Wellness Weekly 14 June 2019

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Food Swaps for a Better and Healthier You

According to the British Nutrition Foundation, swapping a few of our favorite foods for healthier options can protect against heart disease and stroke, whatever our age. Read on to discover the recommended smart food swaps.

Men’s Health Week: 10 Ways to Practice Healthy Living

It is essential to put your wellbeing first. Chances are, many men avoid prioritizing their health because they think that taking control of their health is stressful or takes up too much of their time. However, self-care is one of the most important, and unfortunately one of the most overlooked components of overall wellness.

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This week we share a sweet email we recently received from Catherine...

“Just a cute little tidbit. I happened to find myself in a donut shop yesterday. I LOVE donuts...well I thought I did. I went in for a black coffee and as I waited, I looked at those pretty confections and I felt absolutely no desire for any. Because there was a long line, I sat and waited and observed. I pondered reflected on how much my life has changed. YOU did this for me, Marisa Peer and woman, I will love you forever for this. No desire for cake, I never was a binger but I used to eat sweet anything like a meal to stifle my emotions, well feed them actually. This was amazing. Had to share it❣️❣️❣️”

Catherine H.

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