Wellness Weekly 16 August 2019

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Our Wednesday webinar series is so popular, we’re doing two next week!  The hugely successful ‘Lovability’ webinar proved to be so popular, we’re doing it again for all our friends in Australia!  And, because August can be such a stressful time for teenagers in the UK getting their GCSE and A Level results, we’re dedicating a webinar to managing this very anxious event. 

Learning to Love Yourself to Transform Your Life

When you know how to fall in love with yourself, your life becomes extraordinary. Find out the secrets to accelerating your lovability with Marisa Peer...

RTT Comes to Life: 

Charles West’s personal real-life story of triumph over trauma.

Discover how a cancer diagnosis changed Charles West's life forever, taking him from a successful acting career on Broadway, to finding his “life path was being expanded in beautiful ways.”

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Feeling unloved?  Suffering from the stress of exam results?  No matter what, remember….you are enough, you always have been and always will.  Download our free phone screensaver so you never forget.

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We are so proud of our incredible community and the successes you are achieving. Each week we’ll feature feedback and some of YOUR REAL LIFE STORIES. Email your story or feedback to [email protected].

Thank you Sean Priestley for making us smile with your fabulous message this week (that’s a comparison we hadn’t heard before)...

“A friend who likes self-help told me I should watch this woman named Marisa Peer, I'd love her because she's like a classy and more demure British version of Samantha from Sex and The City. I watched. My life changed.

Marisa has taught me the world of sadness and anxiety I walked in daily was a world, quite frankly, easily changed.

She taught me to fill in all the grey with color again. Life has vibrancy I forgot it had.

We often think of who we'd consider to have a place among the most impactful people to humanity. Saints and Gurus and Kings and Queens and Presidents. Well, I would place Marisa among those who were destined to change everything. I'll always be grateful.”

You can now train with Marisa, from the comfort of your own home at times that suit you and your other commitments. Become qualified in world-leading techniques and transformational tools to change people’s lives, including your own with RTT.

Upcoming Events:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a therapy session with Marisa Peer?  Well now’s your chance! Spend two whole days working to remove personal blocks and start living your best life.  The life you were meant to live. Book now for this amazing opportunity!

Additional tickets have now been released for London and Melbourne as they were selling out fast - grab them while you can...


Places are filling up fast so if you want to have a career, changing lives each day, every day, click now to secure your place.