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Younger Skin - why does our mind hold the key to younger skin?

READER REQUESTS: So many of you have been asking for an article on healthy or younger skin, including Cherii Fiorini, Vilija and Fred. Here is Marisa’s wisdom on how to fall in love with your skin for vibrant health and dewy youthfulness...

RTT Comes to Life:
Darragh Finlay’s Insights On Overcoming ‘Imposter Syndrome’

Find out what Darragh regards as "the best decision I ever made" and exactly what gave him "the confidence and belief to live the life I have always wanted" in this insightful interview...

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Secret of Natural Anti-Aging Skin ('Younger Skin' from Within) - Marisa Peer

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Get Younger Skin


This Audio helps you to encourage your cells to work more efficiently, promoting a younger looking skin through the power of thought. Thoughts influence how we age and our skin responds to our thoughts*.

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Thank you Jane Hall for sharing your experience on our Facebook group...

“I have cured my mum’s rare 38 year old incurable skin disease and three others she’s had as well!

She paid my entire course fees in gratitude as she’s been scratching 24/7 for 38 years and completely covering her skin with clothes to hide her skin for that time.

This is LIFE changing work!”

We also wanted to share this real life example of how RTT helped a skin condition:

“Marisa is so phenomenal, as a healer, teacher, and humanitarian. I was fortunate enough to have my own session with Marisa in Los Angeles in November 2017 and a skin condition (tinea versicolor) I had for 30 years is now clear after an amazing regression and Command Therapy. The condition wasn’t “crippling“ physically but definitely affected me in so many ways, it was emotionally crippling. More important than the clear, even, beautiful skin I got back is the emotional freedom I gained from that session. It was as if Marisa extracted a huge root of twisted, ugly beliefs I had made about myself not being lovable. The pure, true unconditional love I have for myself and the feeling of being enough I have now is completely life-changing. So much is happening for me now that I believe I am enough and worthy of success, happiness and love. Thank you Marisa for being a complete rock star, you and RTT are so utterly brilliant, you are changing the world and those of us doing RTT will carry your work throughout the world and spread your message 😍❤️😘 Love you forever and ever.”

You can now train with Marisa from the comfort of your own home at times that suit you and your lifestyle. Become qualified in world-leading techniques and transformational tools to change people’s lives, including your own with RTT.

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