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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Relationships

Thanks to several of our readers requesting this topic, this article investigates if infidelity, emotional abuse or breakups lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Especially when there has been a betrayal of trust.

Real-Life Stories: Overcoming PTSD

Jennifer Aniston opened up about how traumatic her very public breakup with Brad Pitt was and this revealing story of a former model shows the impact of PTSD on everyday life. This is a personal story of triumph over adversity full of uplifting inspiration.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback Aundrea De Leon in our RTT Forum Facebook group.

“It's been on my heart and mind for a while and I have no idea how to appropriately express the depth of my gratitude for Marisa Peer and Marisa Peer Support.

From the moment I submitted my interest in joining RTT in December 2018, through the RTT Mentoring, through RTT Live in April 2019, and even every day currently this organization has been nothing short of outstanding in support and world-class service. 

I am constantly impressed by the kindness, generosity, and caring I continue to receive as I continue to grow as an RTT Therapist. The community is by far the best community of people and I feel absolutely blessed to be involved.

I have spent years on my own personal development, growth, and healing and RTT has made a significant impact in my life. I can honestly say that every day my life is improved because of RTT, the continued education, the gift of sessions through training which continually improves my life, and the lifelong opportunity to make a difference in the world.

I have worked for years to overcome the trauma of abandonment, abuse physically, emotionally, mentally - being thrown into foster care by an adoptive family that no longer wanted me, and of course years of self-sabotage following growing up a child that no family wanted.

Because of Marisa and RTT, everyday I get the opportunity to erase pain in others in a way that they feel the same freedom that I finally feel in my life. There is no work more rewarding than this. There is no greater sense of purpose.

I am so glad the journey of my life went the way it did, because part of my journey has been finding RTT. I wouldn't trade a day in my life and I look back with a completely different view of my life and of myself.

From the depth of my heart I love this community, this work, the people, and of course Marisa and her team. I rave to everyone about the quality of support I've received. It's nothing I've ever experienced in training and education and sets an example of how possible it is to do life and business in a whole new way.

Thank you. All of you, thank you. I have never loved my life so much as I do today.”

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