Wellness Weekly 31 May 2019

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Boost Your Confidence and Self-Esteem: A 4-Step How-To Guide

The importance of self-confidence in our lives cannot be overstated. Stop comparing yourself. Celebrate your uniqueness. Focus on the positives. Learn how to gain self-confidence and high self-esteem that really lasts.

Facts About What Sugar Does to Our Bodies

Sugar - Are you fully aware of what it does to your body? This article will uncover the facts and discuss ways you can limit or remove it from your diet. Marisa Peer has worked with many clients who have had sugar addictions and can offer you some very helpful advice.

Caring For Cancer

June 2nd is Cancer Survivors' Day 2019. Caring for the emotional well-being of a person with cancer can be both rewarding and challenging. Learn more on the best practices, tools and techniques shared by Marisa Peer and Katrina Roads, who have both survived cancer and now dedicate their lives to helping others.

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We are so proud of our incredible community and the success you are achieving. Each week we’ll feature feedback you’ve sent us, to share your REAL LIFE STORIES and achievements. Email any feedback to [email protected].

This week we received this incredible feedback from Carol on the life-saving difference I Am Enough has had on her life. Please always know that you are and always will be enough...

“I set “I am Enough” cell phone alarms for myself twice daily. About one month later I had got rid of 80% of the suicidal ideation that I had daily for 16 years. I would be lying to say that depression doesn't creep up once in a while, however, since my thought processes have changed, I bounce back nearly immediately.

Just  to add, the night I found Marisa Peer's video, I was about to commit suicide. I am now suicidal ideation free. - Carol.”

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