Wellness Weekly 7 June 2019

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The Differences Between Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind

Consciousness vs Subconsciousness. Discover what these parts of the mind are responsible for with research into the theories from Sigmund Freud, Marisa Peer and more.

Ways to Overcome Grief After Losing Someone You Love

Struggling to cope after losing someone you love? This article shares the ways you can overcome that overwhelming feeling of grief and bereavement.

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Thank you Emily for this week’s feedback...

“I’m sure you get tons of emails like this but I just wanted to say that the support provided since I signed up to do this course has been unbelievable. I did another Hypnotherapy course a few years back and never really got things off the ground as I didn’t feel ready or really know what to do. I was a little apprehensive signing up to RTT but it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Thank you so much to you and the rest of the team for everything you do. The way you listen, change and adapt and keep up to date with everything and help us all ‘out in the field’ so to speak is incredible.

I can’t thank you and your colleagues enough. And the brilliant Marisa Peer of course 😀

Emily. “

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