Marisa Peer RTT – Rapid Transformational Therapy | How You Could Change Someone’s Life

Marisa Peer RTT  (Rapid Transformational Therapy) | How You Could Change Someone’s Life

Marisa Peer RTT is becoming a well-recognised and highly revered training course. Marisa Peer has a breadth of knowledge and experience spanning over 25 years, and is renowned for her award winning books, motivational talks and impressive therapy skills. Known for hypnotising an entire football team and providing revolutionary weight loss hypnotherapy to overeaters both on television and in person, Marisa Peer has the skills and experience to teach you how to become a successful RTT  therapist

There couldn’t be a better time to become an effective therapist, as the number of individuals seeking help for mental health issues continues to rise. By completing Marisa Peer RTT  course, you can become a fully trained RTT therapist, able to treat a wide range of clients suffering from problems such as depression and anxiety, eating disorders, fears, phobias and addictions. You will also be extensively trained on how to help people including children, dealing with anything from bullying to bed wetting.

Marisa Peer RTT | Could You Open Your Own Practice?

Marisa Peer RTT is a practical-focused therapy training course which teaches you how to transform  clients. Marisa Peer’s RTT method focuses on uncovering the cause of the client’s issues and then transforming them. Marisa believes   that in order to become a remarkable therapist, you need to have an interactive, hands-on training with lots of practice rather than lots of theory. So from the very first day  you will learn the art of how to be a successful therapist, and after your first day of training, you will have hypnotised at least three people.  

Following on from this, you will receive a further 7 days of face-to-face training with Marisa herself. After your live training, the online training continues and is taught entirely by Marisa* through online demonstrations, live masterclasses and tutorials. In total the course is 300 hours, and after this you will be a fully trained therapist with an extensive understanding of the psychological drivers that underlie most client cases. You will also be given ongoing support following completion of the course, including masterclasses and live Q&A sessions. You will have the support of your peer group  through the Marisa Peer Hypnotherapy Facebook group and will be listed on Marisa’s ‘Find A Therapist’ website.

*The marketing masterclasses are taught by a marketing expert and we do have experts in their field giving guest masterclasses.

For more information, visit our website We look forward to seeing you on the course. Read our previous blog on Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy.