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An ‘Audience with Marisa’

We often begin the Wellness Weekly with an article but when you have news as amazing as this, it’s impossible not to lead with it.  We are delighted to offer you the rare and exciting chance to join Marisa IN PERSON in not one, but three amazing locations: London, LA, and Melbourne.  Seats are already selling fast so book now to avoid disappointment!

Michelle Obama: Am I Good Enough?

Even the most successful global icons struggle with insecurities and feeling like an imposter. Michelle Obama reveals her own extraordinary journey to find out the answer we all need to hear: “Am I good enough? Yes, I Am.”

How To Be Healthy - You are what you Eat, Think & Do

If you’ve ever wondered how you can be healthier, the answer lies in what you eat, think and do. This guide on how to be healthy will put you in control of what you put in your body and mind and give you the tools to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled. 

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Thank you, Maureen, for sharing this in our Facebook group ❤️I Am Enough by Marisa Peer.

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This week we share some feedback from Barbara, who has not only transformed her own life but also the lives of those around her using RTT. Thank you for sharing Barbara...

“Dear amazing Marisa and outstanding team,

I just want to send you a huge hug & millions of thanks for all the amazing work you do. Your book stopped me from my suicide. Your Mindvalley programs have given me back my solid foundation and now having the awesome opportunity to participate in the RTT training really started to twist around my life in a magical & wonderful way.

Once upon a time I was inside dead, now I am feeling strong, feeling loveable enough as the person that I am and knowing that I am born to matter no matter what anyone is calling me, telling me, meaning, etc. It has been a long journey for me personally to get to where I am today due to so many pitfalls (actually every topic Marisa talks about has a connection to my life).

Writing these sentences brings tears in my eyes of joy, gratefulness, and thankfulness. I am so thankful for everything. It cannot be expressed in words. You not only saved my life, you have also given me the strength back to save my sister's life, who is disabled and abused by my mother for her personal satisfaction.

Today was the first time in my life I could stand up and step up and kicked off the processes lovingly to change the things for the best and for good for both of them. Although I have been named by my mother all swearing, harsh and critical words that any human being could ever imagine, I did not take it in and stayed in my own power. I never thought this could ever happen again in my life. Once being called the power woman who makes things possible, then down to the ground and now with all your loveable support and training step by step back to where I belong.

Other changes that happened in the meantime of the journey:

  • Just by letting the meditation play while my son is in the room helped him to stop saying harsh words to himself and start saying loving words to him personally.
  • The worlds on my mirror: I am enough! Enlightened our visitors and we can see their life moving upward. My loving partner has finally overcome his health issues by just me sharing what I have learned from your training.
  • An old friend who called me by accident I have helped out of his burnout. It is wonderful to see what impact the training has on me as well as on my surroundings.   


Be winged wishes from Austria,


P.S. Though I have done a lot of well-known international training, with your training I have found what I have been looking for all the time."

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