What to Eat

What to Eat - 3 Tasty Healthy Alternatives to Carbs

Posted on March 26th 2019 | By Marisa Peer

Your new way of eating for life involves eating primarily foods based around fruit, vegetables, salads, nuts, seeds, soya and lean protein. You can eat some complex carbohydrates like oats but not every day, ideally not after lunch.

Ideas for breakfast include:

  • Fruit with almonds 
  • Soya yogurt with seeds, nuts and fruit, 
  • Fruit and vegetable smoothie 
  • Scrambled eggs with coriander 
  • Occasional oats with nuts or seeds made with non-dairy milk or water. 
  • Any kind of fish. 

Lunch and Dinner: for lunch you can have protein, salad and vegetables or soup. For dinner you can have protein, salad and vegetables. You can eat potatoes, rice, and bread, but aim to not eat them daily and best not after lunch. Quinoa is a much better choice than rice or potatoes to eat with meat or fish or put in soups and salads as it’s a seed and a very healthy food that gives you a lot of energy.  You can add sweet potatoes (as they are actually yams, not potatoes) to lunch and dinner.

Snacks: Eat a banana daily as a snack and you can snack on seeds, nuts, edamame, and drink smoothies and rice milk lattes. Your staple snack could be unsalted almonds – they are so good for us and so portable. In the winter you can make a lot more soups and in the summer snack much more on berries when they’re in season and therefore cheaper.

Courgette spaghetti

Julienne courgettes by slicing them length ways with a julienne, spiralizer or a potato peeler if you don’t have one. Once you have a mound of spaghetti-looking courgette ribbons, place them in a pan of 

boiling water for just one minute then drain well.  You can add sauces, meatballs or veggie balls, or use them in any dish where you would have used pasta. You can also stir fry them in a little oil for just two minutes.

Alternative to rice: 

Take a head of cauliflower, cut into chunks and discard the core, as it’s too bitter. Add the florets to a food processor and use the grating blade to grate until the whole cauliflower has been used.

Alternatively you can use a cheese grater. The cauliflower crumbles really fast, so give it a blast of a few seconds and then check it and repeat until it’s a crumbled.  Once you have your mound of ‘rice’ you can add it to salads raw or use with curries, sauces or as a substitute for any dish you would have had with rice. You can also cook it in a wok for no more than a minute with a little oil, to make dishes such as Spanish rice, savoury rice, risotto or kedgeree (my favourite). 

Alternative Potatoes:

Roast Jerusalem artichokes taste very similar to roast potatoes. You can also use cooked mashed cauliflower as a great topper for shepherd’s pie or fish pie.

Mashed carrot, cauliflower and swede are great substitutes for mashed potato.