most want to achieve from RTT?

I wanted to let go of all my feelings of not being enough, personally and business-wise, which had been with me all my life.

What was your experience of RTT?

I didn’t know what to expect at first. The session was two and a half hours long. What was most surprising was the scenes that came up through identifying the root causes. The effect of growing up in a conservative Irish, Catholic family and society, coupled with being gay, had taken a significant toll on my feelings of self-worth. There was a lot of toxic shame buried deep within my subconscious mind.

The imprint of these scenes on my subconscious mind was directly affecting the current issues I had in my life, around self-worth and procrastination.

My subconscious rewired in that first session, all the beliefs of not being enough, procrastination and of being fearful disappeared. They say to listen to the recording for 21 days. I did that and found the results to be outstanding. I still listen to the recording three times a week.

How did this help?

RTT removed the beliefs of failure and of not being good enough from my subconscious mind. I was able to identify and make sense of where these beliefs came from. My business took off; I began to love and believe in myself for the first time. I found the therapy so compelling I went and trained with Marisa in London. Best decision I ever made.

I now have a successful RTT practice based in Ireland, working with and helping clients from all over the world. RTT has given me the confidence and belief to live the life I always wanted, but didn’t believe I deserved.

My relationships, including with my partner, have gone from strength to strength. I am so grateful to Marisa, for showing me that I am enough and I’m capable and deserving of anything I want in this life.

Marisa says the transformation can be immediate, cumulative or retrospective, what did you find?

I found the effects of RTT to be immediate and cumulative. The more I listened to my recording, the better and stronger I felt.

How was RTT different from other approaches you have tried?

I have tried several therapies over the years, from 4 years of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), to Bio-Energy and other alternative treatments. Whilst all the other therapies could give me relief, it was not permanent. The effects of RTT were immediate and lasting. No other therapy ever got to the root cause of my issues; they may have touched on them, but never got to the root.

Thank you Darragh Finlay for sharing your personal story of transformation with us.

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