Wellness Weekly 28 June 2019

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Nicole Scherzinger Opens Up to Not Feeling Good Enough

Even superstar Nicole Scherzinger, who appears to “have it all”, has struggled to feel enough. She bravely reveals her experience overcoming eating disorders and low self-esteem. Discover what helped her overcome her insecurities and how you can do it too. 

How Sofia Beat Suicidal Depression and Became an RTT Therapist

Discover Sofia’s life-changing experience in Rapid Transformational Therapy™ and how it alleviated her 25-year bout of suicidal depression in this inspiring real-life story.

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This week we share this email we just received from Lauren. Congratulations Lauren and welcome to the RTT family...

Super skinny size 10 jeans!!!!

Today is a super special day for me. It marks the day I have been skinniest in almost 20 years! I’m 15kg’s down and feeling healthier and sexier than in a long, long time.

My life has been fraught with weight issues. From going on my first diet at just 10 years old, my life has been a rollercoaster ride of yo-yo dieting and weight gain, reaching a point where I was wearing a size 24 pants.

Every diet I went on buried me further into the pit of desperation as I picked up more and more weight.

You see, food was my crutch, my addiction, my safe space. Living with anxiety my whole life, food (esp carbs) gave my serotonin a physical ‘pick-me-up’. Behaviours learnt from childhood conjured a belief set that food would help me ‘emotionally’ and fix the fears, stress, and pain. And it would, in that second, but thereafter the self-loathing and guilt would kick off a spiral of me feeling even worse than before, and so the self-perpetuating cycle would continue.

The truth which no one ever explains [except Marisa] is that you can never fix a habit of action without fixing a habit of thought (beliefs stored in your subconscious mind).

It has been an incredible 5 months undergoing regression for the first time, understanding what my beliefs are that are stored in my subconscious mind and where these came from. Parents who themselves have reinforced a behavior in me that food brings comfort and a father believing that his nickname of me was so endearing aka ‘Porps’ (short for a Porpoise!!!!) created so many unwarranted beliefs in me that I now have eradicated due to the power of hypnotherapy.

What a blessing #RTT and #hypnotherapy has been to me in achieving my dream!

I promised myself from young that if I ever found the magic potion that would make me lose weight, I’d share it with the world. That is why I am now becoming an RTT therapist and hypnotherapist... so I can share this magic.”

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